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December 23, 2002

Ahhhh!  It feels great to be off call.  So why is my pager clipped to my belt?


Much better ;)  Though I've been busy lately, I have been drawing whenever I can.  Today's upload was the result of several factors.  First, I had expressed interest a long time ago of taking a playful poke at the "black rocket" mascot of Genuity (Tanora Greypelt's RL employer).  Second, my pal Swoops sent me a DVD copy of Titan A.E., an exciting animated movie that included a top-notch voice cast (Bill Pullman, Drew Barrymore, Matt Damon, Nathan Lane, Janeane Garofalo, and John Leguizamo).

Putting these events together, I thought, "What if I made a movie poster of Tanora riding a black rocket?"  And thus, the idea was born.  I had one challenge, though:  When I reinstalled my computer's operating system earlier this year, I lost most of my fancy fonts.  I searched the 'net, found some suitable fonts, and finished the job ;)  Hope you like it!


December 22, 2002

Errf!  3 weeks since my last upload!  What happened to the momentum I'd built up?

Well, I'll tell you:  My week off (from the 2nd to the 6th) turned into a week of running errands and doing holiday shopping.  When the stores are a 70-mile (112 km) round trip, shopping can take a long time ;)  Afterward, I went on-call for the next two weeks.  Between the 37 hours of overtime I racked up and several upsets within my family,  I wasn't in the best shape to draw.

The good news is that I go off call tomorrow, and I've got my head back on straight just in time to enjoy the Christmas holiday.  Today's upload is a picture of Harleyetta, a member of Tessica's family.  Happy Holidays, everyone!


December 1, 2002

Ahhhhh...Nice, lazy Sundays are perfect for drawing!  Inspired by Rubbertex Raccoon and egged on by my sister-in-law, I drew a pic to poke fun at how polecats clean their clothes ;)


November 30, 2002

It's interesting how some things go in cycles, isn't it?  This week, I regained regular contact with two good friends of mine: JennyBear and Justin Carpenter.

Back in 1996, I had the opportunity to pay Justin a visit in Maryland.  We spent several days drawing, sharing comic books and stories, and simply having fun.  I got a chance to see a videotape of the Amiga animations of Eric W. Schwartz (which had me ROTFL ;) ).  I also got to see The Wizard of Speed and Time, a humorous movie produced by Mike Jittlov.

Toward the end of my visit, Justin drew a picture of me playing drums.  Now, 6 years later, Justin found the picture and sent me a scan, and tonight I have posted it to the Guest Gallery.  Thank you, friend! 


November 28, 2002

Today was the Thanksgiving holiday for my family.  While chatting on IRC, I found out that Tanora Greypelt had to work today.  As a gift, I decided to draw her a picture =0)  I will be on vacation for the next week, so I'll be posting art like a polecat possessed! 


November 24, 2002

Now that I have a moment's rest, I thought I'd clean out some obsolete links from the Arcade, Office, and Switchyard pages.  As time allows, I'll add more links =0)


November 21, 2002

Nothing gets the creative juices flowing like the impending arrival of a friend's birthday!  Tonight's upload is for my good friend Swoops!  *blows noisemaker!*


November 17, 2002

Though not a happy picture, today's upload (Office.gif) gets me back into the drawing groove and serves as a good form of release regarding the stresses in my RL job.  More (and happier) pictures to come soon.  Also, I removed the link to Heebas.com (since it appears not to exist anymore) and added links to Commander Kitty and Tea Club.  Finally, I renamed the Pictures of Me page as the Guest Gallery.  I think it has a little more flair this way, and I hope you do, too.


November 5, 2002

Egad!  After logging a ton of overtime at work, I got switched to night shift for 2 weeks!  I couldn't get any drawing done, but now that I'm back on days, I should back into the groove soon.  For now, I have uploaded C Eagle's first drawing of me.  Thanks again, Feathered Friend!


October 18, 2002

Between having logged 33 hours of overtime in the past 2 weeks and working hard to finish cleaning up around the house, I've been one busy skunk!  Now that things are settling down, I got a chance to draw a picture for Phalla Vixen.  More to come soon!


