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Notice: The Chakat characters Goldfur, Forestwalker & Quickpaw, and Garrek & Malena Redfox are © 2001 Bernard Doove. All art is © 2001 to the respective artists and permission is received for the use of these images. Do not redistribute or display on any other website or archive, etcetera, without our permission.

This site caters for a broad range of tastes and as such, some images may be considered suitable only for adult viewing. I have tried to give a reasonable guide to the rating of these pictures in the descriptions. Adult rated pictures are marked [A] and should not be downloaded by people under 18 years of age. Other ratings are [G] General audience and [M] Mature material, discretion required.

Thumbnail Title, Artist, Rating & Description
Tiger Chakat   Artist: Bridget Wilde [M]

A magnificent tiger chakat poses regally for the artist.
Cheetahtaur Huntress   Artist: Bridget Wilde [G]

A cheetahtaur huntress runs across the veldt in search of prey.
Midnight's Special Outfit   Artist: Bridget Wilde [M]

Chakat Midnight is usually a male dominant personality, but when shi's in the right mood, shi has something special to show you.
Lounging   Artist: Bridget Wilde [M]

This jaguartaur poses erotically on her lounge chair.
Panther Taur   Artist: Bridget Wilde [M]

A panther taur in a more dynamic pose.
[Thumbnail image] "Fiona" Artist: Andrew Dickman [G]

Quote from Andrew: "I got this idea from looking at Aja Williams' work. I think this is really cute. Expect me to draw more of this kind later. Fiona the centaurlioness mix is © me."

[Thumbnail image] "Brat" Artist: Andrew Dickman [G]

Quote from Andrew: "My new feline taur. Her name isn't brat, but she acts like one. She's cute though. Her real name is Bernice, and she's © me."

[Thumbnail image] "Brittany Taur" Artist: Andrew Dickman [G]

Quote from Andrew: "I made Brittany a feline taur morph. I thought it was cute! She's such a sweety. ::hugs Brittany:: Brittany © Brittany H., Andy Katt © me."

[Thumbnail image] "Taur 2" Artist: Andrew Dickman [G]

Quote from Andrew: "Yippee! Us as feline taurs! Ain't it sweet? Brittany and AndyKatt © us."

[Thumbnail image] "Kitze" Artist: Andrew Dickman [G]

Quote from Andrew: "Another cute feline taur character, she's so cute! Kitze is a more younger type."

[Thumbnail image] "Lolly" Artist: Andrew Dickman [G]

Quote from Andrew: "This is one of my more feistier and friskier feline taurs, her name is Lolly, look out for this one fellas."

[Thumbnail image] "I Dunno" Artist: Andrew Dickman [G]

This cute felitaur is completely puzzled and gives us a double shrug.
[Thumbnail image] "Cheers!" Artist: Kami Mashito [G]

Kami makes a toast to you. Quote from Kami: "Yet again, my style altered a bit. I wish it'd make up it's mind."

[Thumbnail image] "Beachbum" Artist: Kami Mashito [G]

Quote from Kami: "It's me again as a taur with my new pet lab rat, Nicodemus (insert bad joke groans here). This time I tried to do something that could vaugely be called a background."

[Thumbnail image] "Kami and Ivy" Artist: Kami Mashito [M]

Quote from Kami: "It's my character, Kami and her young daughter, Ivy. I redesigned her taur body and wings. Now it's more cheetah like an' stuff. An' just if you're wondering, Ivy has Fox, Bear, cheetah, lion and wolf in her."

[Thumbnail image] "New Century Celebrations" Artist: Kami [G]

Kami and Kit celebrate the New Century. That's one strong guy!

[Thumbnail image] "Nit-picking Details" Artist: Kami [G]

The winged felitaur nit-picks the details of the work of hir human counterpart.

[Thumbnail image] "Chakat NorthernLight" Artist: Kami [M]

A gorgeous drawing of Chakat NorthernLight stretching. Shi got hir name from hir sparkling eyes.

