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Notice: The Chakat characters Goldfur, Forestwalker & Quickpaw, and Garrek & Malena Redfox are © 2001 Bernard Doove. All art is © 2001 to the respective artists and permission is received for the use of these images. Do not redistribute or display on any other website or archive, etcetera, without our permission.

This site caters for a broad range of tastes and as such, some images may be considered suitable only for adult viewing. I have tried to give a reasonable guide to the rating of these pictures in the descriptions. Adult rated pictures are marked [A] and should not be downloaded by people under 18 years of age. Other ratings are [G] General audience and [M] Mature material, discretion required.

Thumbnail Title, Artist, Rating & Description
[Thumbnail image] "Keyah" Artist: Jessie Clark [G]

Keyah, a snow leopard patterned Chakat, carries a spear.

[Thumbnail image] "Nata" Artist: Jessie Clark [G]

Nata stretches mightily!

[Thumbnail image] "Cheena" Artist: Jessie Clark [G]

Cheena is a cheetah Chakat, swift as the wind!

[Thumbnail image] "Gadur" Artist: Jessie Clark [G]

Gadur, a liontaur, carrying a sceptre.

[Thumbnail image] "Moorcat Chakat" Artist: Jessie Clark [G]

A moorcat Chakat with an eye on the bird. Some instincts never go away!

[Thumbnail image] "Hmmmmm" Artist: Talena S. Schupp [G]

Things that make you go hmmmmm...

[Thumbnail image] "My Chakat" Artist: Hellenic [G]

Hellenic's interpretation of Goldfur.

[Thumbnail image] "Chakat Shakee" Artist: Hellenic [G]

Hellenic's second chakat character. I wonder what hir story is?

[Thumbnail image] "Chakat Shakee #2" Artist: Hellenic [G]

A second portrait of Chakat Shakee, examining something.

[Thumbnail image] "Shakee's Dream" Artist: Hellenic [M]

Chakat Shakee dreams of flying... with hir own wings!

[Thumbnail image] "Shakee Relaxing" Artist: Hellenic [M]

Chakat Shakee drawn with more of a "big cat" look.

[Thumbnail image] "Chakat Yalith" Artist: Hellenic [M]

Chakat Yalith is Shakee's mate.

[Thumbnail image] "Goldfur" Artist: Hellenic [G]

Hellenic's latest interpretation of Goldfur.

[Thumbnail image] "Chakat Whitefangs" Artist: Hellenic [M]

A portrait of Chakat Whitefangs, perhaps Hellenic's best chakat drawing yet.

[Thumbnail image] "Garrek Redfox" Artist: Hellenic [G]

A portrait of Garrek Redfox. Yes, I know he's not a felitaur, but as he's Goldfur's lifemate, shi insisted that I show him off here!

[Thumbnail image] "Cheetahtaur" Artist: Hellenic [M]

A graceful cheetahtaur, built for speed, but beautiful to behold also.

[Thumbnail image] "3D Chakat" Artist: Hellenic [M]

The first ever 3D chakat contribution, and I reckon shi looks great!
[Thumbnail image] "Foxtaur Vixen" Artist: Hellenic [M]

A bright and cheery foxtaur vixen from the Mountain Glade clan smiles at you.
[Thumbnail image] "Skunktaur & Flowers" Artist: Hellenic [M]

A pretty skunktaur in female form, adorned in nothing but flowers.
[Thumbnail image] "Chakat Macchiaboscosa" Artist: Hellenic [M]

Obviously not all chakats are going to live in English-speaking countries even though they originated in Australia, so an Italian resident chakat would naturally have an Italian name. Chakat Macchiaboscosa's name means Woodybush.
foxtaur-tn.jpg (3120 bytes) Rendered Foxtaur Artist: Opal Weasel (a.k.a. Hellenic) [G]

A nicely rendered piece of work by Hellenic. Very nice!

chakat2-tn.gif (2933 bytes) Spots... Artist: Opal Weasel (a.k.a. Hellenic) [M]

A chakat shows off hir... ah... spots.

rd_chakat-tn.gif (2493 bytes) Surprised Chakat Artist: Opal Weasel [M]

Shi looks a bit surprised, or worried. Drawn in a more realistic style.

mirror3-tn.jpg (3228 bytes) Vixen with Mirror Artist: Opal Weasel [M]

A pretty vixentaur admires herself.And it is quite the view.