October 3, 2002

Looking back, I'm pretty happy with the fact that I posted 6 pictures.  Not bad, considering that I was working hard in my job and at home while fighting a nasty cold =0P.  September 29 was a milestone, as it marked 3 years that I've been here at www.furry.org.au .  Thanks and hugs once again to Jenifur for leading me here after skunked.com's demise!  Tonight, I present a new picture of Patch O'Black, a longtime friend of mine.


September 24, 2002

Now that the aforementioned night shifts are done, I'm happy to present two posts.  The first is  a commissioned piece done for me by Angel Bear (G. Raymond Eddy).  The other is one of my own sketches, in which I play guitar.  Enjoy! 


September 19, 2002

Yuck!  I've caught a cold, which has slowed me down.  I did manage to finish a picture of SusanDeer that I'd been meaning to draw for a while.  I'll be able to draw more next week, after I finish beating this cold and survive a couple of impending night shifts.


September 15, 2002

After going full steam ahead to get it done, I have uploaded a pic of Wind-Dancer, showing her favorite method for catching a train ;)  Here's hoping that I can keep this rate up! =0)


September 14, 2002

It's great to be able to have a nice, long talk with a friend!  Earlier this week, I shared some art tips with my friend, Benni Hana.  I enjoyed sharing what I knew, and doing so inspired me to draw a picture of the event.  It feels good to get back into the drawing groove after being away for so long!


September 9, 2002

Ahh, a relatively calm Monday for a change.  Today, I uploaded to the Express page a link to G. Raymond Eddy's new webstrip, Wild Angels.  I also put up a picture that Raymond was kind enough to draw for me.  Thanks, friend!


September 8, 2002

Today, I uploaded a new picture of Tasha Vixen as she helped me on the railroad.  This would have been up earlier today, except that I made the mistake of trying to print a copy from its original, 6000-pixel-wide state!  This overtaxed my machine, forcing me to wait several hours while my system did a full surface scan of my hard drive.  This was one time when a 40GB hard drive was not my friend ;)  Ah, well.  Lesson learned and mission accomplished!


September 6, 2002

Yeesh!  It's been over a month since I uploaded any new art to this site.  This was unfortunately the result of dealing with several family emergencies in RL.  The good news is that things are finally starting to turn the corner for my family and me, so I'll be able to get back into drawing.  Tonight's picture is a gentle swipe at the ambiguous attention-getting lines from the advertising world ;)  


August 3, 2002

Another addition to the guest gallery!  Today's picture was another commission that I requested of David "Dutch" Koppenhaver (of Misty the Mouse fame).  Thanks again!


July 26, 2002

This morning, Benni Hana sent me a picture!  It now sits on the Pictures of Me page.  Thanks, friend!


July 21, 2002

Today, I have added a picture of my friend Mousie next to her truck (a Ford Ranger XLT).  Also, my friend Peter pointed out that I did not have a link at the bottom of the Gallery Page 2 to Gallery Page 3, so I fixed that. 


July 15, 2002

Today's picture is a friendly swipe at one of my favorite arcade game.  Also, I split the "About Me" and "Updates" sections into separate pages, for easier reading.


July 14, 2002

Today's upload is a simple picture that I drew during my lunch break, inspired by the antics of a co-worker.  Who says art doesn't imitate life? ;)


July 13, 2002

As I promised, I said that more art would not be long in coming.  Today, I uploaded a picture of JennyBear engaging in one of her hobbies =0)  More to come soon!


July 12, 2002

A month?  It's been a month since I last posted to this site?  To quote a song from Matchbox Twenty: "I wish the real world would stop hassling me!".   The past few weeks have been taken up by car repairs, strange hours at work, visits from out-of-town relatives, and a mad dash to clean out our garage in order to convert it into some extra living space for my family.  While I have not posted in a while, I have kept drawing, and it has done a great deal to keep me in good spirits.  

