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Thumbnail Title, Artist, Rating & Description
"Squirk?" Artist: Eric Schwartz [M]

The things you tread in! A chakat and a mouse have a run-in.
[Thumbnail image] "Cattaur Splashdown" Artist: Megan Giles [G]

A shiver runs through this cattaur as she splashes through a freezing cold stream.
[Thumbnail image] "Archer Chakat" Artist: Megan Giles [G]

A hunting chakat draws back hir bow on the run. Sketchbook art from ConFurence 11.
rgbtaur-tn.jpg (3357 bytes) Skunktaur Artist: Megan Giles [G]

A very nice Skunktaur by Megan!

Handstand   Artist: Megan Giles [G]

See! Taurs can do handstands! They're just not very graceful when they do.

Sketch done in my book while it was circulating around the hotel room at Anthrocon 2001.
Passing By   Artist: Megan Giles [G]

Just another foxtaur passing by.
Shiva   Artist: Megan Giles [G]

A portrait of the white tiger patterned Chakat Shiva.
Wolftaur   Artist: Megan Giles [G]

A wolftaur resorts to eating his leather bindings to stave off famine.
[Thumbnail image] "Caracal Cattaur" Artist: Ursula Husted [G]

A pretty caracal cattaur relaxes. Art © 2000 Hedgy.
"Aaaah, Toys!"   Artist: Ursula "Hedgy" Husted [G]

This pretty taur shows off her newest toy, an ornate sword.
[Thumbnail image] "Charging Wemic" Artist: Kaput Otter [G]

A snarling wemic (liontaur) charges at his target.
Goldfur Relaxing. Artist: Kaput Otter [G]

A portrait of Goldfur lying on hir back, propping up hir upper torso on hir arms.

Seducing Hir Mate Artist: Kaput Otter [A]

Sometimes it's easy to forget that chakats are true hermaphrodites because they look so female, but they are indeed completely bisexual. Here is a rare picture of Chakat Forestwalker enjoying a little physical intimacy with hir female lifemate, Trina, and it's very clear that Forest is extremely aroused.

Seducing Hir Mate #2 Artist: Kaput Otter [A]

Once again, an intimate moment between Forestwalker and Trina.

"Forestwalker's Twin Cubs"   Artist: Kaput Otter/FONT> [G]

Chakat Forestwalker proudly cradles hir newborn twin cubs in hir arms.
[Thumbnail image] "A Winger Chakat" Artist: Doug Winger [M]

Doug showed admirable restraint in doing this convention sketch for me at ConFurence 11.
[Thumbnail image] "Now What?" Artist: Steve Gallacci [M]

Steve illustrates just one of the problems a felitaur might have in the Albedo universe.
[Thumbnail image] "House Paint-taur" Artist: Jimmy Chin [G]

A punny chakat sketchbook drawing from Further Confusion 2000.
[Thumbnail image] "Wanna Ride?" Artist: Thomas Dye [G]

Oh, the humiliation! Chakat sketchbook drawing from Further Confusion 2000.
[Thumbnail image] "Forestwalker & Goldfur" Artist: Steve "Mouseboy" Carter [M]

Chakats Forestwalker and Goldfur in intimate union, conceiving their cubs.
"Last Moments Of Peace"   Artist: Steve "Mouseboy" Carter [M]

Chakats Forestwalker and Goldfur, heavily pregnant, bearing the cubs that they sired by each other. Here they are enjoying a few moments of peace together, possibly the last before the children are born mere days away.
"Beach Fun"   Artist: Steve " Mouseboy" Carter [G]

A few years after the previous picture, we see the cubs have grown. Each has colouration borrowed from both their parents but mixed to create a unique appearance. However, they're both the same when it comes to mischievousness! While Forestwalker has been talking to friends further up the beach, the devilish duo have been doing their best to bury Goldfur! Forestwalker holds one up and asks hir just what they think they were doing, but somehow I don't think that either is at all repentant. And don't worry about being held up by the tail. Chakat's tails are strong prehensile limbs that can easily bear their weight.
"Two Tummies"   Artist: Steve "Mouseboy" Carter [G]

