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Notice: The Chakat characters Goldfur, Forestwalker & Quickpaw, and Garrek & Malena Redfox are © 2001 Bernard Doove. All art is © 2001 to the respective artists and permission is received for the use of these images. Do not redistribute or display on any other website or archive, etcetera, without our permission.

This site caters for a broad range of tastes and as such, some images may be considered suitable only for adult viewing. I have tried to give a reasonable guide to the rating of these pictures in the descriptions. Adult rated pictures are marked [A] and should not be downloaded by people under 18 years of age. Other ratings are [G] General audience and [M] Mature material, discretion required.

Thumbnail Title, Artist, Rating & Description
Mighty-tn.gif (3978 bytes)  "Mighty Hunter" Artist: Michele Light [M]

Shi's such a mighty hunter. 

Sleepingkitten-tn.gif (1063 bytes) Sleeping Kitten Artist: Bob "Zwokkie" Reijns [G]

A sleeping chakat cub curls up with hir favorite toy.


OzZwokkieBall-tn.jpg (3282 bytes) Zwokkie & Ball Artists: Bob "Zwokkie" Reijns & Ozone [G]

Zwokkie shows off a little 'trick' of his.

CatTaur-DW-tn.gif (6965 bytes) Lazy Stretch Artist: Dominik "Xantaros" Walter [G]

A cattaur give a lazy streach after a nap.

Foxtaur-DW-tn.gif (5411 bytes) Walking Foxtaur Artist: Dominik "Xantaros" Walter [G]

A determined young foxtaur goes for a walk.

cheetahtaur-tn.jpg (12621 bytes) Sexy Sprinter Artist: Dominik "Xantaros" Walter [G]

A cheetah-taur shows off her spots and much more, sporting only a sports-top.

Tigertaur Stretch. Artist: Kim Kirkdorfer [G]

A tigertaur stretches and yawns.

Smiling Wolftaur. Artist: Jocelyn Dunn [G]

A handsome, smiling wolftaur.

A Dream Come True. Artist: Matt "Taurin Fox" Willard [G]

A chocolate-furred vixentaur has dreamed for a long time of a human male whom she's never seen, and never really believed existed. She has fallen in love with this person, never expecting to actually meet him, but a chance encounter unites them, tears of shock and joy on the vixen's face. What does the man think though?

Characters and story are the creation of Brian Dominique. Look out for it when it gets published!

Captured Foxtaur   Artist: Matt "Taurin Fox" Willard [G]

Sitting pose of a foxtaur tod.
Captured Foxtaur   Artist: Matt "Taurin Fox" Willard [G]

A foxtaur tod has been roped and awaits his fate.
Mirian Relaxes. Artist: Alex Kolliopoulos [M]

Mirian, a snowleopardtaur, sprawls on the ground and relaxes.

Snowvixentaur. Artists: Unci & Chama [G]

When it snows, do you think taurs build snowmen? Of course not! Obviously this one was built by foxtaurs with an eye for detail as it's obvious that this is a snowvixentaur!

Real-life photo of a lifesize snowvixentaur, generously donated by two Eurofurs, Unci & Chama. Many thanks!

wemic-rk-tn.jpg (3571 bytes) Wemic! Artist: Robert Kirkpatrick [G]

This regal male wemic growls at someone off-screen... mayhap a too-brash young male?

syn-FlyBy-tn.gif (4078 bytes) Pests! Artist: Stephanie Hahn [G]

A leo-taur takes a swipe at a flyer.

NileTaur-tn.gif (3201 bytes) Nile Soldier Artist: Dean Johnson [G]

'Taurs make excellent soldiers, and here's a prime example.

Scritchy-tn.gif (3011 bytes) "Hard to Reach" Artist: Heather Maranda [M]

Sometimes, you just have to get inventive to get that itch.

Imprints-tn.gif (4328 bytes) "Walk of Fame" Artist: Carla "Speed" McNeil [G]

A starlett makes hir mark on the walk of fame. Not many get to make six imprints.

Gladiator-tn.gif (2642 bytes) "Gladiataur" Artist: Steve Corbett [G]

A chakat, done up in roman armor.

Alert-repose-tn.gif (3339 bytes) "In Repose" Artist: Heather Bruton [M]

A lovely piece, a chakat looking up from her relaxed repose.