In line with these good spirits, it is with great pride and gratitude that I post my 100th picture to this site!  Though the names are too many to list, I'd like to thank all of my friends who bent a listening ear when I needed one, and who encouraged me to keep drawing all these years.  *tips striped cap and smiles widely*.  Look for pictures 101, 102, and 103 to arrive soon!


June 10, 2002

Work RL has kept me hopping, but I managed to post a pic.  This one is of the Mechanical Moggy known as the Catlowtron!  Also, I posted another guest picture from Rubbertex Raccoon.  Good work, friend!


June 3, 2002

In response to the picture that I posted on May 28, Wallaroo Blacke thanked me with a cameo in his webstrip!  I put a copy on the Pictures of Me section, and a link to his strip on the Express page.  Thank you, Wallaroo!


May 28, 2002

Ahh, nothing like a 3-day weekend to get one's life in order!  While chatting with my friend Wallaroo Blacke, I was inspired to draw today's posting of his character, Lovey.  Meanwhile, my mother is walking around on her own, which is a load off of my mind  =0)  More to come soon!


May 17, 2002

While it's been only two weeks since my last post, it feels like a month!  First, I was hit by a very busy week at my RL job.  Next, my mother took a fall and broke her foot.  She's mending nicely, but the first few days were not easy for her =0(  On top of that, my computer's operating system seized so badly that I would up reinstalling back to Windows 98.  A week later, and I'm still reloading some of my software =0P  The good news is that I have two new pictures up.  One was my entry in the FurEauction/Inanimate Furry Transformation Group art contest, and the other is a picture of my good friend, Celeste. 


May 3, 2002

The past two weeks have had their serious share of ups and downs!  Last week, while driving to work, I skidded on a patch of nearly invisible "black ice", and struck a bridge guardrail at about 40 miles (64 kilometers) per hour.  Thankfully, I walked away from the collision with no injuries, but my Jeep suffered body, engine, suspension, and frame damage.  Dealing with the insurance company did a lot to distract me from my drawing.  Happily, I now have a replacement vehicle and a new picture on my site.  This one is for my old friend, Tessica.


April 14, 2002

Today's picture, "Trail Taurean" was a recent gift that I gave someone for his birthday.  Last week's hectic pace kept me from starting any new drawings, but I'll get back on track this coming week =)


April 9, 2002

To borrow a phrase from my father: "I'm cookin' with gas!".  Trainskunks can't use coal for everything, you know ;)  Simply put, I'm really cranking out the pictures now!  Today's submission is a toonish twist on a recent newspaper headline.  I wonder if editors experience similarly silly thoughts?


April 8, 2002

Now that I got final approval on the color scheme, I have posted a picture of my good friend, Jenny Bear.  At this point, I have two pictures waiting in the wings (one needed coloring, the other needing cleanup, inking, coloring, and approval).  Keep your eyes open, as they'll be online soon!


March 30, 2002

Two new pics on the site!  Respectively, they are a birthday gift and a wedding gift for an old college friend of mine.  More to come soon!


March 15, 2002

Today, I posted another pic to my site.  This one is a spoof of the armored suits from the Japanese animated series Mobile Suit Gundam.  Though the idea struck me last summer on a camping trip, it wasn't until recently that I had the time to work on it.


March 14, 2002

Have you ever had days and weeks when you felt that you really made some progress? This has been one of those weeks.  Thanks to my new practice of spending my lunch breaks drawing at the Barnes & Noble bookstore cafe, I have finished and uploaded a picture of my good friend Swoops (thanks for being patient, pal!).  Also, I am down to 180 pounds (81.8 kg).  Only 10 pounds to go!  


March 9, 2002

After a brief funk in my RL life, I'm getting back into the groove with a picture of my friend Joeie.  I've also made some minor changes in the alignment of certain images to make for better viewing on some pages.  The diet is going well!  I'm at 183 pounds (83.1 kg).  I'm about halfway to my target weight!


