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Thumbnail Title, Artist, Rating & Description
Swinging Chakat   Artist: Louis Frank [G]

This chakat is discovering that shi's not really built for swinging from tree to tree on a vine.
Shannontaur   Artist: Shannon Stuart [G]

After years of trying, at last I got Shannon to draw a taur for me! Here's Shannon's own character in taurform.
Well-Endowed   Artist: Dutch [M]

I wanted a fairly well-endowed chakat. This is what I get from asking Dutch! Silly me!!
"Goldfur's Big Tool"   Artist: Carrie Graham [G]

Goldfur carries the biggest spanner you've ever seen!
"Wynnellwynog"   Artist: O. Holcomb [G]

A marvellous portrait of that lovely vixentaur from FurryMUCK.
"Vixentaur Fashions"   Artist: Peter Rebane [G]

A foxtaur vixen models the latest fashions, and proves that a taur can wear a skirt!
"Warfox"   Artist: D. Marxer [G]

This warrior foxtaur shows off his skill and readiness to fight.
"Together Into The Fray"   Artist: D. Marxer [G]

The warrior foxtaur and his companion, Hinata Kazami, charge together into battle.
"Daydreaming"   Artist: Preyfar d'Hyena [A]

This foxtaur tod lazes on his back, daydreaming of who knows what. Although, judging by his cock, he might have a lover topmost in his thoughts!
"Forest Meeting"   Artist: Susan "Gryllus" Packard [G]

Forestwalker keeps a rendezvous with hir sister, Goldfur, on a forest trail.
"Chakat Moonlight"   Artist: Kit Silva [G]

Moonlight is a little absent-minded sometimes, but forgetting where hir tail is...??
"Story Title Page"   Artist: Kit Silva [G]

Front title page for the story "To Be A Chakat".
"3D Goldfur"   Artist: Kit Silva [G]

Goldfur rendered as a 3D model.
"Captive Nakkikamots"   Artist: Autumn [G]

The panthertaur, Nakkikamots, in chains.
"On The Run"   Artist: Autumn [G]

Nakkikamots escapes his encarceration.
"Not Mine!"   Artist: Stuart Dawes [G]

This foxtaur seems to have been a little careless.
"Foxtaur Couple"   Artist: Stuart Dawes [G]

A mated foxtaur couple.
"One Year Older"   Artist: Stuart Dawes [G]

A foxtaur faces the consequences of too much partying at his birthday bash.
"Chakat Sandwalker"   Artist: Leighton "Sandwalker" Gelling [G]

Sandwalker loves to play on the MUCK!.
"Chessmaster"   Artist: Leighton "Sandwalker" Gelling [G]

Some chakats excell at chess.
"Chakat Darkwater"   Artist: Leighton "Sandwalker" Gelling [M]

A reverse-tiger patterned chakat.
"Sweet Skunk"   Artist: Kim Arndt [G]

A teeth-achingly cute skunktaur femme.

More of Kim's art at www.tripshotpress.com
"Sarah's Chakat"   Artist: Sarah Wheeler [M]

A chakat sketch that Sarah did for me at Further Confusion.
"Darkfur At The Bar"   Artist: Moses Garcia [G]

Chakat Darkfur at the bar of a rather medieval pub.
"Chakat Redtail & Family"   Artist: Ken Trayling [G]

A montage of Chakat Redtail with hir mother, Starryeyes, and companion, Diamond.
"Beth"   Artist: Flinthoof [G]

That foxtaur gal sure has a heck of a long tail!
"Respect"   Artist: Dan "Flinthoof" Canaan [G]

Chakats are built for speed, power, beauty and... er... respect for mice!
Tar Download   Artist: Dan "Flinthoof" Canaan [G]

Linux Humour A felitaur downloads under Linux. Let's see Windoze do that!
Currying   Artist: Dan "Flinthoof" Canaan [G]

An equitaur curries herself. I bet she'd like some help though.
Hurry!   Artist: Dan "Flinthoof" Canaan [G]

Can you imagine what an appetite a taur must have? Must hurry! Must get to McDonalds! Must consume McNuggets!
"Foxtaur Vixen Pose #1"   Artist: Rat Candy [M]

A lean and lithe Foxtaur vixen.
"Foxtaur Vixen Pose #2"   Artist: Rat Candy [M]

