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Notice: The Chakat characters Goldfur, Forestwalker & Quickpaw, and Garrek & Malena Redfox are © 2001 Bernard Doove. All art is © 2001 to the respective artists and permission is received for the use of these images. Do not redistribute or display on any other website or archive, etcetera, without our permission.

This site caters for a broad range of tastes and as such, some images may be considered suitable only for adult viewing. I have tried to give a reasonable guide to the rating of these pictures in the descriptions. Adult rated pictures are marked [A] and should not be downloaded by people under 18 years of age. Other ratings are [G] General audience and [M] Mature material, discretion required.

Thumbnail Title, Artist, Rating & Description
[Thumbnail image] "Raz Chakat" Artist: Raz [G]

A really cute chakitty from RazBerri.

[Thumbnail image] "Ash Kittytaur" Artist: Raz [G]

An ultra-cute kittytaur.

[Thumbnail image] "Kittytaur & Cub" Artist: Amy Pronovost [G]

A cute kittytaur proudly watches her playful cub.
More ConFURence 9 sketchbook art.

[Thumbnail image] "AP Taur" Artist: Amy Pronovost [M]

Amara's first ever taurform picture. When she did it, she said it would be the last taur she would draw because she had a hard time getting the proportions right.

[Thumbnail image] "Lion Taur" Artist: Amy Pronovost [G]

Amara's second taur picture. Not only did she finally do another, but she did an even better job of it. Nice one!

[Thumbnail image] "Leopard Taur" Artist: Amy Pronovost [G]

Amy says: "An older piece of a Leopard Taur. I had originally produced this piece, and several others, for a submission to Wizards of the Coast that never got off the ground. I like this piece."

foxitaur-tn.jpg (3912 bytes) Leaping Foxitaur Artist: Amy Pronovost [G]

A foxtaur maiden leaps high, brandishing a spear.

[Thumbnail image] "Fido Fright" Artist: Jim Groat [G]

I asked Jim to do a sketch for me at CF8. When I told him the subject matter, at first he was reluctant. Then a deliciously evil expression crossed his face and he took off with the book. This is the result.

[Thumbnail image] "Change Me Back... Right Now!" Artist: Jason "Jagafeh" Gaffney [G]

Brett makes an unwilling guest appearance from Catnip Overdrive.

[Thumbnail image] "Mutt's Mate Kweo" Artist: Jim Tarpley [G]

Chakat Kweo, a very good friend of Mutt.

[Thumbnail image] "Goldfur Napping" Artist: Jim Tarpley [M]

A cute moment when Goldfur is caught napping.

[Thumbnail image] "Yes, They're real!" Artist: Jim Tarpley [G]

Goldfur waves hello while you admire hir... T-shirt!

[Thumbnail image] "Chakat Kweo" Artist: William Pierce [G]

A self-portrait of Chakat Kweo.

[Thumbnail image] "Kweo Again!" Artist: William Pierce [G]

Another self-portrait of Chakat Kweo, but this time rather Anime-style I reckon.

[Thumbnail image] "Kweo Self-portrait" Artist: William Pierce [G]

The latest self-portrait of Chakat Kweo.

[Thumbnail image] "Chakat Winter" Artist: Katherine "Fevra" Delany [G]

Winter, a white tiger-patterned chakat.

[Thumbnail image] "Cleopatra" Artist: Drhoz [M]

Cleopatra the Wemic.

[Thumbnail image] "Cleopatra III" Artist: Drhoz! [M]

Cleo cuddles with Drhoz!
[Thumbnail image] "Cleopatra" Artist: Drhoz! [M]

Cleopatra the Wemic. Now in colour!
[Thumbnail image] "Cleopatra II" Artist: Drhoz [G]

An overhead shot of Cleopatra.

[Thumbnail image] "Cleo & Rocky" Artist: DRHOZ! [G]

Cleopatra with her love, Rocky Raccoon.

[Thumbnail image] "Tigertaur Standing" Artist: Karen "KSchjer" Schierup [G]

A tigertaur poses with a staff.

[Thumbnail image] "Lazy Tigertaur" Artist: Karen "KSchjer" Schierup [G]

The tigertaur lazes in the forest.

[Thumbnail image] "How's This?" Artist: Mike Reed [A]

Mike's sketch of Goldfur done at ConFurence 10.

[Thumbnail image] "Chakat Kilamanjaro" Artist: Mike Reed [A]

Kilamanjaro, a cheetah chakat.
Could this be the lovechild of Goldfur and Ch'marr? <grin>

[Thumbnail image] "Chakat Tiger" Artist: Mara Lynn Barbee [G]

A first contribution from Mara of a tiger-like chakat.

[Thumbnail image] "TPF T-shirt" Artist: Michael Thompson [G]

Goldfur tries on the T-shirt that shi got as a birthday present from The People's Furry. Thanks Mike!

[Thumbnail image] "Kawaii Pounces!" Artist: Meghan Bergeron [G]

The over-exuberant Chakat Kawaii pounces Odedo!
[Thumbnail image] "Die DIE!" Artist: Meghan Bergeron [M]

Chakat Kawaii is only seven years old, yet shi has been the target of unwanted sexual advances. Here shi shows what shi feels like doing to all pedophiles everywhere.

