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Notice: The Chakat characters Goldfur, Forestwalker & Quickpaw, and Garrek & Malena Redfox are © 2001 Bernard Doove. All art is © 2001 to the respective artists and permission is received for the use of these images. Do not redistribute or display on any other website or archive, etcetera, without our permission.

This site caters for a broad range of tastes and as such, some images may be considered suitable only for adult viewing. I have tried to give a reasonable guide to the rating of these pictures in the descriptions. Adult rated pictures are marked [A] and should not be downloaded by people under 18 years of age. Other ratings are [G] General audience and [M] Mature material, discretion required.

Thumbnail Title, Artist, Rating & Description
Playful   Artist: Kacey Maltzman [M]

Malena gets playful with her mate, Goldfur.

Check out more great art at Kacey's Sketchbook.
Skibunny Forest   Artist: Kacey Maltzman [G]

Forestwalker shows off hir new ski-suit which shi has strategically unzipped to display hir best assets.
The Chakat's Den version 3   Artist: Kacey Maltzman [G]

The cover and label design for the latest version (3.1) of The Chakat's Den CD-ROM which I'll be debuting at Anthrocon 2002. Here Garrek and Goldfur embrace in the cleft of a steepvalley.
Sailor Furs   Artist: Kacey Maltzman [G]

Trina, Kris, Forestwalker and Leanna go out for a bit of Halloween fun, dressed up as characters from the Sailor Moon show.
Shopping At The Mall   Artist: Kacey Maltzman [G]

Forestwalker, Leanna and Trina have gone on a shopping spree. Leanna likes the ice cream there, and Trina is getting in her licks. Looks like Forest is trying to make sure that shi doesn't miss out!
Racing Equitaur   Artist: Kacey Maltzman [G]

In a world where there are equitaurs, wouldn't they be their own jockeys?
Starship Awe   Artist: Kacey Maltzman [G]

A scene from an upcoming story. Forestwalker is taking Leanna for a complete medical check-up after being rescued from a stricken slaver vessel. Leanna is overwhelmed by the size and beauty of the starship.
Sabretooth Cattaur   Artist: Kacey Maltzman [G]

In a world where cattaurs evolved naturally, there just has to be sabretoothed ancestor sometime.
Your Waitress, Ketta   Artist: Kacey Maltzman [G]

Ketta had fallen on hard times, but a kindly offer from the owner of the Gulp-n-Gallop helped her find her place in the world. She's happy as a waitress for she found friends and her mate while doing this job.
Stretching Cheetahtaur   Artist: Kacey Maltzman [M]

When you depend on your speed for survival, a good stretching exercise before exertion is always a good idea.
Snowpaws's Invitation   Artist: Kacey Maltzman [A]

Chakat Snowpaws leaves absolutely no doubt about what shi has in mind. Could you refuse hir?
Midnight Pounces   Artist: Kacey Maltzman [M]

The admiral has come off duty, and Midnight seizes hir chance to spend a little quality time with hir denmate.
Garrek 1/2   Artist: Kacey Maltzman [M]

It's a tragic story. Garrek falls into the pool of the Drowned Vixen. Now whenever cold water gets on his fur, he becomes a busty vixen too.

Or it could be a nightmare after watching too many Ranma episodes in one sitting!
Cubminding   Artist: Kacey Maltzman [M]

Chakat Quickpaw is a very keen cubsitter, but even shi gets a little tangled once in a while. Here Snowcloud runs out of leash when taken for a walk.
Safari   Artist: Kacey Maltzman [M]

A cute servaltaur.
Chakat Snowpaws & Snowy   Artist: Jonathan Rich [M]

Snowpaws is a little surprised by Snowy standing on hir tail!
Reunion   Artist: Summer Jackson [G]

This jaguartaur is very happy to be reunited with his friend.
Goldfur's Fantasy   Artist: Summer Jackson [A]

Garrek has been away on business for several days, and Goldfur is missing him badly. Shi fantasises him mounting hir as shi pleasures hirself.
99jag.jpeg   Artist: Summer Jackson [A]

One may be a taur and the other a biped, but there's no doubt that they both enjoy one common piece of anatomy!
[Thumbnail image] "Tigertaur" Artist: Margaret "Kese" Petrie [G]

This is a great tigertaur from Kese. She says: "My first stab at a 'taur. This young tiger seems unsure of himself as a warrior." Check out some of her art at her Yerf archive.

[Thumbnail image] "Nduli Felitaur" Artist: Margaret "Nduli" Petrie [G]

A self-portrait of Nduli as a taur. This beautiful cheetah felitaur admires a butterfly that has landed on her fingers.

[Thumbnail image] "Forestwalker's Repose" Artist: Margaret Petrie [G]

Chakat Forestwalker reposes on a tree limb, admiring the beauty of nature. Commissioned art.
[Thumbnail image] "Chakat & Bunny" Artist: Margaret Petrie [G]

A Chakat has a close encounter with a curious bunny.
[Thumbnail image] "Goldfur by Kese" Artist: Margaret Petrie [G]

Kese's take on Chakat Goldfur.
alle-tn.jpg (2695 bytes) Erect Foxtaur Artist: Margaret "Kese" Petrie [G]

A beautiful foxtaur shows off his wonderful self.
[Thumbnail image] "Chakat Twospotz" Artist: Anna-Karin Larsson [G]

First of two lovely chakat pictures that Anna did for me. Meet Chakat Twospotz.