The same vixen, only more exuberant.
"Let's Dance!"   Artist: Rat Candy [G]

Malena drags Goldfur into a dance at the Foxtaur Clan harvest festival, despite hir protests that shi has four left feet!
"Beach Vixen"   Artist: Rat Candy [G]

This bikini-clad foxtaur vixen drives her beach umbrella into the sand with great passion!
Malena and Garrek Mate   Artist: Rat Candy [A]

Malena surprises her brother in choosing him to be her mate. At first very reluctant, she manages to persuade him, and they're both happier for that decision.
"Nature's Pleasures"   Artist: Kate "MehndiX" O'Connor [G]

Goldfur takes the time to appreciate the pleasures of Mother Nature.
"Show-off"   Artist: Stephanie Stone [G]

Goldfur shows off both hir skimpy outfit and hir shapely form. I think this was done when shi was still a teenager because shi hasn't been that lean since then! One of my favourite pics!
"Horance-taur"   Artist: Pixel [G]

Horance, the tiger-striped felitaur.
"Hairbrush"   Artist: Pixel [G]

A chakat always takes good care of hir hair!.

See Pixel's other art at http://vcl.ctrl-c.liu.se/vcl/Artists/Pixel.
A Special Moment   Artist: Pixel [G]

Goldfur and Garrek enjoy a special moment together with their first cub, Eudora.
"Jaguarunditaur"   Artist: Ashryn [G]

When looking through this archive, it was pointed out to Ashryn that there weren't any jaguarunditaurs in here. Well, now there is! And a pretty thing she is too!!
Chibi Goldie   Artist: Ashryn [G]

Ashryn surprised me one night with this chibi version of Goldfur. Isn't shi kawaii?!!
Chakat Ashryn   Artist: Ashryn [G]

You rely on technology at your peril, as this chakat has just found out. Hint: shi wasn't a chakat a short time ago!
"Checking The List"   Artist: Brandon K. Montoya [G]

Goldfur checks the specifications of hir latest repair job. Thoroughness is one of this chakat's virtues.

I appreciated getting this drawing. Brandon doesn't normally do this sort of stuff, but he agreed to do this one for me, and I was very pleased with the result. Check out the rest of his art at his website.
"Svelte"   Artist: Kestrel [G]

A tall, svelte and very beautiful chakat. Unlike most chakats, shi doesn't have long head hair, but shi does have nice plush fur!
Goldfur Pose   Artist: Kestrel [M]

Two rugged beauties.
"Canine Taur"   Artist: Laura "Sitha" Ault [G]

A pretty canine taur in simple but attractive clothing.
"Goldfur's Fashions"   Artist: NaDaLe Sin^en [G]

Goldfur models one of hir favourite outfits.
Keeping The Path Swept   Artist: Elise "Teen Tiger" Martinson [G]

Goldfur likes to keep things tidy, even when it's the path to hir forest den.
Goldfur Study   Artist: Elise "Teen Tiger" Martinson [G]

A pencil study of Goldfur done before the final colour commission picture above.
Malena And Squirrel   Artist: Therese "Ailah" Larsson [G]

The beautiful foxtaur vixen, Malena, communing with one of the forest's creatures.
Malena On A Hike   Artist: Star Finder [G]

Malena really enjoys hiking in the woods around her home.
A Happy First Meeting   Artist: Tara K. Labus [G]

Leanna, the fennec fox, is delighted to finally meet in person, Kris, the red fox with whom shi has been having long conversations via subspace communicator. Forestwalker, who took care of Leanna and introduced hir to Kris, looks on in satisfaction.
Multitasking   Artist: Tara Labus [G]

Leanna not only cares for hir cub, but also cubsits Stonefur while giving Eudora a lesson. Intelligent and very capable, Leanna has found hir place amongst hir new family as a teacher and guardian for all their children.
Blaize Reading   Artist: Artist? [G]

Blaize is quite an avid reader.
Shirt & Tie   Artist: Oscar "The Orochi" Navarro [G]

Goldfur in a shirt and tie? Must be going to a business meeting. Better look now because you'll rarely see hir wearing these!!
Boyce &Forest   Artist: Monica Meza [M]

A portrait of the lovers, Admiral Boyce Kline and Chakat Forestwalker.
Do You Like What You See?   Artist: Fawx [G]

Lioness taur in a sexy pose.

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