February 17, 2002

Tonight, I uploaded a picture of Rubbertex.  It sure feels good to be drawing on a regular basis again!  Also, I'm down to 192 pounds(87.2 kg).  It feels very good to have a boiler that's not quite so tubby ;)  My target weight is 170 pounds (77.2 kg).


February 12, 2002

Ahh, nothing like a little progress to set one's week off right!  After much ado, I have completed a pic that I promised Angel Bear, and posted it here on the site.  


February 7, 2002

Hoo boy!  This past week has not been conducive to drawing!  I logged in 23 hours of overtime at work last week, and by the time I'm done this week, I may have at least another 10.  In the meantime, I have added a link to Ursula "Hedgy" Husted's new site, the Apocalytic Tangerine.  Check it out while I work on a new pic!


January 24, 2002

Success!  I have uploaded my latest pic.  This one is SusanDeer and her kittens.  It took a long time to finish, but it was worth the effort.  Also, I have updated the linking button to Ralph Hayes' webcomic, Tales of the Questor.


January 21, 2002

This past month has brought its share of surprises, reflections, and resolutions.  First of all, work and various other personal events have done a lot to sap my motivation to draw.  Oftentimes, I would lift my spirits my firing up the ol' Bug-Roaster(tm) and trashing several scores of aliens in games like Half-Life and Homeworld.  

However, it seems that the feelings of excitement that once came from playing these games barely exists anymore.  On top of that, playing games when I should be drawing only makes me feel guilty!  So, here is New Year's Resolution #1: I will be playing much fewer games, and drawing much more!

Now, for resolution #2: I've been stoking my boiler a little too well over the past year.  At 5 feet, 7 inches tall (170 cm), I currently weigh in at 201 pounds (91.4 kg) with my clothes and shoes on.  Time for this skunk to get on a regimen of diet and exercise!

Finally, while I am still working on SusanDeer's picture (a multi-character affair), I thought I'd load some updates to my site.  On the Express page are links to C Eagle's web site and Scotty Arsenault's new webcomic, Sully and Minkle.  On the Pictures of Me page, I added a picture that was sent to me by Lone Fox.  Curiously, I'd never spoken with him before, and yet a well-drawn picture of me arrived in my mailbox.  It was a pleasant surprise, and I hope I get a chance to thank him face-to-face soon!


December 26, 2001

Now that the holidays are done, it's time for this skunk to get busy!  I've added two pictures to the site (drawn by Ralph Hayes and Rubbertex, respectively).  I have also added a link to Ralph Hayes' third webcomic, Tales of the Questor.  More art to come soon!


December 9, 2001

As I wait to get tired enough to sleep, I thought I'd make a few tweaks.  I've changed the linking button for A Doemain of our Own to a new design, and added a link to G. Raymond Eddy's Bearadise Page.

December 8, 2001

Well, I'm finally off night shift!  I'm on the tail end of a week-long vacation that I took to recharge before going on call for nearly the rest of the month.  I took advantage of the time off to get some new art done.  Today, I uploaded my picture of HollyAnn Relah(HollyAnn_TC.gif).


November 5, 2001

I'm still on night shift, but I managed to upload to the Pictures of Me section my appearance in Albert Temple's webcomic, Gene Catlow.  Thanks, Gene!


October 29, 2001

A month and a half since my last picture? *sigh* Thus is the result of being put on night shift.  At least I'm starting to acclimate.  Tonight's update is a wedding gift for MelSkunk (MelSkunkMaraca.gif).


October 18, 2001

Today, I removed the link to Clio "Catra"  Chiang's Catracomix site, and replaced with a link to her new site, Verunne.net.  Welcome back, Catra!


September 23, 2001

A little bit of housekeeping, today!  I had to update the link to Misty the Mouse's web site (now at www.mistymouse.com ).  Also, after digging around my room, I found an older rendition of my character, drawn by my friend Peter LaVerdiere.  It now sits on the Pictures of Me section of the Gallery.


September 12, 2001

Tonight, I felt compelled to make a statement on yesterday's barbaric terrorist attacks on the United States' World Trade Center and Pentagon(national military headquarters).  Though I did not personally know any of the thousands of victims of this tragedy,  I am no less shocked and saddened that such atrocities could take so many lives.  On this, I uploaded "Never Forget" to page 2 of the Gallery.