"Margay Felitaur"   Artist: Opal Weasel [M]

A margaytaur starts off on a hunt in high spirits.
"Vixtaur"   Artist: Opal Weasel [M]

A foxtaur vixen pretties herself up for a date.
"Bondage Vixtaur"   Artist: Opal Weasel [M]

It seems that foxtaur vixen is into something a little more kinky.
"Grey Wolftaur"   Artist: Opal Weasel [M]

A grey wolftaur fem checks herself out.
"Self-admiration"   Artist: Opal Weasel [M]

A beautiful foxtaur vixen, decorated in her finery, admires herself in a mirror. Who can blame her?
"Garrek Redfox"   Artist: Opal Weasel [G]

Garrek bounds along in high spirits. If you had Chakat Goldfur as a mate, wouldn't you too?
"Preview Portrait"   Artist: Opal Weasel [G]

A portrait of Goldfur done in preparation for another even better one! I'm in heaven.
"The Chakat With The Golden Fur"   Artist: Opal Weasel [G]

The real thing! Here's Goldfur wearing one of hir favourite blue tops. Isn't shi gorgeous?
"Malena's Invitation"   Artist: Opal Weasel [A]

You've caught Malena's fancy, and she leaves no doubt about what she has in mind as she gives you this wordless invitation.
"Taura"   Artist: Opal Weasel [G]

Opal's portrait of Taura (San Souci).
Forest   Artist: Opal Weasel [M]

Chakat Forestwalker stretches and smiles happily. This chakat truly has a zest for life.
Foxtaur Hunter Vixen   Artist: Opal Weasel [G]

A huntress from Garrek's clan has her mind focused on catching that day's meal.
Teen Vixtaur   Artist: Opal Weasel [G]

A typical teenage foxtaur vixen, ready to go to her biology class it seems.
Mark Foxtaur   Artist: Opal Weasel [G]

Mark, the rock foxtaur, bangs out a tune on his guitar.
Self-gratification   Artist: Opal Weasel [A]

This chakat proves that shi's flexible enough to pleasure hirself if the need arises.
Lilithtaur   Artist: Opal Weasel [G]

Lilith in taurform dresses just the same as in her biped form!
Lilith In Leather   Artist: Opal Weasel (a.k.a. Hellenic) [G]

Lilith in foxtaur form is still the same personality. Here she wears one of her more interesting outfits.
Lilith In Leather #2   Artist: Opal Weasel (a.k.a. Hellenic) [G]

The same as above, but with CG rendering.
Shansu   Artist: Opal Weasel (a.k.a. Hellenic) [G]

Shansu was once a successful hunter until one day she was caught in a bad forest fire. She barely survived, but her injuries were so great that she can no longer hunt and instead has a post as a librarian. She is slowly being restored, but much needs to be done yet before her outer beauty again matches her inner beauty.
Whatever Works   Artist: Opal Weasel (a.k.a. Hellenic) [A]

Two legs or four? Who cares as long as you're enjoying yourselves?.
[Thumbnail image] "Chakitty Playing" Artist: J.L. Atwood [M]

A playful chakat.
[Thumbnail image] "Chakat Shiva" Artist: J.L. Atwood [G]

A portrait of Chakat Shiva of FurryMUCK.

[Thumbnail image] "Friends" Artist: J.L. Atwood [G]

Shiva gets hir fur curried by a loving friend.

[Thumbnail image] "Shiva in the Forest" Artist: J.L. Atwood [G]

A colour portrait of Chakat Shiva in the forest.

[Thumbnail image] "Shiva Saunters" Artist: J.L. Atwood [M]

Chakat Shiva goes for a casual walk. Early inked version.
[Thumbnail image] "Akon Shiva" Artist: J.L. Atwood [G]

A sketch of Chakat Shiva done at A-Kon '99, showing off how she draws to some furs.
"Present"   Artist: J.L. "Shiva" Atwood [A]

This chakat has a present waiting for hir lover, and shi's aching to give it to hir!
Goldfur's Vanity   Artist: J.L. "Shiva" Atwood [G]

While chakats are very nice people, even they have their flaws, and a slight case of vanity is one of them.
[Thumbnail image] "Letrik" Artist: Kim Koskamp [G]

An unusual looking felitaur with bold electric blue and white markings on black fur.

[Thumbnail image] "Geku" Artist: Jennifer (Pac Rat) Rodriguez [G]

A portait of Geku, a beautiful, graceful lynxtaur in her natural habitat.
Geku is the creation of Jennifer Rodriguez and is copyright 2000 to her.

[Thumbnail image] "Chakat MiKe" Artist: Monique Poirier [G]

Monique emailed me this picture of a bobtailed calico Chakat, offering it as a contribution for Chakat Visions if I wanted it. Of course I did!

[Thumbnail image] "Mel's Felitaur" Artist: Melissa Drake [G]

ConFURence 9 sketchbook art.

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