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Notice: The Chakat characters Goldfur, Forestwalker & Quickpaw, and Garrek & Malena Redfox are © 2001 Bernard Doove. All art is © 2001 to the respective artists and permission is received for the use of these images. Do not redistribute or display on any other website or archive, etcetera, without our permission.

This site caters for a broad range of tastes and as such, some images may be considered suitable only for adult viewing. I have tried to give a reasonable guide to the rating of these pictures in the descriptions. Adult rated pictures are marked [A] and should not be downloaded by people under 18 years of age. Other ratings are [G] General audience and [M] Mature material, discretion required.

Thumbnail Title, Artist, Rating & Description
Intimate Cuddle   Artist: Mayra "Huskie" Boyle [G]

When you're as deeply in love as these two, just simply hugging each other is an utter joy.
Glorious Goldfur   Artist: Mayra "Huskie" Boyle [M]

How do you improve on near perfection? Well, I tried. This is a touched-up version of an earlier upload, giving more depth and shading to the colouration.
[Thumbnail image] "Cheetah Chakat" Artist: Mayra "Whitepawz" Boyle [G]

A cheetah-like chakat built for speed.
Quote from Mayra: "Ever since I saw chakats, I absolutely HAD to draw one of them! They're so cute! Here's a pic of a cheetah-like chakat with a spear. I hope it looks right, I've never drawn a 'taur before but I think I'll do more of em :)"

[Thumbnail image] "Goldfur Yawn" Artist: Mayra "Whitepawz" Boyle[G]

Goldfur yawns and stretches as only a felitaur can.

[Thumbnail image] "Cute Goldie" Artist: Mayra "Whitepawz" Boyle[M]

A picture of Goldfur looking very cute.

[Thumbnail image] "Chakat #1" Artist: Mayra "Whitepawz" Boyle [G]

A new unique chakat from Mayra.

[Thumbnail image] "Chakat #2" Artist: Mayra "Whitepawz" Boyle [G]

Another new chakat with a wild hair-do.

[Thumbnail image] "The Essential Goldfur" Artist: Mayra "Whitepawz" Boyle [M]

A picture of Goldfur in all hir powerful and beautiful glory.

[Thumbnail image] "Lupu" Artist: Mayra Boyle [G]

Okay, I've broken with the theme slightly with this one because Lupu is actually a wolftaur, not a felitaur. However, she is one of Goldfur's mates and shi urged me to show this one to everyone.
Lupu is 1999 her player.

[Thumbnail image] "Huskietaur" Artist: Mayra "Huskie" Boyle [G]

Here's Goldfur helping Huskie adjust to her new taurform. Still a bit wobbly!

[Thumbnail image] "Huskie Shows Her Affection" Artist: Mayra "Huskie" Boyle [G]

Huskie gives Goldfur a great big hug and lick!

[Thumbnail image] "Goldie Pissed-off" Artist: Mayra "Huskie" Boyle [G]

Never call a chakat an "it". That tends to make them irritable!

[Thumbnail image] "Lightpawz" Artist: Mayra Boyle [G]

Lightpawz, the cheetah chakat hunter, in action.

[Thumbnail image] "Mother & Sire" Artist: Mayra Boyle [M]

Happy chakat parents-to-be indulge in some physical intimacy.

[Thumbnail image] "Janko Waves" Artist: Mayra Boyle [G]

Chakat Janko waves to you. This pic shows Janko's fur colouration.

[Thumbnail image] "Spear-Bearer" Artist: Mayra Boyle [M]

A chakat bearing a spear raises hir hackles.

[Thumbnail image] "Comfy Lean" Artist: Mayra Boyle [M]

A chakat leans back and supports hirself on hir lower torso. Shi looks quite comfortable and a little bit smug too.

[Thumbnail image] "Janko Reads" Artist: Mayra Boyle [M]

Chakat Janko, Mayra's personal character, indulges in hir favourite activity: reading, as shi walks to hir destination.

[Thumbnail image] "Solo Pleasures" Artist: Mayra Boyle [A]

Goldfur indulges in a little solo pleasure.

[Thumbnail image] "Taur Love" Artist: Mayra Boyle [A]

Garrek makes love to Goldfur who is in ecstasy.

[Thumbnail image] "A Scritch For Huskie" Artist: Mayra Boyle [G]

Goldfur gives Huskie a big thankyou scritch for the "Taur Love" picture.

[Thumbnail image] "That's The Spot!" Artist: Mayra Boyle [G]

Janko purrs as hir favourite scritching spot at the base of hir tail is scratched.

[Thumbnail image] "Janko 2" Artist: Mayra Boyle [G]

A portrait of Chakat Janko.

[Thumbnail image] "Janko Headshots" Artist: Mayra Boyle [G]

Three head portraits of Chakat Janko.