Check out her website at www.twospotz.com

[Thumbnail image] "Starfall" Artist: Anna-Karin Larsson [G]

The second of the chakat pictures by Anna. Here Chakat twospotz watches a falling star.

[Thumbnail image] "Peekabooh" Artist: Anna-Karin Larsson [G]

Chakat Twospotz playfully peeks from behind Chakat Leona as they lie on the grass together.

[Thumbnail image] "Picnic" Artist: Anna-Karin Larsson [G]

A beautiful peaceful scene as Chakat Twospotz and Chakat Leona curl up together in a hammock for an after-picnic nap. This lovely picture was created just for this page. Click here for the full sized version.

[Thumbnail image] "Chakat Blackpaw" Artist: Anna-Karin Larsson [G]

A renegade, at least in the eyes of a Chakat, but shi lived a decent life anyway.

[Thumbnail image] "Matters of the Heart" Artist: Anna-Karin Larsson [G]

Matters of the heart can seldom be solved easily. Chakat Twostripe sure turned Chakat Blackpaw's head all around when shi entered hir life.

[Thumbnail image] "Eden" Artist: Anna-Karin Larsson [M]

Chakat Twospotz and Chakat Leona in a hidden valley nicknamed "Eden" by its human discoverers!

[Thumbnail image] "Pond Ponderings" Artist: Anna-Karin Larsson [G]

Chakat Twospotz takes a pondering moment beside a pond after been told a wonderful thing by Chakat Leona.

[Thumbnail image] "Nighttime" Artist: Anna-Karin Larsson [M]

Chakat Twospotz and Chakat Leona at night, a few months after Leona finds out shi's going to be a mother. Twospotz marvels at the little miracle that's kicking at hir hand in the darkness.

[Thumbnail image] "No Way!" Artist: Anna-Karin Larsson [G]

Chakat TwoSpotz emphatically tells someone "No way!".
Go check out the story called "Spaceport" that Anna wrote which was the inspiration for this picture.

[Thumbnail image] "Forest At The Beach" Artist: Anna-Karin Larsson [G]

Chakat Forestwalker enjoys a day at the beach.

[Thumbnail of Chakat Twospotz] Go visit Anna-Karin's homepage at
to see more non-chakat artwork. Lots of great stuff yet to find!
[Thumbnail image] "Christmas Greeting" Artist: Anna-Karin Larsson [G]

Chakats Goldfur, Eudora and Twospotz have fun in the snow. A Christmas greeting card.

[Thumbnail image] "Twospotz's Wardrobe" Artist: Anna-Karin Larsson [G]

Chakat Twospotz shows off some of hir favourite (and most gaudy) clothes.

[Thumbnail image] "Autumn" Artist: Anna-Karin Larsson [G]

Chakat Twospotz enjoys the Autumn breezes.

[Thumbnail image] "Lynx Or Lion?" Artist: Anna-Karin Larsson [M]

A character study of Chakat Twospotz. Does shi seem more like a lynx or a lion to you?

[Thumbnail image] "Sire & Daughter" Artist: Anna-Karin Larsson [G]

Chakat Twospotz with hir sire Chakat Blackpaw.

[Thumbnail image] "Gotcha!" Artist: Anna-Karin Larsson [G]

TwoSpotz pays Goldfur a surprise visit.

[Thumbnail image] "Ice Cream" Artist: Anna-Karin Larsson [G]

TwoSpotz has quite an apetite for ice cream!

Featherplay   Artist: Anna-Karin Larsson [G]

A white and gold cattaur palys with a big feather.
Calico Cattaur   Artist: Anna-Karin Larsson [G]

A calico cattaur smiles at you.
Brown Tabby Cattaur   Artist: Anna-Karin Larsson [G]

A brown tabbytaur grins mischievously.
Rat Toy   Artist: Anna-Karin Larsson [G]

This fuzzy kitten taur loves playing with her plush rat toy.
Silver Tabby Cattaur   Artist: Anna-Karin Larsson [G]

A silver tabbytaur.
Butterfly   Artist: Anna-Karin Larsson [G]

A big butterfly catches this cattaur's attention.
Yarnball   Artist: Anna-Karin Larsson [G]

This calico kittytaur shows off her big ball of yarn.
Fun With Yarn   Artist: Anna-Karin Larsson [G]

Another cattaur has fun with her yarn too.
Chakat Whitepaw   Artist: Anna-Karin Larsson [G]

Chakats tend to have a lot of friends. Here's one named Whitepaw.
[Thumbnail image] "Cataur" Artist: LadyHawk [M]

A portrait of a sexy cat-taur.

[Thumbnail image] "Relaxed" Artist: LadyHawk [A]

A female felitaur relaxes on her back, showing off all her charms.

[Thumbnail image] "Wemic" Artist: Rebecca Kemp [G]

Wemic warrior and fire-breathing cat battle a rat mage. Apparently wemics have been around for longer than chakats, but I have only just been introduced to one. Please visit Becky's Wildlife & Fantasy Art to see even more great stuff.

[Thumbnail image] "I Had To Ask" Artist: Grant Preston [G]

Grant's answer to Goldfur's question: "Now How Does This Thing Work?"

[Thumbnail image] "Ocelot Taur" Artist: Scott Pollard [G]

Scott's own feline taurs. He says he's not ripping off my chakats, he's ripping off Terrie Smith's cat-taurs! (Just kidding!!)

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