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Notice: The Chakat characters Goldfur, Forestwalker & Quickpaw, and Garrek & Malena Redfox are © 2001 Bernard Doove. All art is © 2001 to the respective artists and permission is received for the use of these images. Do not redistribute or display on any other website or archive, etcetera, without our permission.

This site caters for a broad range of tastes and as such, some images may be considered suitable only for adult viewing. I have tried to give a reasonable guide to the rating of these pictures in the descriptions. Adult rated pictures are marked [A] and should not be downloaded by people under 18 years of age. Other ratings are [G] General audience and [M] Mature material, discretion required.

Thumbnail Title, Artist, Rating & Description
Kassi   Artist: Mike Higgs [G]

Kassi is a very buxom and beautiful strawberry blonde vixentaur. She is also the girlfriend of Garrek in their later teen years. After events draw them apart, they reunite while Garrek undergoes Obligation and later becomes his latest mate.

Image is used with the permission of Michael Higgs - tinyfoxtaur1@netscape.net
Kendarii-CF7-tn.jpg (2798 bytes) Kendarii! Artist: Mike Higgs [G]

A pretty little number (both fox and artwork!) done up at CF7.

Hanging-tn.jpg (4104 bytes) Yipes! Artist: Mike Higgs [M]

Rope bridges and 'taur feet arn't always the best of combinations...

Colour by Bernard Doove.

HermFoxtaur-tn.gif (2321 bytes) "Foxy.... Lady?" Artist: Michael Higgs [M]

Sexy foxy. But foxy is not exactly just a lady.

Oops!   Artist: Mike Higgs [G]

When you're this big, you really have to watch where you're walking!
In Uniform   Artist: Mike Higgs [G]

Pandora S. Foxx in uniform.
Comfy   Artist: Mike Higgs [G]

Nothing like big comfy cushions!.
Tongue Wash   Artist: Mike Higgs [M]

Whitney gives herself a tongue wash.
Grayhsha   Artist: Mike Higgs [G]

A very early foxtaur vixen, perhaps even the first one.
Christmas Foxes   Artist: Mike Higgs [G]

Decorating Mike for Christmas.
Foxtaur Orgy   Artist: Mike Higgs [A]

One very lucky male foxmorph is the centre of attention of a lot of horny foxtaur vixens.
Pandora   Artist: Mike Higgs [G]

Pandora poses up against the wall for you.
Carrie Ann   Artist: Mike Higgs [G]

Carrie Ann looks rather puzzled. Then again, she is as dumb as a rock, so it doesn't take much.
Kendarii Model   Artist: Mike Higgs [G]

A kendarii vixen models for the observer.
Fox Strut   Artist: Mike Higgs [M]

A sleek and sexy foxtaur vixen struts past you, showing herself off.
Prom Dress   Artist: Mike Higgs [G]

This young foxtaur vixen is all dressed up for prom night.
Mike Foxtaur   Artist: Mike Higgs [G]

Miketaur   Artist: Mike Higgs [G]

Mike's four-legged alter-ego.
4-tit Vixentaur   Artist: Mike Higgs [G]

A perky four-titted vixentaur.
Rampant   Artist: Mike Higgs [M]

A foxtaur vixen in the rampant pose. Colouring by Bernard Doove.
KSR_EmmKierBestfriends_01-tn.gif (3658 bytes) Best Friends Artist: Kierstal [G]

Two very close friends share a loving embrace.

KSR_Kiertaur_0001-tn.gif (4526 bytes) Warrior Maid Artist: Kierstal [G]

Kierstal shows off how she'd look, as a 'taur.

"Concept Sketches"   Artist: Kierstal [M]

Concept sketches of Forestwalker and Snowcloud for the commissioned picture which follows next.
"The Joy Of Children"   Artist: Kierstal [M]

Forestwalker plays with Snowcloud, one of hir cubs. Shi takes much joy in raising hir children.

The picture was too big to be scanned without cropping the picture. I will attempt to get a better scan done soon.
"Cornered!"   Artist: Kierstal [G]

This liontaur finds himself cornered, but continues to battle courageously. It's at times like these that he's at his most dangerous.

More of Kierstal's art can be found at www.outfoxed.net/~kierotica/
chakntaur-tn.jpg (3103 bytes) Conversation Companions   Artist: B_Dog [M]

A chakat has a conversation with a... very interesting companion.
"Lounging"   Artist: Silverwind [G]

This chakat lounges on hir patio, grooming hirself leisurely.
"Concept Sketches of Malena"   Artist: B_dog [G]

Sketches of Malena, done in preparations for the following picture...
"Malena's Feathered Friend"   Artist: B_dog [M]

Malena Redfox enjoys the company of a feathered friend.
"Goldfur In The Snow"   Artist: B_dog [G]

Goldfur pauses to enjoy the beauty of the snow-laden woods.
"Goldfur Meets Copernica"   Artist: B_dog [G]

Goldfur encounters a pretty winged snowleopardtaur.
"Howling Wolftaur"   Artist: B_dog [M]

A lone wolftaur bitch howls her soul out to the skies.
Gold And Silver   Artist: B_dog [G]

Goldfur offers a tissue as shi tries to cheer up Silverwind.
deeppurr_halloween-tn.jpg (1982 bytes) Deep-Purr on Halloween Artist: Ceredwyn "Silverblue" Ealanta [G]

Chakat Deep-Purr has done hirself up as a witch this Halloween!  BOO!

