Species: chakat
Mother: Snowdrift
Sire: Solarblaze Glazer
Gender: Herm
Born: 20 May 2353
Eyes: Bright Green


Lunablaze was born in space on board the FSS Draconus. Shi grew up around other herms and morphs, and never had much contact with humans, except for the few crew members. Shi loves chasing tails and biting them, before vanishing out of sight. Shi enjoys chasing bugs and other critters on board the ship. Shi loves cuddling and chakat breast milk (who doesnít?). Very territorial around hir family. Loves making things vanish to get attention. Hard to control at times, like hir sire. Outgoing, mischievous, friendly. Loves to play wrestle. Highly intelligent for hir age.

Hir fur is deep purple with white crescent moon patterns and a white tipped tail. Hir hair is pure white with ice blue colouring. Shi can disappear due to hir Optical Camouflage ability that shi inherited through hir mom, and release a mild moon flash like hir sire, Solarblazeís Solar Flare attack.


Character copyright © David Wishart.

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