Jamie Wolf


My first costume, basically just a head, tail, gloves and feet. The head is made entirely from plastic embroidery meshing, based loosely off of Torrle Wolf's style. You can see more on how I made Jamie Wolf, over here.

Embroidery meshing isn't a bad material for making heads out of - It's extremely breathable, lightweight and quite cheap. Disadvantages are that it fatigues easily, flexes a bit if you don't use geometry to your advantage, and if you're not careful the inside of the head can become rather spikey due to cable-ties.


JW became incredibly popular in his day, for reasons beyond me. Knowing all the short-cuts I took, and all the flaws in the design it's never been apparent to me why people thought it was such a good costume. Perhaps when compared to the average quality of critter costumes (especially off-the-shelf ones) back when I made him, he's not so bad, but by today's standards the costume is looking pretty dated.

Indeed, due to plastic-meshing fatigue and overall wear I'd have to rebuild him from scratch rather than make further repairs. Probably for the best - it'd be a chance to rectify a whole lot of mistakes I made the first time around.

Nevertheless, JW served his purpose well. Through a reasonably-regular 'meet and greet' job he had with at local fairs and the like, JW managed to pay for himself more than three times over. Not bad, really. :)

I plan to add a few more photos to this page once my scanner decides to behave itself again.