GdfrBntr-tn.jpg (4349 bytes) Need a Hand?   Artist:  Nathan "Wolfie" Spayd [G]

Goldfur lends a helping hand to a unsteady comrade.

Orenda1-tn.jpg (2979 bytes) Chakat with Bow Artist: Barbara "Ginka" Poandl [G]

A chakat shows off hir archery skills... though hir dinner probably won't appreciate them.

orenkw-tn.gif (2226 bytes) Sabertoothed Chakat Artist: Barbara "Ginka" Poandl [G]

A sabertooth chakat relaxes, coaxing a friend in for a visit.

skysag-tn.jpg (2599 bytes) Sagittarius Artist: Joanne Kline [G]

A different take on the Sagittarius constellation. 

firttaur-tn.gif (2603 bytes) My First 'Taur Artist: Sonique [G]

The first trial of drawing chakats...

chakittyCb-tn.jpg (4304 bytes) Forestwalker Artist: Sonique [G]

... followed by the mock-up of Forestwalker, in preparation...

Discovery! Artist: Sonique [M]

...for this. Forestwalker enters her quarters to find a bit of a surprise waiting for hir!

Surprised   Artist: Sonique [M]

A lynxtaur is surprised while stretching.
Chakat Shiva   Artist: Sonique [M]

Sonique's impression of Chakat Shiva.
Test_waters-tn.gif (2439 bytes) Testing the Waters Artist: Michael Sherman [G]

A wemic lass sticks a toe in prior to a plunge.

MS-Wemic01-tn.gif (3148 bytes) Wemic & Butterfly Artist: Michael Sherman [G]

She's found a butterfly!

MS-Wemic02-tn.gif (2590 bytes)  "Huh?" Artist: Michael Sherman [G]

Someone's caught her attention.

MS-Wemic03-tn.gif (2254 bytes) "A Bit of Fun" Artist: Michael Sherman [A]

A pair of wemics show off the fact that taurs aren't so limited.

MS-Wemic04-tn.gif (2583 bytes) "A Bit More Fun" Artist: Michael Sherman [A]

A bit more traditional...

MS-Wemic05-tn.gif (2226 bytes) "And Yet Even More Fun" Artist: Michael Sherman [A]

And some more variety.

MS-Wemic06-tn.gif (3041 bytes) "Ride" Artist: Michael Sherman [G]

A wemic shows off one of the benefits of having a 'taur as a friend... rides!

MS-Wemic07-tn.gif (2695 bytes) "Frisbee" Artist: Michael Sherman [G]

Even wemics love frisbee.

MS-Wemic08-tn.gif (2252 bytes) "Supine" Artist: Michael Sherman [M]

A finely shaped supine wemic.

MS-Wemic09-tn.gif (2666 bytes) "Loving Fun" Artist: Michael Sherman [A]

A pair makes love.

MS-Wemic10-tn.gif (2719 bytes) "Wemic in Dress" Artist: Michael Sherman [G]

One of the varying styles for 'taurs, the shirt-dress. Pants just look silly.

MS-Wemic11-tn.gif (3017 bytes)  "Carousing Wemic" Artist: Michael Sherman [G]

Let your hair down, and share a draft with friends.

Wemic-armed-tn.gif (8612 bytes) "Armed Wemic" Artist: Michael Sherman [G]

Her looks are half of the danger!

Farra-tn.jpg (2941 bytes) "Farra" Artist: Michael Sherman [M]

Farra, of FurryMUCK.

Leopardtaur   Artist: Michael Sherman [G]

A leopardtaur sketch done for me at Anthrocon 2001.
On The Run   Artist: Haley Schauble [G]

Goldfur seems to be in a bit of a hurry.
Cheetahtaur Musing   Artist: Haley Schauble [G]

This cheetahtaur has quite the head of hair!
Clouded Leopard Taur   Artist: Haley Schauble [M]

A clouded leopard taur with remarkable braiding.
Hug   Artist: Katherine "Evol" Mason [G]

Evol Otter has found herself a four-pawed friend.
Dance   Artist: Katherine "Evol" Mason [M]

This red-furred cattaur does an exotic dance.
Relaxing   Artist: Katherine "Evol" Mason [G]

Forestwalker relaxes against a tree after a day's work.
Garden Pose   Artist: SatyQ [G]

A pretty chakat poses amidst the greenery of hir garden.
Hang In There, Baby!   Artist: Briana Barber [G]

This kitty is in a bit of a predicament!
Aerie   Artist: Corhene Werhane (Nezumi) [G]

Forestwalker cradles a cub while perched in this unusual treetop dwelling.
Tigertaur In The Snow   Artist: Shawna Sandbom [M]

A tigertaur in the pictureque snow.
Cat Stretch   Artist: David Bliss [G]

Oh yeah! That feels so good!
Walkabout   Artist: Ingrid Houwers [G]

Occasionally Goldfur gets the urge to go walkabout, so shi packs hir saddlebags and heads bush for a few days.

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