Species: Chakat
Gender: Herm
Height: 187cm (6' 1.5")
Born: 10 March 2330
Eyes: Bright Green


Solarblaze is the child of a chakat named Sunrise and a male human named Stephan Glazer who had himself altered to enable himself to be interfertile with his mate. Shi was brought up on Chakona and was a happy ordinary cub until hir mother died due to the H1 bombing of Amistad in 2334. Hir personality changed dramatically from being empathically linked to hir mother before shi died. As a side effect, the hidden pyrokenetic powers surfaced. Solarblaze learnt to use the powers as well as seek psychological help from Dr Snowfur and hir step daughter Sundawn, who will become Solarblaze’s mate.

Shi joined a special Federation Counter Terrorist corps to combat the growing number of H1 bombings and attacks. Later, shi, Snowdrift (hir second mate), Sundawn and Stephillum Glazer, hir step sister, all joined the crew of the FSS Draconus.

Shi enjoys spicy foods, fast fighter crafts, hir hobby’s are reading, extreme sports and blowing away H1 Terrorists. Moody, quick to anger due to hir lynx inheritance. Strong protectiveness of hir family.

Hir fur is yellow with orange and red sun patterns on hir fur. Blue pawprint in a green circle. Lime green hair. Shi likes to wear multicoloured tops,and has a gold medallion with a green gem in its centre. Shi has Double D breasts and a nine inch penis. Shi has the power of pyrokinesis and its derivative power – the solar flash. Solarblaze has three children – Lunablaze, Dawnlight and Firespot.


Character copyright © David Wishart.

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