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Tawana Gilroy(CatsWhisker)

skunko.jpg (161036 bytes) Around the same time I befriended Gene, I also go to know his lady friend, Tawana "CatsWhisker" Gilroy.  She too is a talented artist, and does astounding things with charcoal.  In line with an e-mail-based "story-go-round", Gene and CW were "skunkified".   They enjoyed the experience, though =0)


pencil.jpg (43847 bytes) The aforementioned "story-go-round" featured a powerful weapon: a cartoonist's pencil, capable do doing great harm in the hands of toon villains!


tel_cw.jpg (49167 bytes) This nice head shot that CW created eventually served as a model for my own drawings later on.



for_telb.jpg (106534 bytes) At one point, I sent CatsWhisker and Gene cartoon primers on certain concepts of Physics.  In one such primer, I explained the Doppler Effect, using as an example the changing pitch of the whistle of a moving train.  CatsWhisker(or, should I say, "SkunkWhisker?") gave this reply.


Melissa Drake Smith(MelSkunk)

SleeperCar.gif (13695 bytes) During the aforementioned AAC97 party, Melissa was kind enough to draw me this picture.  Thanks, Mel! 




mel-telb.gif (15628 bytes) Whoops!  I'm late, and I gotta highball if I'm gonna get to the station on time!



SteamPoweredArtist.gif (116689 bytes) I had the pleasure of meeting MelSkunk at Anthrocon 2000! She was kind enough to draw this picture for me as we snacked on pretzels and chatted in "The Zoo", an area set aside for the furs.  In return, I drew a picture for her.  Click HERE to see it.


BlueSkunkInn_Train.gif (77644 bytes) As one of MelSkunk's dreams is to own a bed & breakfast inn, I commissioned from her a picture of me providing railroad service for her guests.  As busy as my job is, I always wave to friends as I chug along =0)


TelbertGrey_melskunk.gif (23274 bytes) As a nice bonus to the above pic, Mel commented on how I color myself a charcoal grey instead of the earlier jet black.  I'm much easier to color this way.  Thanks again, friend!



railtycoon.gif (74507 bytes) This picture was inspired by a conversation I had with Mel several months earlier.  She had been playing a railroad-building simulation, and I joked about her dressing for the part.  This picture was a joint effort: Mel came up with the idea and drew the characters, while I filled in the desk and computer =0)



Thomas K. Dye(Kevin J. Dog)

telbertd.gif (71009 bytes) Thomas K. Dye is the artist behind a hilarious we-based comic strip called NEWSHOUNDS(www.newshounds.com).   I'm a-chugging through the countryside!


skunkexp.gif (68634 bytes) Kevin J. Dog and I go on a ride.  I love the fonts in this pic ;)




telbert-rail-final_small.png (436056 bytes)  I commissioned this piece from Kevin when I was about to go on night shifts for a week.  Even though I don't go anywhere per se, it seems like I'm away when I'm on call.  Thanks, Kevin!





Colleen Phillips(Catnel)

telbrtcd.gif (33263 bytes) Catnel(friendly tigress that she is) drew this picture for me in return for the ones I drew for her.  She's a nice fur, and a devoted parent =0)




telbert_catnelbadge.jpg (14651 bytes) Con badge that Catnel drew for me.  I don't when I'll attend a con again, but it's a nice image =0)





Diosden Rodriguez(Digo Raccoon)

telbdigo.jpg (74692 bytes) In this picture, Digo Raccoon and his pet lion Rudy help me shovel coal.  I later returned the favor to Rudy with a big pot of my bouillabaise ;)




Kattrina_telbert.jpg (33240 bytes) The skunk goes manga!  I was especially impressed with the smooth color job here.  Thanks, Kattrina!




Loran(J. Thomas)

j_tel99.jpg (66991 bytes) ...and kudos to you too, Loran!   The green marble background was a nice touch!





TelbertExactly.jpg (51548 bytes) Exactly, a friend of mine on FurToonia, drew this for me.  Keep up the good work!




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