Aurastorm - a homebrewed AD&D setting dsigned and run by Myrystyr

Picture a Eastern Mediterranean setting, with Bronze Age technology, and civilisation nearly destroyed

by religious war and a continent-wrecking magical disaster. Centuries on, the gnolls, ratkin, half-demons,and humans
are trying to rebuild the world, and the wemics, dwarves, elves and sprites just want to survive.

Most of the campaign files can be found at Myrystyr's Aurastorm site or the Aurastorm yahoogroups list

Below, you can find Aurastorm maps, pictures, character portraits, flavour text and stories, and a few o
f the documents from the other sites as well.

The Heroes of the Storm Age Drawings by Drhoz
The Heroes of the Storm Age 2 More pics by Drhoz, using the Heromachine program
The Lands of Samuria
Maps and 'photographs' of Aura and the Samurian region
The Citadel of Hawks

The Sands of Time
Timeline of Aura, from 5000 years ago to the near present
An Age of Storms
 Journal of recent years - Records and Legends of'
 The Alchemical Prophet and others
An Age of Storms 2
The Journal continued

Stories of the Storm Age, in roughly chronological order
Wemic Truths
Beliefs and History of the leotaurs
Legend of the Soul Gem
One of many legends of the long dead wizard-kings
On Azzul's Night
Consequences of the fiend incursions
The Hawk's Gaze
The biography of a forgotten god
The Coming Storm
Pawns are moved into position
The Gaurdian
Magic, tribal shamens, and a wild mage and his familiar
The Witchdoctor's Lament
How some changed with a changing world
Ophidian Vitus the Prophet, awakes changed in the mists of the Afterlife
The Found City Cynidicea, the promised land
A Prayer to Demeter
The seige of a possible paradise begins
The Seige of Cynidicea
Vitus leads the defence
A wemic reflects on the search for the Soul-gem
Lost Prophets
Vitus returns from his long walk into the extraplanar wilderness
The Still Heart
Aftermath of the final battle against the Dark Power
Servant of Light Assur, deva,  meets the two ascendant gods from beyond Aura
Written in Sand
Katsiu the half-elf makes a worrying discovery
Bad Dreams
Other fallout from the recent war
Vitus, years on, copes with his long-sought position of authority
What Would Vitus Do?
Vitus, much aged now, is sought out for his opinions on the universe
The White Lion
Decades later, when the efforts of the long dead heroes are becoming legend