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Thumbnail Title, Artist, Rating & Description
Lounging Cougartaur Lady   Artist: Stephanie Stone (Cybercat) [G]

A lounging cougartaur smiles happily at you.

Check out Cybercat's other great art at her galleries at Angelfire and Activecom.
Winter Hunt   Artist: Stephanie Stone (Cybercat) [G]

A panthertaur huntress searches for prey in the wintry landscape.

Check out Cybercat's other great art at her galleries at Angelfire and Activecom.
Anubis Taur   Artist: Stephanie Stone (Cybercat) [G]

A female Anubis, and in taurform!

Check out Cybercat's other great art at her galleries at Angelfire and Activecom.
Frisky Frisket   Artist: Melissa O'Brien [G]

Frisket seems to be enjoying her taurform immensely.
Gaia Romps   Artist: Melissa O'Brien [G]

Gaia enjoys a romp.   Color by Ruthe.
Foxtaur Sketch   Artist: Melissa O'Brien [G]

Just a sketch of a foxtaur vixen.
True Mates   Artist: Kacey Maltzman [G]

Goldfur and Garrek enjoy a cuddle in front of a gorgeous spacescape. This is the cover art for New Horizons #14 which features "Goldfur's Story", an adaptation of a story by Bernard Doove delightfully interpreted in comic book style by Kacey.
Amber   Artist: Kacey Maltzman [G]

Amber has the most luxuriant fur of any snowleopardtaur that I've ever seen!
Shasta   Artist: Kacey Maltzman [A]

Shasta the reverse-skunk pleasures herself as she reads a rather yiffy comic.
Windshear – Nice   Artist: Mick Jones [G]

Chakat Windshear, as nice a chakat as you'll ever meet.
Windshear – Naughty   Artist: Mick Jones [A]

Chakat Windshear, as naughty a chakat as you'll ever meet as well!
Windshear's Lover   Artist: Mick Jones [A]

Chakat Windshear likes hir vixens large!
Windshear's Lover #2   Artist: Jacent [A]

Another picture of Chakat Windshear with hir large vixen lover!
Bird Watcher   Artist: Fareme [G]

This foxtaur vixen is an avid nature lover.
Starlight & Sparhawk   Artist: Fareme [G]

Sparhawk and Starlight cuddling.
Cozy Taur   Artist: Jessica Kraskian [M]

This snowleopardtaur lies in blissful comfort.

Check out more of Jessica's art at her VCL archive.
Akita Taur   Artist: Jessica Kraskian [M]

Here's an unusual taur – an akita!

Check out more of Jessica's art at her VCL archive.
Akita Taur   Artist: Jessica Kraskian [M]

This is one happy cougartaur! And why not? She's young, healthy and beautiful - what more could she ask for?

Check out more of Jessica's art at her VCL archive.
Where Do Ligers Come From? #2   Artist: Jessica Kraskian [M]

A male liontaur and a female tigertaur make tender love in an effort to answer the question: "Where do ligers come from?".
Tigress By The Riverside   Artist: Shawna Sandbom (Kyrin) [G]

A tigresstaur seeks relief from the heat of the day by relaxing by a cool stream.
Where Do You Think You're Going?   Artist: Holly Ramirez [G]

A very gravid Goldfur demands to know where hir mate, Garrek, intends to go this close to the time that shi's due to give birth. A scene from one of my stories.
Eudora Whitepaw At 17   Artist: Holly Ramirez [M]

Eudora is the first child of Chakat Goldfur and Garrek Redfox. Here shi has just reached the age of 17 and shi shows off hir unusual but gorgeous colouration.
Goldfur Poses   Artist: Holly Ramirez [G]

Goldfur stretches and poses for the onlookers.
Messy Cook   Artist: Holly Ramirez [G]

Goldfur may be an excellent technician, but when it comes to cooking, shi's got two left hands!
Goldfur Struts   Artist: Todd Little [M]

Goldfur may be very gravid and milk-full, but that doesn't stop hir from strutting proudly.
Kit-Roy Was Here   Artist: Anna-Karin Larsson [G]

Kit-Roy leaves his mark!
Rose Garden   Artist: Anna-Karin Larsson [G]

This felitaur is proud of her rose garden.
Kalisseum   Artist: Negative Angel (Laura B.) [G]

A portrait of Kalisseum. Character © Laura B.   l_xtreme@hotmail.com
Kalisseum Waving   Artist: Negative Angel (Laura B.) [G]

Kalisseum waves to you cheerfully.
Chibi Kalisseum With Ice Cream   Artist: Negative Angel (Laura B.) [G]

A chibi version of Kalisseum eats an ice cream.
Kalisseum Running   Artist: Negative Angel (Laura B.) [G]

Kalisseum then goes for a jog.
Kalisseum Sexay!   Artist: Negative Angel (Laura B.) [G]

Oh, there's no doubt that Kalisseum is a sexy felitaur!
Kalisseum Stretches   Artist: Negative Angel (Laura B.) [G]

Kalisseum is tired now, and stretches before shuffling off to bed.
Kalisseum Refreshed   Artist: Negative Angel (Laura B.) [G]

Kalisseum wakes refreshed. Another exciting day ahead!
Are you Ready?   Artist: MehndiX [M]

"Are you ready for when these are born?" is what this rather gravid taur tigress seems to be asking.
Jungle Royalty   Artist: Heather Bruton [A]

In front of the moldering ruins of a once-mighty Mayan city, the true royalty of the jungle – a golden jaguar princess and a black jaguar prince – rendezvous to keep the ancient pact that for years kept the peace in this jungle domain. The meeting will culminate in their joining as mates in this annual ritual of fertility and prosperity.

Chakats Forestwalker and Midnight indulge in some very extravagant roleplaying.
Goldfur At Ayers Rock (Uluru)   Artist: Mayra Boyle & Bernard Doove [M]

Goldfur poses in front of the the imposing Australian monolith, Uluru a.k.a. Ayers Rock, surrounded by the red sands of the Outback

This was an older pic of Huskie's that I touched up in Photoshop and inserted into a photo to make this impressive piece of art for my desktop. I don't think Goldfur ever looked better! (And yes, I really have been there.)

Yes, there are lots more great pictures to see. Many great artists are waiting to show you their visions on the next pages. Please check them out!

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