August 28, 2001

After rooting around in my room, I found an old picture that kindled some memories.  I decided to put "Birthday Fur" online tonight =0)


August 25, 2001

Since I have final approval from my good friend Chip Unicorn, I have uploaded a picture I drew to celebrate his wedding to Serilyn on August 18.  I also have added a link on the Express page to Digo's Back Yard, which includes art from another good friend, Diosden Rodriguez.


August 19, 2001

Now that things have calmed down in my life, I have uploaded a picture of my friend, Alicia Foxx.  Also, I have added to the Express page a link to HollyAnn's furry site.  I have more art in the works, which I will be pecking away at as time allows.


July 17, 2001

Today, I uploaded telbert_dutch.jpg (drawn by David "Dutch" Koppenhaver) to the Pictures of Me page.  Thanks for the great picture, Dutch!


July 15, 2001

*sigh*  Sometimes, life can throw a few screwballs, can't it?  Between my RL job and other projects, I haven't had time for much else.  You haven't lived until you've torn 4-foot by 3-foot sections of shingle off a roof in 90-degree heat, thrown them into a dump truck, then hauled 70-pound bundles of new shingles 15 feet up a ladder ;)  For now, I have added some links to the Express page (A Doemain of our Own, Misty the Mouse, Nip and Tuck, and Under the Lemon Tree).  More art will be coming soon, now that things are starting to settle down. 


May 27, 2001

More art to come soon, but for now, I've uploaded to the Express page a link to Frampton's web site, www.bloosheep.com .


May 2, 2001

Lots of updates today!  First, I uploaded two pictures drawn by MelSkunk to the Pictures of Me section.  Next, I uploaded a new pic of my own(NoseyToot.gif).  Finally, I modified the link to Clio Chiang's Catracomix site.  More to come soon!


April 24, 2001

Today, I uploaded HollyAnn's picture of me(Telbert_LM.jpg) to the Pictures of Me section of the gallery.  Once I finish getting through this week of night shifts, I'll be able to continue drawing .


April 22, 2001

Now that Digo Raccoon has given me final approval on the picture I promised him(Azriel_TC.gif), I posted it today.  I also posted another picture that Digo drew of me, too.


April 21, 2001

Just a little spring cleaning, today.  On the StripeTail Express page, I cleaned out some obsolete links.  On the front page, I changed the main graphic to reflect the new, improved rendition of myself.  More to come soon!


April 12, 2001

After taking care of some RL issues, I've uploaded a new picture(Steaming.gif). I was able to draw this picture faster than normal, as I've made more of a conscious effort to use guidelines and rough shapes to better define character faces.  I'm hoping this means I'll be able to put pictures on this site more often than before.


March 25, 2001

Ahhh, it's good to be drawing again!  Now that spring is coming, it's time for me to shake the eat-hibernate-play-computer-games cycle and get back into drawing!  Tonight, I uploaded YouBetterStop.gif, inspired by my work experiences and the painful-yet-poetic lyrics of Matchbox Twenty.

March 11, 2001

Yeesh!  Three months since I last touched this site?  I've been a bad skunk!  Baaaad skunk! *sigh*  Unfortunately, working odd hours and the overall lack of energy that winter brings where I live haven't helped matter much.  Now that I have put various RL matters to rest, I'm getting back into drawing again.  For now, I have fixed a bad thumbnail for Cecil's picture, and uploaded a picture that Kelly "Mousie" Siegfried was kind enough to draw for me after we met at Anthrocon 2000.  Look for some new material from me soon!


December 25, 2000

It's only been a little over a month since I last updated the site, but it feels like three.  Working a combination of double-shifts and graveyard shifts can really mess with one's perception of time!  After two days of spending time with family and friends, exchanging gifts, and feasting, I uploaded JennyExpress.gif, a picture that was actually drawn a few months ago.