When you're a taur, you have two tummies, and that makes you twice the target for a tickle attack!
Rough sketch done for me at Further Confusion.
[Thumbnail image] "Request Pic" Artist: Christine Heyser [G]

Someone else requested this pic, but I was very happy to have it reside on my archive!
"Taur Trousers"   Artist: Christine Heyser [G]

This chakat models trousers especially designed for taurs. I think they look great, don't you?.
"Chakat Orange"   Artist: Brittany H. [G]

Brittany's first chakat, named after hir orange hair.
"Cream Chakat"   Artist: Brittany H. [G]

A creamy furred chakat waves to you as shi walks by.
[Thumbnail image] "Klartaur" Artist: Sarah Jaffe [G]

Klar as a pretty lynxtaur.
[Thumbnail image] "Caracal Chakat" Artist: A.M. Bush [G]

A caracal patterned chakat... because they're cool!
[Thumbnail image] "Foxtaur Vixen" Artist: Richard Westberry [M]

A rather interesting foxtaur hunter-vixen. She can hunt with me anytime!
[Thumbnail image] "Skunk Chakat" Artist: Shelia Louise Clark [G]

What do you get when you cross a skunktaur with a chakat? Have a look and see for yourself!
[Thumbnail image] "Bingo Chakat" Artist: Brendan Bingo Dingo Moore [G]

A chakat submission from a fellow Aussie! It's about time!! *Grin*
BraveHeart-tn.jpg (2344 bytes) "Braveheart" Artist: Brendan Moore [M]

What if Mel Gibson was a chakat...

[Thumbnail image] "Playful Chakat" Artist: Alpha [G]

Unusual... playful... cute... What more could you want?
[Thumbnail image] "Scaredy Kat" Artist: Alpha [G]

Chakat Sunbolt is a bit of a scaredy cat. Imagine being afraid of a mousetaur!
[Thumbnail image] "Lovesick Mooncry" Artist: Alpha [A]

Mooncry, a lovesick chakat, daydreams of hir lover.
goldfurrunner-tn.gif (1865 bytes) Stick Together! Artist: Rod E. Smith [G]

Runner provides Goldfur with a bit of advice.

Goldfur-KG-tn.jpg (2864 bytes) Goldie Artist: Kevin Gosdin [G]

Another image of Goldfur... thanks!

yawn-tn.gif (4699 bytes) Yawn! Artist: J.Quicksilver [G]

A chakat gives a stretch and a yawn.

rakeesh-tn.gif (2410 bytes) Rakeesh Artist: Jeannie Pounds [G]

A portrait of Rakeesh.

[Thumbnail image] "Hunting Chakat" Artist: Mike Raabe [G]

Mike was one of the very first to draw a chakat for me. I think he came very close to my mental picture of them.

Joyride   Artist: Jessica Kraskian [G]

This leopardtaur gives her cub a joyride on her back, but the cub looks anything but happy.
Mighty Stretch   Artist: Jessica Kraskian [M]

This leopardtaur femme gives a mighty stretch.
DOn't Sneeze While Mixing Potions!   Artist: Jessica Kraskian [M]

This fem has made a rather bad mistake!
Tree Dwelling   Artist: Jessica Kraskian [G]

Tree dwelling is not all it's cracked up to be.
Liontauress   Artist: Orah [G]

A liontauress on the hunt.
Grasslands   Artist: Quyetpawz [G]

Forestwalker in the grasslands.
Waterfall   Artist: Kylen Miles (Alethia)   [M]

A beautiful jaguartaur bathes in a waterfall.

Check out more of Kylen's art at Silabub.Com
Huskytaur   Artist: Lim Guo Liong (Loupgarou) [M]

A pretty huskytaur smiles at you.
Cook Those Dogs!   Artist: Seeress Elf [G]

It's a great day for a barbecue, and Goldfur has the first round ready.
Lupu   Artist: PladyWolf [M]

A study of Lupu.
Christmas Pun   Artist: Marcy Osedo [G]

This cattaur is the subject of at least two puns. Can you figure them out?

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