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Benni Hana

KF-Telbert.png (134443 bytes) The engineer skunk goes anime again!  Benni Hana was kind enough to draw this pic for me.  Even the gradient-colored background looks a little like railroad tracks ;)  Thanks again, friend!





TBP_Telbert - A Pocket.JPG (19839 bytes) 1/4/2004: On a spur of the moment, Benni drew this picture of me showing off a new accessory to my wardrobe ;)








G. Raymond Eddy (Angel Bear)

Telbert_Eddy.jpg (76725 bytes) This carefully colored picture was G. Raymond Eddy's take on what I might be doing in the afterlife.  I particularly like the creative use of my halo =0)


Telbert_Eddy2.jpg (80502 bytes) Since Angel Bear did such a great job on the first pic, I commissioned him to do another for me.  Thank you for your time and  fine work!



This is an animated GIF that I commissioned from AngelBear in 2008.  Smoke puffs are present, so click HERE to see them in greater detail!  As of February 2008, he is selling commissioned animated GIFs.  See his website at http://home.insight.rr.com/angelbearoh/ for more details!





C Eagle

traintravelersco02.jpg (89243 bytes) It's always more fun to take a train trip with a friend! C Eagle helps me out by acting as a "firebird" for Highball Sally.  I like the smiles and the firebox's glow =0)  Thanks, Avian Amigo!




Coaltender.jpg (21823 bytes)  4/2/2003: A very good friend of mine was kind enough to draw this for me, but did not wish to be identified.  I still think it deserves to be in the gallery, so here it is.  Fine job! =0)




Jonatan Gronoset

Telbert_Jonatan.jpg (41261 bytes) 4/6/2003: This picture was rendered entirely on computer and e-mailed to me by someone who happened across my website.  Glad to have you aboard, Jonatan!


HighballSally.gif (36205 bytes) 5/19/2003: Jonatan's rendition of my locomotive, Highball Sally.  Excellent work!


Jon_Telbert.jpg (59097 bytes) 11/21/2003: Jon and I pose for the camera in a cloud of steam next to my locomotive one morning before work.  Fine work once again, friend!



jon_telbert2.png (45155 bytes)  4/19/2003: Workin' on the railroad!  Jon shovels coal into the firebox while I drive.  Thanks for a fine pic, Jon!



HighballSally.png (262184 bytes) 10/17/2006: Jonatan was kind enough to build for me a virtual model of Highball Sally (my 4-8-4 locomotive) for use in Microsoft Train Simulator.  It's a terrific gift, my friend.  Thank You! ED=0)  You can download this and other models at http://jonatan.maxxflow.com.




ChristmasTel.jpg (86815 bytes) 9/10/2006: Some time ago, Harleyetta sent me this holiday picture of me.  It's a great interpretation of how my face looks head-on.  Thanks, Harleyetta!  I'm sorry this wasn't posted to the site sooner.




Burlington Skunk

Telbert_Burlington.jpg (58490 bytes) 9/10/2006: Earlier this summer, Burlington sent me this slick, shiny, 3D rendering of my skunky self.  Thanks for the great work, pal!  I wish I could render in 3D, too ;)





MJS-MightyToonSkunkTelbert03.jpg (111901 bytes) 12/8/2006: Berios likes to draw furs with big, muscular chests.  One day, he decided to draw my character in such a style.  Thanks, friend!  Click HERE to hear how I sound when I'm this big ;)





chugachuga telbert.PNG (47854 bytes) 12/8/2006: While talking to Trigger on MSN Messenger, he drew this up for me.  Thanks a lot, friend!  Maybe sometime I'll commission something from ya =0)



Martin Ferret

Telbert_by_MartenFerret.jpg (63554 bytes)  During a chat session online, Martin drew this picture for me.  Thank You, Friend!





Angel "Sketch" Blanco


Telbert_SketchD.jpg (43338 bytes) One of my friends blogged that Sketch Dalmatian was selling sketches to fund a trip to Anthrocon.  I was happy to lend a paw.  Great work on the perspective and smoke!





telbertsq6.jpg (64128 bytes) My great friend Haystack drew this for me.  I love the swirly nature of the smoke and the shape of the cap!



telbert-artemis_color.jpg (126807 bytes) Even better is Haystack's pic of Artemis and me, enjoying a picnic.  Thanks for the great gift, friend!



haystack_telbert3.jpg (40315 bytes) This was a sketch that I commissioned from Haystack in 2008.  We decided to experiment with a more "well-stoked" version of my skunky form =0)





haystack_telbert-final.jpg (71576 bytes) Here is a colored version of the above sketch, complete with tailsmoke and a bin of choco-coal.  All Aboard!



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