Wemics Truth

© 2003 Drhoz

The People of the Plains (Wemics) have never forgotten the old tales, the allegories and
fables of the Old Times, before the dog-men in their myopic pursuit of purely material
knowledge overturned the world. The People have never forgotten what it means to sit
silently on the hunt, watching the lives before you, circling the wellsprings of life, and
how, in the same way, the lifes of those that dwell beyond the shadow, circle and dip into
the vivid lands above the Aura Flow. The Sea-People learnt some - learnt to read the
seasons - the heartbeats of the world, the breath of it as it stirs to greet
the sun and moon, the passage of the Travellers as they migrate across the sky,
each the spirit of anancestor, long distant from the mundane concerns of life below.

But only the People still remember the true nature of the world - how every animal, every
bird, every blade of grass is alive, truly alive, a ripple in the Aura Flow that will one
day fade into the swirling currents of the LifeTime. How some of these ripples
can become eddies, or great waves, linger for ages forgotten by the younger races,
glimmer with ripples inside themselves, and stir great currents in the Flow.

The People remember this. And they will never let themselves forget.