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Ursula Husted(Hedgy)

uh9.gif (20093 bytes) An object lesson for Hedgy and me: No matter how many cereal box tops you send away, the toy that comes in the mail will not be as big or as exciting as advertised ;)




hedgytel.jpg (30531 bytes) One night, Hedgy needed some serious cheering up!  I listened to her problems and gave her a hug, not minding her hedgehog spines one bit.  I'm always glad to help a friend in need =0)





Clio Chiang(Catra)

telly.jpg (88043 bytes) Inspired by the movie "Wild Wild West", a suth'n belle by the name of Catra O'Hara had this to say: "Oh, Mr. Coaltender!! Won't you let little ol' me ride on your fahn train?"


Joe Rosales

AC2000_ConBadge.jpg (87747 bytes) One of the fine artists that I met at Anthrocon 2000 was Joe Rosales (of WILDLIFERS and ROMANICS fame).  We spent a long time chatting, and he was kind enough to draw a picture of me  on my con badge.  Thanks again, Joe!



tlbrt_Cecil.jpg (46095 bytes)Cecil (introduced to me by Danruk) drew this picture for me as part of an art exchange at Anthrocon 2000.  If you'd like to see what I drew for him in return, click HERE.



Kelly Siegfried (Mousie)

jeepsknk.jpg (75062 bytes) At Anthrocon 2000, I had the pleasure of having lunch with Kelly "Mousie" Siegfried.  We rode over to a local sandwich shop in my Jeep.  Thank You, Kelly, for a wonderful picture and an enjoyable lunch!


Lisa Cotton  (HollyAnn)

Telbert_LM.jpg (122267 bytes) After a brief chat on FurToonia, HollyAnn was kind enough to draw this picture for me.  I like the toony expression on my face here =0)  Thanks!



Holly_93.png (183196 bytes) 9/28/2003: Holly drew this picture on an oekaki site, in which artists use a web-based drawing too to create sketches and post them online.  Great work, Holly! To see more oekaki, check out http://forrestdreams.xepher.net/oekaki/ .




Dutch (David Koppenhaver)

telbert_dutch.jpg (29243 bytes) In this commissioned piece, I asked Dutch how Maggie Noirveaux would react to a toon skunk like me.  Here is his answer ;)



TelbertMistyNCrew.gif (56460 bytes) After the above piece was done, I later asked what would happen if Maggie's friends, Jules and and Misty joined in.  Here was his response.




Ralph Hayes

telqoot.jpg (109489 bytes) Egad!  I've been superpukeyqootified!  Thanks, Ralph, for the cute (I mean "qoot")  pic!





Telbert_in_luv.gif (58811 bytes) 11/13/2003: Ralph drew this picture for me after I told him about my RL sweetheart, Artemis.  This picture accurately describes the moment of our first kiss ;)



pinup14.png (175452 bytes) 11/21/2003: Another funny, romantic moment.  This was a piece I commissioned from Ralph some time ago.  Tuck and Thelma, riding the love train, with li'l ol' me as the engineer ED=0)





rxrc-Telbert.jpg (88469 bytes) For the holidays, I got this wonderful picture from a fellow IRCer named Rubbertex.  Thanks, pal!




skunkomotiverefill.jpg (91725 bytes) Yeek!  Such are the dangers of filling up too fast at a water stop.  I may have to roll down the tracks for the rest of the trip here ;)




Lone Fox

Telbert_LoneFox.gif (20935 bytes) This well-drawn picture showed up in my mailbox early one Friday morning before I even met the artist!  Very nicely done, friend!





Wallaroo Blacke

racam0001.jpg (85025 bytes) In return for a picture I drew for him, Wallaroo thanked me with a cameo in his webstrip, A Roo'd Awakening.  Thanks, pal!


chuffer.jpg (125822 bytes) Taking a cue from my own mecha mischief, Wallaroo drew this steam-powered stomper of steel ;)





telblkout.jpg (50759 bytes) A picture of me, lighting up the night with my lantern =0)






ra0081.jpg (137716 bytes) 10/11/2003: Another strip cameo!  Ah, there's nothing like enjoying a tall, frosty root beer and the company of friends.



Tel&Art2.jpg (69310 bytes) 1/2/2004: After describing the thick snow in my corner of the world, Wallaroo decided to draw this picture of Artemis helping me plow the rails.  Thanks, pal!



TelArt3b.jpg (69187 bytes) 5/10/2004: Artemis rides my skunktaur form side-saddle. *trot-trot*



TelArtWed.jpg (285208 bytes) 12/4/2006:  Around the time of my wedding to Artemis, Wallaroo celebrated our coupling with this wonderful (and touching) picture.  Thank you so much, dear friend!



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