[Thumbnail image] "Making Friends" Artist: Kami Mashito [M]

Chakat NorthernLight gives Goldfur a nice friendly tongue bath.
[Thumbnail image] "Winged Cattaur" Artist: Kami [G]

A swift felitaur, whether by wing or by paw!

Turnaround-tn.gif Turnabout Artist: Kami Mashito [G]

Kami doubles back, changing directions with nary a blink.  Taurs are a great deal more agile than some might think.
[Thumbnail image] "Goldfur & Garrek" Artist: Jessica "Ginger" Willard [M]

Goldfur and Garrek have discovered true love with each other. Here they are seen in a beautiful, tender moment simply enjoying being with each other. The scene is from their recent visit to a new wilderness planet.
Go see some more of Ginger's excellent art at Soap Puppy Productions.

[Thumbnail image] "Mother and Cub" Artist: Jessica Willard [M]

A portrait of Chakat Goldfur nursing hir cub, the foxy-coloured Eudora Whitepaw. I think Eudora really appreciates hir mother's milk!

[Thumbnail image] "Three Lovers" Artist: Jessica Willard [M]

A portrait of Katrina Snowfox, Chakat Forestwalker and Chakat Midnight. Trina and Midnight are Forest's co-mates, each contributing to their lover's needs and wants. Here they are enjoying their special rapport.

[Thumbnail image] "Oops!" Artist: Sandra Gaeremynck [G]

A lynx girl goofs a spell and quickly learns the consequences.

[Thumbnail image] "What Have You Done?!" Artist: Sandra Gaeremynck [G]

Sandy (a lynx) is a witch of some sort, and does a lot of magic experiments (as you saw in the "Ooops!" pic). This is a follow-up, and here she shows her best friend, a gray fox named Rikk, her latest trick: transforming into a taur. So she transform him into a foxtaur, without warning!
[Thumbnail image] "Servaltaur" Artist: Sandra Gaeremynck [M]

A gorgeous servaltaur relaxes in a grassy field, admiring the butterfly that has landed on her hand.
[Thumbnail image] "Lynxtaur" Artist: Sandra Gaeremynck [G]

A very pretty lynxtaur. Now destined to live with four legs instead of two, the lynx girl seems happy enough!

"Sash & Tali"   Artist: Sandra Gaeremynck [G]

Well, one of them doesn't seem to be enjoying the hug!.
[Thumbnail image] "Taur By Four" Artist: John "Little John" Tatman [G]

A liontaur shows that Quadrupeds are the best Paw By Fours by far!

[Thumbnail image] "Graceful Goldfur" Artist: John Tatman (Little John) [M]

A portrait of the graceful chakat, Goldfur.

[Thumbnail image] "Graceful Goldfur" Artist: John Tatman (Little John) [G]

The same portrait of the graceful Goldfur, but this time wearing a red top.
So which way do you prefer hir?

[Thumbnail image] "Forestwalker" Artist: John "Little John" Tatman [G]

A portrait of Chakat Forestwalker and a winged friend. Here shi's attired in a lovely black two-piece outfit.

[Thumbnail image] "Forestwalker Nude" Artist: John "Little John" Tatman [M]

The same portrait of Chakat Forestwalker and winged friend, but this time without wearing any outfit at all.

[Thumbnail image] "Loving Sisters" Artist: John "Little John" Tatman [A]

An intimate moment between the chakat sisters, Goldfur and Forestwalker.

For more bonus Little John art, click here.

[Thumbnail image] "Goldfur At The Beach" Artist: Sideshow Lew [G]

A photomanipulation pic of Chakat Goldfur taking a stroll down the beach.

[Thumbnail image] "Malena Redfox" Artist: Sideshow Lew [G]

A photomanipulation pic of Malena Redfox, Goldfur's vixentaur mate.

Picture Perfect   Artist: Sel Wendt [G]

Newton the dragon takes a picture of his friend, Holly Swiftpaw.
Friendly Hug   Artist: Sel Wendt [G]

Newton in anthro form, hugs Holly on whom he has a crush.
Fang Whitepaw   Artist: Sel Wendt [G]

A picture of Fang Whitepaw, a musician and poet.

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