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Chakatie   Artist: Guyver47 [G]

This is Chakatie the Chakat. ^__^ I drew her during class one afternoon when we had nothing else to do. Those catfish things around her don't really have a name yet but I like how they are all different, especially the baby by her paws. Chakatie © Alicia Boros 2002

Check out my other art on my VCL archive!
Guyver47 Wolftaur   Artist: Guyver47 [G]

Here is Guyver47 as her wolftaur furry form. She's not mean spirited, she just ended up looking cranky. ;) I wanted more practice on wolf bodies. Guyver47 Wolftaur © Alicia Boros 2002
G47 Wolftaur   Artist: Guyver47 [G]

Here is G47 Wolftaur again. Don't mind her hands, I didn't know what to do with them.
G47 Wolftaur © Alicia Boros 2002
Dobertaur   Artist: Guyver47 [G]

This is D4-7 as a Dobetaur. Heh. She looks quite happy to be one.
D4-7 Dobetaur © Alicia Boros 2002
Swiftheart   Artist: Guyver47 [G]

Being hooked on wolftaurs, I thought of drawing a three 'taur team of wolves with superpowers. Here is Swiftheart, Wolftaur of Unmeasurable Speed. Swiftheart © Alicia Boros 2001
TimberWolf   Artist: Guyver47 [G]

TimberWolf is the second of the wolftaurs with superpowers. TimberWolf is the Wolftaur of Unmeasurable Strength. TimberWolf © Alicia Boros 2001
Two Taurs Together   Artist: Guyver47 [G]

This picture seems just too big...argh. I hadn't drawn G47 or D4-7 as taurs in a long time and I needed more practice on different poses. I'm very confident with the colors :) Guyver47 and D4-7 © Alicia Boros 2002

Check out my other art on my VCL archive!
Let's Blow This PG Rating!   Artist: Bushy Cat [M]

This fox seems quite eager to take the chakat's suggestion!

Art done for my sketchbook where I ask for the rating to be a little restrained... or not!
On Heat   Artist: Mike Higgs [A]

Guess who's on heat? Sketchbook art from the Memphis Fur Meet.
Randy Chakat   Artist: Tremaine [M]

A chakat swings hir boo-tay! Sketchbook art from the Memphis Fur Meet.
Miracle   Artist: Ashe Lessmann [G]

A portrait of Courtney's character, Miracle.

Email Ashe at babel-fish@mindless.com and check out more art at wolfoncaffiene.deviantart.com
Mandolin Player   Artist: David "Dutch" Koppenhaver [G]

A rather plush foxtaur vixen shows off her mandolin skills.
Flautist   Artist: Shelley Pleger [G]

A pretty cattaur plays a beautiful tune upon her flute.
Splashdown!   Artist: Malcolm Earle (Max Blackrabbit) [G]

Goldfur playfully splashes through puddles.
Spotty   Artist: Opal Weasel [G]

Just your common spotty chakat.
Pedicure   Artist: Mayra "Huskie" Boyle [G]

Chakat Sunset picks something out of hir handpaw.
Whitepawz Reveals   Artist: Mayra "Huskie" Boyle [M]

Whitepawz reveals hir new taurform to hir startled boyfriend.
Silly Whitie Taur   Artist: Mayra "Huskie" Boyle [A]

Whitepawz in taurform shows that shi's ready for anything that you might have in mind.
Bad Intentions   Artist: Mayra "Huskie" Boyle [A]

Whitepawz makes it clear what hir intentions are, but hir boyfriend seems more than a bit concerned!
Whitepawz Sucks   Artist: Mayra "Huskie" Boyle [A]

Of course Whitepawz might have something pleasant in mind also. Here shi gives hir bemused boyfriend a good head job.
Anime Whitepawz   Artist: Mayra "Huskie" Boyle [A]

Anime-style Whitepawz shows hir goodies!
Anime Whitepawz 2   Artist: Mayra "Huskie" Boyle [A]

Anime-style Whitepawz is tired of waiting for you and gets on with the job hirself!
Fuck A Chakat!   Artist: Mayra "Huskie" Boyle [A]

Janko and Lupi have the ride of their lives.
Keeping Cool   Artist: Mayra "Huskie" Boyle [A]

Janko keeps hir cool while still giving Lupi a great time.
Janko Takes A Walk   Artist: Mayra "Huskie" Boyle [G]

Chakat Janko takes a quiet walk.
Low Breasts   Artist: Alessio "Scale" Scalerandi [G]

What if taurs had their breasts located on their lower torso?
The Long Journey Begins   Artist: Lhiannan [G]

Rrahnyu the Renhra and Vranahh the Milao set off on a long journey across the great plains.

Please check out Lhiannan's Renderosity gallery.
Lunchtime Rush   Artist: Roy D. Pounds II   [G]

Lunchtime rush at the Gulp-n-Gallop. New coloured version done by Mark Philipp (Idaho Bob).
Outback Sketching   Artist: Roy D. Pounds II   [G]

Chakat Walkabout has attracted an audience as shi sketches the rugged Outback beauty around Uluru.
Werewolf Centaur   Artist: Roy D. Pounds II   [G]

This is why there aren't that many werewolf centaurs out there.
Wake Up Call   Artist: Roy D. Pounds II   [G]

Goldfur does NOT like to be woken early in the morning!
Flora's Secret   Artist: Roy D. Pounds II   [G]

A foxtaur vixen charms her chosen tod. What is her secret?
First Steps   Artist: Roy D. Pounds II   [G]

A chakat mother watches carefully but with great pride as hir cub takes hir first steps.
Wemic Leap   Artist: Drhoz!   [G]

A wemic twists about in mid-leap.
Very Well Endowed   Artist: Gideon   [M]

This chakat grows 'em big!!!
Stretching   Artist: MehndiX   [G]

There's nothing like a really good stretch!

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