Yes, shi's green! With pink hair! Some of the first chakats had a recessive gene for strange fur colorings, and several generations later, that gene has surfaced in liddle Kawaii.
[Thumbnail image] "Brom Chakat" Artist: BromBear [G]

Brom's sketchbook drawing from Further Confusion 2000.
[Thumbnail image] "Jaguartaur" Artist: Alan Mackey [G]

A jaguartaur done for my sketchbook at Further Confusion 2000.
Stop and Smell the Flowers   Artist: Jaime Sidor [G]

Goldfur takes time to relax and smell the flowers. Shi's seen here wearing hir favourite lace-up bodice made of the superbly soft leather that is the product of hir foxtaur mate's clan. This is my favourite portrait of Goldfur!
Mystie-taur   Artist: Jaime Sidor [G]

Mystie the Alaskan Timber Wolf in her spiffy Taur morph. Mystie is Jaime's personal alter-ego.
Zynth   Artist: Jaime Sidor [G]

One of Jaime's very few taur characters, Zynth the PumaTaur.
Zynth & Willow   Artist: Jaime Sidor [G]

Two random taurs Jaime created named Zynth (male Puma taur) and Willow (female cat taur) in love, exchange glances and hold each other.
Danetaur   Artist: Jaime Sidor [G]

Jaime experiments on her friend, Dane, and turns him into a taur, much to his consternation.
Goldie   Artist: Jaime Sidor [G]

Just a picture of Goldfur rolling around joyfully because she KNOWS she's beautiful and has every right to show it off.
Snuggle   Artist: Gilda Laura Rimessi [G]

Two chakats snuggle affectionately.
Snuggle #2   Artist: Gilda Laura Rimessi [G]

A chakat with hir adopted human cub.
Tongue Wash   Artist: Gilda Laura Rimessi [G]

The chakat mothering instinct takes over as shi gives hir human cub a tongue-wash.
Zwokkie   Artist: Ben Bruin [G]

Zwokkie the skunktaur in both hys male and female phases.
Femme Foxtaur   Artist: Charon2 [G]

A foxtaur vixen wearing a very short tight top is probably going to get all the attention she wants. I know she's got mine!
Aroused   Artist: Charon2 [A]

Do you have this problem in the morning? Get up and you have an erection and you feel like nothing better than to make love all morning? Some things are the same no matter what the species!
Melinda   Artist: Charon2 [G]

You seem to have caught Melinda in mid-stretch!
Bondage Taurs   Artist: Charon2 [M]

It seems these two seem to enjoy bondage.
Mounting His Mate   Artist: Charon2 [A]

And after the play comes the pay-off.
Yiffy Taurs   Artist: Charon2 [A]

Those two yiffy foxtaurs are at it again. And don't they love it!
Regal Goldfur   Artist: Vicky Wyman [M]

When you're a chakat, you don't need clothes to make a good impression. A pretty necklace, an imposing staff, and a confident attitude makes Goldfur look positively regal!
Chakat Longear   Artist: Becky [G]

Chakat Longear, child of Darkstar and Silvermane.
Holly Is Happy   Artist: Holly "Zeriara" Ramirez [G]

Not a chakat, just a random kitty-taur. She's happy!!!
Spots   Artist: Holly "Zeriara" Ramirez [G]

Two beautiful kitty taurs,showing off thier similar but WAY different furs. So pretty.
Trouble   Artist: Holly "Zeriara" Ramirez [G]

My little sister as a taur. Heather-weather so cutie purple BAYBEEEEeee!
I Am In Awe   Artist: Holly "Zeriara" Ramirez [G]

A spotted kittytaur bounds along accompanied by a couple of winged kitties.
Hula-taur   Artist: Holly "Zeriara" Ramirez [G]

This kittytaur shows off her hula technique.
Lemurs and Jaguartaur   Artist: Holly "Zeriara" Ramirez [G]

A couple of lemurs look on curiously as a jaguartaur bathes in the stream. Now what lemurs and jaguars are doing in juxtaposition, I don't know, but it's a great pic!
Dive   Artist: Holly Ramirez [G]

It's been a hot day, and Goldfur is only too delighted to go for a refreshing dip in a rock pool.
Strike A Pose!   Artist: Holly Ramirez [G]

A chakat strikes a pose for the onlooker.
Backrub   Artist: Holly Ramirez [G]

With talented forepaws, you can give one heck of a backrub.
Hanging Out   Artist: Holly Ramirez [G]

When these cattaur girls say that they intend to hang out, they do it literally!
Goldfur & Sunshine   Artist: Holly Ramirez [G]

These two chakat friends share a friendly hug.
Come here!   Artist: Holly Ramirez [G]

A cute picture of Goldfur beckoning you over.
Lunch!   Artist: Holly Ramirez [G]

The fish have been biting, it seems.
Cheeky Grin   Artist: Holly Ramirez [G]

A jaguartaur grins at you from her tree limb perch.

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