November 14, 2000

Now that I have a brief lull in my busy work schedule, I have uploaded BeckyExpress.gif, a followup to Becky_TC.gif.  


October 29, 2000

Good Grief!  It's been 3 months since I posted any updates to this site!  The new RL job that I started back in August has kept me very busy.  Now that I've settled in, I've been able to get the ol' creative steam puffing again.  I've also been improving my drawing techniques after having picked up some tips from Anthrocon 2000 and an article from this year's GIANT SHANDA ANIMAL, in which Carla "Speed" McNeil provided a detailed guide on drawing faces.  My three newest works are Airborn_TC.gif, Jenifur_Pakesh_TC.gif, and Becky_TC.gif.  Hope you like the results!


July 16, 2000

Today, I uploaded a revised version of BlueSkunkInn, but as a higher-quality GIF instead of a JPEG.  Also new today are two pictures from an art exchange at Anthrocon 2000:  Cecil_TC.gif  (my drawing of Cecil) and tlbrt_Cecil.jpg (Cecil's drawing of me).

July 14, 2000

Ahh, it feels good to get back on track!  Today, I have uploaded to the Pictures of Me section scans of the Anthrocon convention badges that Gene Catlow drew for me in 1997, and Joe Rosales this year.  Also, I uploaded a picture that I drew for MelSkunk in return for the one she drew for me.

July 12, 2000

Time flies, doesn't it?  After I recovered from the bug mentioned on April 27's update, I got wrapped up in a wide variety of activities, including (but not limited to):

Thankfully, the trip to Anthrocon did a lot to recharge my furriness, and I'm back into the drawing groove once again.  I did two sketches while I was there.  I'm cleaning those up this week.  For tonight, I'm putting up a picture(SteamPoweredArtist.gif) that was drawn by my good friend MelSkunk while we chatted at the con.

April 27, 2000

Erf!  It's been over a month since I last updated this site.  The biggest cause of this was a particularly nasty spring cold that laid me low for about 3 weeks.   I did my best to fight it with over-the-counter medicines, but to no avail.  At the end of the third week, I saw a doctor.  He gave me a prescription for Zithromax, a very powerful antibiotic.  It killed the bug, but made me feel exhausted that entire week. So, a month later, I'm finally getting back into the groove with two pictures.  The first is a show of support for my friend Tessica, who is looking for a job.  The other is my contribution to Gene Catlow's gift of artwork to CatsWhisker for their second anniversary =0)

March 23, 2000

What?  It's only been a week since the last upload.  Boy, my new RL work schedule messes with my perception of time ;)   Today, I've uploaded a pic of my feathered friend, C Eagle.  Hope you like it, pal!

March 16, 2000

That's odd.  Though it's been only two weeks since my last upload, it feels like much longer than that!  At any rate, I'm happy to say that I've fulfilled a seven-month old promise by posting Exactly_TC.jpg to the site.   It's nice to be back in the drawing groove again!

March 2, 2000

Last month was very busy for me!  Things started to get fast and furious again at work.  With spring comes renewed energy, and I'm seriously getting back into the artistic groove again!  Today, I uploaded TelNuzzleTess.jpg.  I'm particularly happy with the way it turned out.

February 9, 2000

Today, I added Hedgy's pic (hedgytel.gif) to the Pictures of Me page.  Also, I modified the description of the pic I drew of Jenifur(JenHugTelbert.jpg) to reflect the fact that Jenifur has two morphs.

February 7, 2000

Where does the time go?  Until recently, it had been months since I put pencil to paper!  Back in November, I started training for my new job.  It was pretty intense, and after a long day, I just didn't have the energy to draw.  Shortly afterward came the madness that was the holiday season, which sapped my will to draw even more. 

After the holidays settled down, I realized how much I had missed drawing.  Watching day after day, week after week go by without having the time or the energy to draw was really getting on my nerves!

Thankfully, things settled down enough recently for me to finish a long-overdue picture of my good friend Jenifur (JenHugTelbert.jpg), who helped me find this great place of virtual real estate that holds my site =0)