[Thumbnail image] "Scaredykat" Artist: Mayra Boyle [M]

A chakat is nearly frightened out of hir fur!

[Thumbnail image] "Four Chakats" Artist: Mayra "Huskie" Boyle [A]

A sketch of four chakats indulging in sexplay.

[Thumbnail image] "Chakat & Vixen Lovers" Artist: Mayra "Huskie" Boyle [A]

A vixen gets to "ride" a chakat, and both are loving it!

[Thumbnail image] "Cute Janko Portrait" Artist: Mayra "Huskie" Boyle [G]

A portrait of Chakat Janko looking cute and sexy.

[Thumbnail image] "A Hug For Lupi" Artist: Mayra "Huskie" Boyle [G]

Chakat Janko gives Lupi a much needed hug.

[Thumbnail image] "Janko Startled" Artist: Mayra "Huskie" Boyle [G]

A portrait of Janko. Shi looks as if shi's been caught unawares.

[Thumbnail image] "Janko Meets Goldfur" Artist: Mayra "Huskie" Boyle [G]

At last, Chakats Janko and Goldfur get to meet each other for the first time.

[Thumbnail image] "Giving Janko A Brushing" Artist: Mayra "Huskie" Boyle [M]

Lupi gives Janko a brushing that feels really, really good!

[Thumbnail image] "Huskie & Eudora" Artist: Mayra (Huskie) Boyle [G]

Eudora Whitepaw, the foxy coloured chakat cub, is reduced to a fit of giggles by the goofy face that Huskie is pulling as she holds Eudora in her arms.

[Thumbnail image] "The Essential Lupu" Artist: Mayra (Huskie) Boyle [G]

Another portrait of Goldfur's denmate, Lupu the wolftaur. This drawing captures both her beauty and her wildness.

[Thumbnail image] "Adult Eudora" Artist: Mayra Boyle [M]

Chakat Eudora as a grown-up. Shi sometimes gets tired of being mistaken for a foxtaur vixen due to hir fur pattern.
[Thumbnail image] "The Look" Artist: Mayra Boyle [G]

Goldfur and Huskie exchange a meaningful glance.
[Thumbnail image] "The Grope" Artist: Mayra Boyle [A]

Lupi surprises Janko with an intimate grope. I think she's in the mood!
[Thumbnail image] "Glorious Goldfur" Artist: Mayra Boyle [M]

This is probably by far the best portrait of Goldfur ever by anyone. Here shi shows oFF hir quiet power combined with cat-like grace.
[Thumbnail image] "Pretty Goldfur" Artist: Mayra Boyle [M]

A portrait in profile of a pregnant Goldfur.
[Thumbnail image] "Whitie Taur" Artist: Mayra Boyle [G]

A lovely portrait of Whitie in her taurform.
[Thumbnail image] "Whitie Shows Off" Artist: Mayra Boyle [M]

Whitie in taurform again, showing off her beautiful body to you.
chase-tn.gif (2188 bytes) The Chase Artist: Mayra Boyle [G]

A chakat races after a cocky fennic-taur, who's doing his best to egg hir on!
gfnh-tn.gif (2588 bytes) Embrace Artist: Mayra Boyle [G]

Husky and Goldfur share a quiet moment and a hug.
sweepnsunset-tn.jpg (2926 bytes) Sweep & Sunset Artist: Mayra Boyle [G]

Chakats Sweep and Sunset show off their wonderfully contrasting looks.
SweeplickSunset-tn.gif (3437 bytes) Sweet Licks Artist: Mayra Boyle [G]

Sweep gives Sunset a tender lick.
JankoNLupi-tn.gif (2809 bytes) What Taurs Are Good For Artist: Mayra Boyle [G]

Lupi hitches a very comfortable ride aboard Janko, and Janko gets a hug as a payment.
"Whitepawz, Herm Taur"   Artist: Mayra "Huskie" Boyle [A]

Whitepawz in taurform, and as a hermaphrodite also!
"Janko & Lupi #2"   Artist: Mayra "Huskie" Boyle [M]

Lupi likes to help our when her mate is grooming.
"Flower Pick"   Artist: Mayra "Huskie" Boyle [G]

Huskie in her taur form, just having picked a flower.
"Happy Chakat"   Artist: Mayra "Huskie" Boyle [M]

A chakat exults in the sheer joy of life.
Sunset's Shirt   Artist: Mayra "Huskie" Boyle [M]

But I've got on a shirt and shorts! What more do you want?
Chakat Sunset tries to get around the dress code hir own not-so-subtle way.
A Ride For Huskie   Artist: Mayra Boyle [M]

Goldfur and Huskie met at Anthrocon 2002. We were so excited to be together!

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