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Notice: The Chakat characters Goldfur, Forestwalker & Quickpaw, and Garrek & Malena Redfox are © 2001 Bernard Doove. All art is © 2001 to the respective artists and permission is received for the use of these images. Do not redistribute or display on any other website or archive, etcetera, without our permission.

This site caters for a broad range of tastes and as such, some images may be considered suitable only for adult viewing. I have tried to give a reasonable guide to the rating of these pictures in the descriptions. Adult rated pictures are marked [A] and should not be downloaded by people under 18 years of age. Other ratings are [G] General audience and [M] Mature material, discretion required.

Thumbnail Title, Artist, Rating & Description
Disaster Impending   Artist: Marcy "Ponygirl" Osedo [G]

Young Tailstalker has chased a butterfly up a tree, but shi's forgotten to watch where shi's going and ran out of footing on the branch. Goldfur is about to fully awakened from hir doze rather abruptly.
[Thumbnail image] "Gene Catlow & Goldfur" Artist: Albert Temple [G]

On the Squeeky Clean Furry Archive recently, there was this impromptu storyline about anti-gravity. The culmination of this was the 'Feline Flying Jacket' invented by Lindgold. Here's what Gene Catlow had to say when he encountered the slightly wobbly novice flyer, Goldfur.
You will find lots more of Albert's great art at Gene Catlow's Web Page. Take a look. You'll like what you see!

"Eudora Whitepaw" Artist: Marci McAdam [G]
Marci McAdam Website
A portrait of Chakat Eudora Whitepaw, the foxy coloured cub of Goldfur and Garrek. Here shi's fascinated by the wildlife.
Image is copyright 2000 Marci McAdam and is used with her express permission.
[Thumbnail image] "Pumataur" Artist: Alessio "Scale" Scalerandi [G]

Another case of a sketch which got somehow evolved...

s_chakasutra_c-tn.jpg (4208 bytes) "Illustrations from the Chakasutra" Artist: Alessio "Scale" Scalerandi [M]

Chakats Goldfur and Macchiaboscosa illustrate one of the many ways that chakats can enjoy each other's company. Macchiaboscosa is an Italian chakat, and hir names means 'woody bush' in English, an apt name for hir coloration!

s_commerson-tn.gif (3229 bytes) "Seaside Romp" Artist: Scale [G]

Two friends romp along the seaside.One on land, the other sea.

s_throw-tn.gif (2780 bytes) "Ooooof!" Artist: Scale [G]

A chakat shows off hir skills on the sparring mat.

Christmas Card Scenery   Artist: Alessio Scalerandi (Scale) [G]

A Christmas card scene featuring Scale's chakasa character.
Chakacycle   Artist: Alessio Scalerandi (Scale) [G]

Do chakats like to bicycle? You bet some do! This chakat models the latest custom built chakacycle. Note the all-important tail catcher to prevent accidents with the spokes tangling with the long appendage.
[Thumbnail image] "Puma-Taur" Artist: Jeremy "Wolf" Kidd [M]

This hermaphrodite pumataur was done for my black book at ConFurence 7. Art is copyright 1996 Jeremy Kidd.

[Thumbnail image] "Minxs" Artist: Travis Sampson [G]

A warrior cat-tauress inspired by the pictures that I showed to Travis.

[Thumbnail image] "Karabiner Chakat" Artist: Nobuhiko Abe a.k.a. DEN (Karabiner) [G]

A gorgeous portrait of Goldfur, playing with some butterflies in a verdant landscape.

Check out Den's website!

[Thumbnail image] "Lynx Chakat" Artist: Daphne Lage [G]

A lynx chakat with hir distinctive short tail. ConFurence 10 sketchbook art.

[Thumbnail image] "Chakat Sara" Artist: Sara Palmer [M]

Sara's chakat drawing for my sketchbook at ConFurence 10.

Check out more of her great art at Caribou Ink.

[Thumbnail image] "Motherhood" Artist: Sara Palmer [M]

Chakat Forestwalker has taken hir cubs to a playgroup in the park, when one, Snowcloud, starts mewling hungrily. Forest takes hir aside and starts to breastfeed hir. Another of the mothers comes along, a Panda, carrying her own hungry cub. She takes a seat next to Forest and the two chat about how motherhood has changed their lives.
This is a commission piece that Sara did for me.

[Thumbnail image] "Tigertaur" Artist: Sara Palmer [G]

A tigertaur has a vantage point in the jungle.

[Thumbnail image] "Doomed" Artist: Sara Palmer [G]

A tigertaur attacks. If you see him from this perspective, your life is likely to be very short.

[Thumbnail image] "Snow Leopardtaur" Artist: Sara Palmer [G]

A magnificent snow leopardtaur poses on a rocky outcrop.
"Baby Goldfur"   Artist: Sara Palmer [G]

A picture of Chakat Goldfur when shi was very young, cub-spots and all!
Caracal Chakat   Artist: Sara "Caribou" Palmer [G]

A caracal chakat drawn for me at Anthrocon 2001.
Catching Hir Eye   Artist: Sara Palmer [G]

One day, Stargrey comes to the Gulp-n-Gallop while Ketta is on duty. The sexy vixen catches the chakat's appreciative eye right away.
[Thumbnail image] "Outraged Glare" Artist: Mel. White [G]

Goldfur is none too pleased at Coyote's suggestion that she serve as a riding beast. ConFurence 10 sketchbook art.

[Thumbnail image] "Leotaur" Artist: Eddie Coon [A]

A leotaur relaxes by the fireside.

