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Notice: The Chakat characters Goldfur, Forestwalker & Quickpaw, and Garrek & Malena Redfox are © 2001 Bernard Doove. All art is © 2001 to the respective artists and permission is received for the use of these images. Do not redistribute or display on any other website or archive, etcetera, without our permission.

This site caters for a broad range of tastes and as such, some images may be considered suitable only for adult viewing. I have tried to give a reasonable guide to the rating of these pictures in the descriptions. Adult rated pictures are marked [A] and should not be downloaded by people under 18 years of age. Other ratings are [G] General audience and [M] Mature material, discretion required.

Thumbnail Title, Artist, Rating & Description
[Thumbnail image] "Yawn!" Artist: GrrrWolf [M]

Chakat Goldfur stretches and yawns. Doesn't shi look magnificent? Sketchbook art from ConFURence 11.
"To Chakat"   Artist: GrrrWolf [M]

A drawing of Goldfur done for me at Further Confusion 2001.
"Herm Lovemaking"   Artist: Grrrwolf [A]

Goldfur and Forestwalker engage in an all-out session of hermaphrodite lovemaking. They fully indulge both sides of their sexual nature as they demonstrate their devotion to each other.
[Thumbnail image] "From The Heart Of The Jungle" Artist: Conrad Wong [G]

A clouded-leopard felitaur burst out of the jungle, spear at the ready, pursuing her prey.
[Thumbnail image] "Welcome Home!" Artist: Shawntae Howard [M]

Chakat Goldfur enthusiastically welcomes home hir mate, discarding hir top in hir haste.
Cheeky-tn.gif (3619 bytes) "Cheeky!" Artist: Shawntae Howard [G]

A chakat gets taunted by hir dinner.
[Thumbnail image] "Redwood Stroll" Artist: Brenda DiAntonis [G]

Chakat Forestwalker is shown the beauty of the redwood forest by Malena Redfox. Commissioned art. Characters belong to Bernard Doove, but the art is 2000 Brenda DiAntonis.
Dale & Lupu   Artist: Brenda DiAntonis (Xian Jaguar) [G]

These two are about to celebrate their decision to become formal denmates in the best way.
[Thumbnail image] "Built For Comfort" Artist: Melody Rondeau [G]

This chakat is built for comfort, not for speed.
[Thumbnail image] "Forest Patrol" Artist: Monika Livingstone [G]

Chakats are keenly in tune with nature and many take work out in the field. This chakat is a Park Ranger on patrol, watching out for environmental problems and poachers.
This wonderful picture is a painting done for me on commission from Monika. I regret that I could not get all the painting into the picture due to its size.

[Thumbnail image] "Small Annoyances" Artist: Monika Livingstone [G]

This wonderful picture was done for me at a CF7 room party. Thanks Monika, it's great!

"Goldfur T-shirt"   Artist: Monika Livingstone [M]

Goldfur makes a very photogenic model for this T-shirt!

More great art from Monika at www.monikalivingstone.com
"Waiting Pose"   Artist: Monika Livingstone [M]

A tiger patterned chakat poses sexily for the viewer. Is it you shi's waiting for?.
[Thumbnail image] "Sundown Says" Artist: Terry Knight [G]

Sundown says "Happy Birthday" to Goldfur.

[Thumbnail image] "Chakat Check-in" Artist: Terry Knight [G]

Terry's drawing of the jet-setting Goldfur.

[Thumbnail image] "Chakat 1/2" Artist: Terry Knight [G]

Terry shows why this particular crossover never worked.
Black book sketch from the 1997 New Zealand National Science-Fiction Convention: "Conspiracy"

[Thumbnail image] "Strictly 'Taur-room" Artist: Terry Knight [G]

A one page gag that appeared in Yarf #45. Read it!

[Thumbnail image] "Help! Save Me!" Artist: Terry Knight [G]

At the Conspiracy convention in Wellington, New Zealand.
On several occasions, Goldfur had to provide refuge to the ferret from a crazed mustelid-hater.
Originally printed in South Fur Lands #8.

[Thumbnail image] "Space Chakat" Artist: Terry Knight [G]

This is an excellent picture of my alter-ego Chakat Goldfur. As technician 1st class on a starship, sometimes shi is required to make space-walks to do repairs. The hand-paws and prehensile tail really come in handy here!

[Thumbnail image] "4 x Paw x Taur" Artist: Terry Knight [G]

A drawing that Terry did for me in my sketchbook while visiting Melbourne.

[Thumbnail image] "The Great New Zealand Tour #1" Artist: Terry Knight [G]

In Rotorua, Goldfur tries out the old Maori method of cooking, to MayFurr's consternation.
One of a series of sketches we did on our tour of New Zealand's north island..

[Thumbnail image] "The Great New Zealand Tour #3" Artist: Terry Knight [G]

Goldfur isn't normally bothered by heights, but this glass floor in the observation deck of Auckland's Skytower was a bit much for hir nerves!
One of a series of sketches we did on our tour of New Zealand's north island..

