Yeah, it's a bit of an unthodox hobby. But it's fun, expensive and time consuming, so what more could you want? ;)

In the past four years I've made a Wolf and a Cheetah costume, maybe in the sixth year I'll make a third to keep the pattern going. I'm not sure why I picked this up as a hobby/craft. I guess it started back at primary school when my class was randomly selected to be in the Puppet People, my school's puppetteering/performance group.These puppets were almost anything from man-sized costumes, to gigantic (12 feet tall - very tall if you're a year 6 student) rod puppets operated by five people.

I think I started to make my own costumes because being in the Puppet People was really quite fun, though I'm really only interested in the creation side these days, not so much wearing them. Anyhow on this page you'll find:

'Jamie Wolf' - Wolf costume, finished November 1997

'He'tah the Cheetah' - Cheetah costume, finished October 1999

Ancient plastic-meshing tute, overdue for rewriting and updating