[Thumbnail image] "Taur Transmogrifier Trick" Artist: Kris Kreutzman [G]

Katrina is now a felitaur, thanks to Robert who has obviously used his latest gadget on himself. However, Katrina is none too pleased about it!
Robert and Katrina are copyright © 1999 Kris Kreutzman no matter what their forms!

[Thumbnail image] "Bobcat Taur" Artist: Emilie Bosworth [G]

A bobcat taur that Emilie did at someone's request.

[Thumbnail image] "Nightfall" Artist: Emilie Bosworth [G]

A lynx taur done for, and copyright to, Nadia Areyah.

[Thumbnail image] "Leaping Lynxtaur" Artist: Emilie Bosworth [G]

Another lynx taur which Emilie seems to be getting quite fond of doing!

[Thumbnail image] "Cute Goldfur" Artist: Jamie Malecki [G]

A really cute picture of Goldfur.

[Thumbnail image] "Goldfur & The Capyz Family" Artist: Jamie Malecki [G]

The Caypz family of Cape Springhares show off in front Goldfur.

[Thumbnail image] "Chakat Violetgaze" Artist: Susan Van Camp [G]

A commission picture from Susan of a tiger patterned chakat with violet eyes. Shi wears an attractive off-the-shoulder tank-top while walking around the forest watching the birdlife.

This artwork is Copyright 1999 by Susan Van Camp and is used with express permission. Please do not do anything but view the picture. Do not download for any other purpose except with permission from both myself and Susan Van Camp.

More of Susan's works can be found at her Dragon Storm website.

[Thumbnail image] "Cavorting Chakat" Artist: Susan Van Camp [G]

A chakat jumps and cavorts, waving streamers. Sketchbook art for ConFurence 11.
[Thumbnail image] "Boss Chakat" Artist: Scott Teel [M]

Boss Hoss undergoes a chakat transformation... without checking the fine print.

[Thumbnail image] "Wanna Ride?" Artist: Scott Teel [M]

A Chakat offers you a ride.

[Thumbnail image] "Where Are My What???" Artist: Scott Teel [G]

A Chakat encounters a Wemic, another type of feline taur, and wonders at the differences!

[Thumbnail image] "Goldfur's Bushwalk" Artist: Carolyna Cougar [G]

Goldfur the cougartaur goes on a pleasant bushwalk.
Commissioned art 2000 Carolyna Cougar.

[Thumbnail image] "Goldfur Stretches" Artist: Carolyna Cougar [G]

Goldfur the chakat stretches luxuriantly. Second commissioned art piece. 2000 Carolyna Cougar.
Taurbaby-tn.gif (3900 bytes) "Taur Baby" Artist: Carolyna Cougar [G]

A twist on the old tale.
Chakat Nightshade   Artist: Dark Angel [G]

If it wasn't for the purple-dyed braid, Chakat Nightshade would disappear into a shadow!
Kethris   Artist: Dark Angel [G]

Dig that vest and leggings! This guy is stylin'!
Sexy Sandy   Artist: Hayden MacDonald [M]

Chakat Sandwalker shows off hir new gloves and legwarmers.
Chakat Deepriver   Artist: Hayden MacDonald [G]

Deepriver gets stuck into a box of chocolates that shi's been given.
Desertsong's Invitation   Artist: Hayden MacDonald [A]

Chakat Desertsong is clearly inviting you to have some fun. What are you waiting for?
Red Foxtaur   Artist: Ashley "Akyara" Stoddard [G]

This foxtaur male stretches and smiles at the camera. A requested character pic. See more of Akyara's art at http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/loth/a/s/ashya/ashya.html.
Chakatgold   Artist: DarkSilver [M]

A portrait of Goldfur done in DarkSilver's style.
"Fully Equipped"   Artist: Darksilver [A]

A blonde-haired, leopard-spotted chakat shows you all hir attributes.
Proud Chakat   Artist: Darksilver [M]

A chakat proudly displays hir catch.
Forestwalker's Erotic Portrait   Artist: Seraph [A]

As an older teen, before shi cut hir hair to its current shoulder-length, Forestwalker decided that shi wanted to give Goldfur a rather intimate present. Shi arranged with a professional photographer to shoot an erotic portrait. So, dressed only in some bracelets and feathers, shi posed enticingly for the camera, every inch looking like shi had just come from the wilds of Amazonia. However, while thinking how much Goldfur was going to like this picture, shi got a little too excited, and hir cock is just as proudly displayed!
Cornered!   Artist: Roz Gibson [G]

In the future of my storyline, society has begun to break down, with a large degree of resentment and hatred towards morphs of all kinds. Goldfur has found out the hard way that the problem has reached hir neighbourhood when a mob ambushes hir as shi takes hir cub for a walk. However, there's nothing more dangerous than a chakat mother defending hir child and those humans are about to learn an extremely harsh lesson.
Vixie Taur   Artist: Jason "Dingo" Lampkin [G]

A bouncy and full-figured foxtaur vixen.
Twilight   Artist: Jason "Dingo" Lampkin [G]

A cute, buxom chakat-kin skunktaur enjoying the fresh air and clear skies on a lush, currently unnamed tropical planet. Wouldn't you like to be hyr hiking companion?
Bleutaur   Artist: Shannon Hibdon [G]

Now here's a taur of a different colour!
Bonnie Chakat   Artist: Bonnie Brooks [G]

This chakat looks ready for the hunt. I hope shi knows how to throw that spear properly!
Felitaur Archeress   Artist: Melanie Gibbons [G]

Now here's a cattaur that looks as if she knows what she's doing!

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