[Thumbnail image] "Melbourne's Mighty Yarra River" Artist: Terry Knight [G]

Goldfur isn't too impressed that the visiting Kiwi can't even tell a famous landmark like the Yarra River even when he's standing on it!

[Thumbnail image] "Goldfur & Malena" Artist: Terry Knight [G]

Malena has a great deal to learn yet about being mated to a Chakat!

[Thumbnail image] "Outpatients" Artist: Terry Knight [G]

Ever taken a reluctant cat to the vet and needed medical attention yourself by the time you've done it? Sometimes chakat cubs aren't much better about seeing the doctor!

[Thumbnail image] "The Benefits Of Hiring Taurs" Artist: Terry Knight [G]

One business discovers the economic benefits of hiring taurs!
[Thumbnail image] "Chakats Darkstar & Tefty" Artist: Terry Knight [M]

Chakat Darkstar tells hir audience about the extraordinary wet-nurse, Chakat Tefty. Illustration for a scene from the story "Star Dancer" by John Plunkett.
Chakat DarkStar Artist: Terry Knight [M]

Darkstar, an aging but still quite sharp and sexy chakat from the StarDancer series by John Plunket.
SD_Snowflake1-tn.gif (2159 bytes) Snowflake Artist: Terry Knight [G]

Chakat Snowflake from John Plunket's StarDancer series.
SD_Snowflake2-tn.gif (3916 bytes) Snowflake 2 Artist: Terry Knight [G]

Snowflake, from a different view.
SD-Fyodor-n-Darkstar-tn.gif (4505 bytes) Confrontation Artist: Terry Knight [M]

Chakat DarkStar confronts Fyodor on some of his... less than upright tendancies.
"Keith Walker & Chakat Dawnfire"   Artist: Terry Knight [G]

Captain Keith Walker and his able First Officer, Dawnfire. And when they're off-duty, sometimes they're more than just fellow crewmates.
[Thumbnail image] "Chakat Azure" Artist: Ollie Canal [M]

Chakat Azure, a huntress on a primitive world. Azure can be found on FurryFaire.
[Thumbnail image] "Morgana" Artist: Kris Andrews [G]

This is the first flying felitaur to join this collection. Morgana of FurryMUCK in her winged 'taur form. Character Her Player.

[Thumbnail image] "Sketchbook Chakat" Artist: Bill Schmickle [M]

I was staying overnight with Brian & Annette Miller while visiting the U.S.A. and Brian informed Bill that I was at their place. Bill promptly said that he was coming over as he wanted to meet me. I was very flattered that he chose to squeeze in some of his time with me and extremely pleased to get this wonderful drawing for my sketchbook.

[Thumbnail image] "Q_wemic" Artist: Robert Quick [G]

A wemic (Liontaur) character that Robert created. © 1998

[Thumbnail image] "The Chakat's Pen" Artist: Scotty Arsenault [G]

A fabulous pun from the pen of Sully, drawn at ConFurence 9.

I_believe-tn.gif (3723 bytes) "I Believe You" Artist: Scotty Arsenault [G]

Someone's had too much sugar.

[Thumbnail image] "Ross kittytaur" Artist: Mark Ross [M]

Another CF9 blackbook sketch.

[Thumbnail image] "Looking To A Bright Future - Redux" Artist: Tiger GL & Bernard Doove [G]

Here's an older pic of mine redone with a great new background done by TigerGL. Thanks for the pic, it's great! I'm only sorry that I had to reduce the size a bit for website purposes.

[Thumbnail image] "Tigertaur" Artist: Don "Tenil" Fowler [M]

A pretty tigertaur by Tenil who kindly let me show her off here. Be sure to visit Tenil's Tora Art website later!

[Thumbnail image] "Bouncy Chakat" Artist: Candy "TrixiLop" Lewin [G]

Trixi's joyful picture of a young Goldfur in a bouncy mood.

[Thumbnail image] "Goldfur" Artist: Candy "Trixi" Lewin [G]

Goldfur done in Candy's cartoony style.

Savannah Cheetahtaur   Artist: Jennifer Brook [G]

This pretty cheetahtaur lounges on a convenient branch out on the savannah.
Watch What You Say!   Artist: Eric Zawrotny [G]

Goldfur looks a bit intimidating while holding that weapon.
Goldfur Statuette - Front View   Artist: Artistname [G]

A statuette that I commissioned of Goldfur, puzzling over some technical problem.
Goldfur Statuette - Side View   Artist: Artistname [G]

A statuette that I commissioned of Goldfur, puzzling over some technical problem.
Goldfur Statuette - Above View   Artist: Artistname [G]

A statuette that I commissioned of Goldfur, puzzling over some technical problem.
Goldfur Statuette - Close-up View   Artist: Artistname [G]

A statuette that I commissioned of Goldfur, puzzling over some technical problem.
Goldfur Statuette - Close-up View #2   Artist: Artistname [G]

A statuette that I commissioned of Goldfur, puzzling over some technical problem.
Reading   Artist: Jean Brown [G]

Goldfur really enjoys reading.

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