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Thumbnail Title, Artist, Rating & Description
La'aya   Artist: Mike Sherman   [G]

A portrait of the beautiful leotaur, La'aya.
Chakat Fire   Artist: Mike Sherman   [G]

A portrait of Chakat Fire.
Felitaur #1   Artist: Mike Sherman   [G]

Leopardtaur and her cub.
Felitaur #2   Artist: Mike Sherman   [M]

This felitaur relaxes, sprawled out on her back.
Felitaur #3   Artist: Mike Sherman   [G]

A bobcat taur hunts her prey.
Felitaur #4   Artist: Mike Sherman   [G]

Mother and child sacked out in a tree.
Felitaur #5   Artist: Mike Sherman   [G]

Bath time!
Felitaur #6   Artist: Mike Sherman   [G]

Why does a cougartaur climb a ridge? To see what's on the other side, of course!
Felitaur #7   Artist: Mike Sherman   [G]

Leopardtaur huntress.
Felitaur #8   Artist: Mike Sherman   [G]

Cougar huntress.
Family   Artist: Tacoma TigressFire   [G]

A picture inspired by a conversation Bridget and I had a few weeks ago about having kids...and yes, my first time drawing chakats. The cub resting on her back was adopted, the boy on mine is actually Chrono's, and our daughter has dna from both of us. Remember, chakats are hermaphrodites.

Check out my website at www.geocities.com/tacoma_the_tiger/
Passion   Artist: Tacoma TigressFire   [A]

Bridget and Tacoma engage in passionate lovemaking. This is the only picture I've been turned on by while drawing. I'm quite proud of the results.
The Date   Artist: Tacoma TigressFire   [G]

Tacoma is waiting, bouquet of roses in hand, for her sweetheart to arrive.
Random Chakat   Artist: Tacoma TigressFire   [G]

Another practice pic. I have tons of these lying around, I just happen to like this one a lot more than the others. She's got this expression of envy...makes you wonder what's on her mind...
Angry   Artist: Tacoma TigressFire   [G]

Life's a bitch. There's not a lot Tacoma can do when she's angry. She'd bare her fangs and extend her claws, but is forbidden to put these to use.
Sexy Thing   Artist: Tacoma TigressFire   [M]

Since I've had a serious case of artist's block lately, I decided to color and upload a slightly older pic of chakat Tacoma. :) Chakats are sex-ay!
Chakat Ash   Artist: Tacoma TigressFire   [M]

Hmm..maybe I had too much fun shading this. I almost scrapped the picture entirely until I began coloring. But it's all good now...
Defending The Forest   Artist: Taurin Fox   [G]

This vigilant protector of the forest will defend his home at all costs.
Forest Foxtaur   Artist: Taurin Fox   [G]

A foxtaur sits in the forest. He looks as if he's waiting for someone...
Submission   Artist: Ultraviolet   [A]

Two male foxtaurs having a little fun.
The Chieftess   Artist: Ultraviolet   [G]

Grey wolftaur chieftess decorated in native American style.
Mooncrowfireheart   Artist: Ultraviolet   [G]

Mooncrow's antlers are his own. He is part of a unique Shamanic Tribe that grow antlers which contain magic, much like that of a unicorn's horn.
Joke   Artist: Civasco   [G]

A lot of things have been attributed to Coke, but this is a new one on me!

Apologies to Eric Schwartz! ^_^
Chakitty Shiva   Artist: Sonique   [G]

A portrait of the white tiger chakat, Shiva.
Leotaur   Artist: Marcy Osedo (Ponygirl)   [G]

A leotaur huntress on the prowl. I don't know how dangerous she is, but she's certainly cute!

Check out more of Marcy's stuff at www.studiocute.com
Vixentaur   Artist: Thornwolf   [G]

A portrait of a lovely vixentaur.
Lion-chakat   Artist: Thornwolf   [G]

A lion-chakat waves as shi arrives.
Bobcat and Bobcattaur   Artist: Thornwolf   [G]

A bobcattaur is greeted by her non-anthro bobcat pet.
Sino & Seth   Artist: Britt "Yoshi" Carlson   [G]

Chakat Sino Sungold with hir friend Seth.
Sino Nametag   Artist: Britt "Yoshi" Carlson   [G]

Nametag art of Chakat Sino Sungold.
Foxtaur Vixen   Artist: PladyWolf   [G]

Don't muck around with this lady!

Character is the creation of and copyright to M. Carpenter.
Lamsain   Artist: Dianna Kellogg (WhiteWolf)   [G]

Portrait of the foxtaur vixen, Lamsain, in her trademark blue vest.

Lamsain is the creation of and copyright to M. Carpenter.
Portait Of A Vixentaur   Artist: Jenn Lantrip (Lady Laguna)   [G]

Another portrait of Lamsain.

Lamsain is the creation of and copyright to M. Carpenter.
A Stroll In The Woods   Artist: Emily De Lisle   [G]

Lamsain and Chiratani take a romantic stroll together in the woods.

Lamsain and Chiratani are the creation of and copyright to M. Carpenter.
Rest and Conversation   Artist: Sheryl Schopfer   [G]

Lamsain and Chiratani rest and chat amiably.
Check out more of Sheryl's work at www.sharpclaw.net

Lamsain and Chiratani are the creation of and copyright to M. Carpenter.
Clearing Rest   Artist: Calista   [M]

The moment grows more intimate as his left hand starts to stray...

Lamsain and Chiratani are the creation of and copyright to M. Carpenter.
Asking The Question   Artist: Liger   [M]

Do you want to?

Lamsain and Chiratani are the creation of and copyright to M. Carpenter.
Making Love   Artist: Liger   [A]

I'd say the answer was "Yes!"

Lamsain and Chiratani are the creation of and copyright to M. Carpenter.
Riverside   Artist: Jen Starling   [G]

Later, Lamsain and Chiratani converse with a friend by the riverside. He still hasn't put his pants back on, I notice!

All the characters are the creation of and copyright to M. Carpenter.

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