Tigress in the Bamboo   Artist: Heather Bruton [G]

A magnificent tigertaur rests for a while on a rocky outcrop amidst the bamboo forest.
Autumn Fox   Artist: Heather Bruton [G]

The colours of the autumn forest seem to perfectly match this beautiful foxtaur vixen.
Masai-tn.gif (3361 bytes) "Masai" Artist: Dark Natasha [M]

A take on an African 'taur, with a traditional slant.

Cheetahtaur-tn.gif (2738 bytes) "Cheetahtaur" Artist: E.M.R. [M]

Sexy, slinky cheetah-taur.

Inventaur-tn.gif (2351 bytes) "Inven-Taur" Artist: Susan Parkin [G]

What is it? Um. Just sit a moment, and I'll tell you....

Snowleopardtaur-tn.jpg (14013 bytes) "Snowleopard-taur" Artist: Dennis J. Marfia [G]

Snowmeow-taur. What a tail!

lb-deustaur-tn.gif (2258 bytes) "Deustaur" Artist: Laura B.  [G]

A nice foxy taur.

lb-pumataur-tn.gif (2446 bytes) "Pumataur" Artist: Laura B.  [G]

Sexy lil' pumataur.

lb-ugg-tn.gif (2854 bytes) "Ugggggg..." Artist: Laura B.  [G]

Know thy limits, lest thou get a belly ache.

ttuar-tn.jpg (3558 bytes) "Buxom Tiger" Artist: Julie Wondra [M]

A tigress displays her.... assets.

"Chakat Midnight"   Artist: Julie "Blackfrost" Wondra [M]

The powerful and beautiful jet-black chakat, Midnight, lifemate of Forestwalker.
"Midnight Chakat"   Artist: Julie "Blackfrost" Wondra [M]

The magnificent black panther chakat, Midnight, posing against the night sky for which shi's named.
"Tribal Hunter"   Artist: Julie "Blackfrost" Wondra [G]

A tribal felitaur in hot pursuit of prey.
Stumbling First Steps   Artist: Julie Wondra [G]

A human who has accidentally been transformed into an identical duplicate of Goldfur has trouble merely walking, not being used to having four feet to coordinate. They have given the victim a different shirt to tell them apart, but it's blatantly obvious which is which!
Rosered   Artist: Julie Wondra [M]

A strikingly marked chakat communes with nature.
Blacktyger Walking   Artist: Kit Silva [G]

Chakat Blacktyger walking the neighbourhood streets.
So We Meet Again   Artist: Kit Silva [G]

Chakat BlackTyger re-encounters Cinosanap Pumanther.
Rump Steak   Artist: Kit Silva [A]

It seems that rump is all that's on everyone's mind!
Fried Tyger   Artist: Kit Silva [G]

Blacktyger has a little electrical accident.
Testing The Limits   Artist: Kit Silva [G]

Blacktyger sets out to test the limits of hys hybrid body.
Isis In The Morning   Artist: Kit Silva [M]

Chakat Isis before shi wakes up in the morning. Just look at that hair!
Goldfur's Evening   Artist: Natskaya [G]

Goldfur has one of hir good tops on and is at the theatre for an evening's entertainment.
Kiss The Cook!   Artist: J.C. Amberlyn [G]

Goldfur isn't really much of a cook. Shi just wants an excuse to wear that apron! At least hir kisses will be sweet enough!!
Beach Outing   Artist: Amber Anderson [G]

Goldfur and one of hir cubs enjoy some beach activities.
Taur on the Beach   Artist: Lady Foxglove [M]

This Florida Panthertaur looks like she's really enjoying her day on the beach.
Washing Day   Artist: Kristen Balmer [G]

Even chakats need to do some laundry, and today's wahing day. And yes, chakat cubs are just as "helpful" as any other cub!
You Want Dead Horse With That?   Artist: Kaijima [G]

At a family barbecue, Goldfur blithely uses a bit of Aussie slang. Unfortunately for Garrek who was born and bred in California, this particular slang is meaningless to him and the chakats have a laugh at his expense. He soon shows that revenge comes in squirt bottles.
Reading Time   Artist: Beth "Ravyn" Cavanaugh [G]

Goldfur settles down on hir favourite reading sofa.
Seduction   Artist: Tarah Fae [A]

Leanna seduces Goldfur.
Always Carry A Spanner!   Artist: Claire Turner [G]

What would Goldfur be without hir symbolic spanner? A new portrait by an Australian artist.

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