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Over the years, many artists have been kind enough to draw me.  These kind and friendly furs have done a great deal to encourage me to keep drawing, and have provided me with tips to improve my drawing style!   It is with sincere gratitude that I show their pictures here.

As with my own artwork, please honor the respective copyrights of these pictures.



Justin Carpenter

JC_Telbert.jpg (33776 bytes) This was one of the first drawings of me, kindly drawn by my good friend, Justin Carpenter.  He's a great friend, fellow gamer, and an excellent musician!




telbertdrums.jpg (171345 bytes) Back in 1996, I took a trip down to Maryland to see Justin.  Dedicating one evening to drawing, Justin tapped my interest in playing drums and drew this up for me.  Thanks, pal!






Peter Laverdiere

Telbert_PL.gif (63096 bytes) This had been buried in my things for several years, but I'm glad to have recovered it!  Here is Peter LaVerdiere's rendition of me.  Thanks, Peter!





Telzey Amberdon

TA_Telbert.gif (32497 bytes) In this second picture, Telzey really outdid herself with the details on my locomotive, Highball Sally.   She's a very talented artist with a fine eye for detail!




Steve Baldassarra

SB_Telbert.gif (313553 bytes) Steve drew this one for me in the Summer of 1995.  I was especially impressed with the smooth color texture!



Genesis Whitmore

Look4Smoke.gif (27510 bytes) I commissioned this picture from Gen around 1996.  Seems like a skunkomotive's work is never done! ;)   Thanks, Gen, for doing this for me!




Scotty Arsenault(Sully Fox)

sultel1b.gif (17646 bytes) Later in 1996, Scotty(who at the time had several publications in FURRLOUGH under his belt) drew this for me.  It was quite a holiday gift, to say the least!


sully1b.gif (52399 bytes) Here, Sully and Reeba help me re-enact that favorite scene of mine from "Bowling Alley Cat" ;)


sully2b.gif (44528 bytes) One of Sully's quick sketches of me, tail steaming.




sully3c.gif (25896 bytes) Another doodle of me, without my hat.




SullyAAC97.gif (21296 bytes) In July 1997, I had the pleasure of meeting many fine furs at Albany Anthrocon in New York!  Over breakfast, Sully drew this pic for me.


SullyThank.gif (16582 bytes) Later that summer, I sent a picture to Sully to cheer him up.  Looks like it worked!




telbert_train_of_thought.jpg (82742 bytes) Just for the fun of it, Sully drew me here in a "train of thought."  *insert rimshot!*




Albert Temple(Gene Catlow)

tel_aawd.gif (38127 bytes) In early 1997, I had the pleasure of getting to know Albert Temple.  Not only is he an excellent artist, he's a great fur to talk to and is very helpful toward others!  We've been in constant contact via e-mail ever since.  In this picture, Gene has me giving a train ride to the AAWD(Anthropomorphic Artists for World Domination).


gc_aac3.gif (31731 bytes) Here I am, meeting Gene Catlow "in the fur" for the first time!  I hope it happens again someday.





gc_aac5b.gif (30047 bytes) Amidst Gene's meeting with MelSkunk at AAC97, I'm in the background, coloring sketches for friends at a party.




AC1997_ConBadge.gif (32639 bytes) Here is the convention badge that Gene was kind enough to draw for me.  Thanks again, Gene!


raktlbr2.gif (47671 bytes) At one point, Gene did a series of pictures on Yerf.com, in which the Raccoon Kids met with various furs.  I offered to spend some time with them, and they were only too happy to oblige =0)


telbtess.gif (13457 bytes) All Aboard!  Tessy and I go on a "doubleheader" skunk train ride.




snksnday.gif (28470 bytes) This picture was inspired by Gene's meeting five different skunks on FurryMuck on the same day.  I was only too happy to join the lineup!


furwknd3.gif (18117 bytes) Later in 1997, I sent Gene some .WAV files of some vocal impressions of various cartoon characters.  I hope one day to do voiceovers for radio/television advertising.


GC_20011026_TelbertCameo.gif (89367 bytes) In his webcomic, Gene Catlow, I was given the honor of a cameo in the "Grandville Days" Festival.  Where else would I be, but driving a narrow-gauge locomotive?  Thanks, old friend!




Tawana Gilroy(CatsWhisker)

skunko.jpg (161036 bytes) Around the same time I befriended Gene, I also go to know his lady friend, Tawana "CatsWhisker" Gilroy.  She too is a talented artist, and does astounding things with charcoal.  In line with an e-mail-based "story-go-round", Gene and CW were "skunkified".   They enjoyed the experience, though =0)


pencil.jpg (43847 bytes) The aforementioned "story-go-round" featured a powerful weapon: a cartoonist's pencil, capable do doing great harm in the hands of toon villains!


tel_cw.jpg (49167 bytes) This nice head shot that CW created eventually served as a model for my own drawings later on.



for_telb.jpg (106534 bytes) At one point, I sent CatsWhisker and Gene cartoon primers on certain concepts of Physics.  In one such primer, I explained the Doppler Effect, using as an example the changing pitch of the whistle of a moving train.  CatsWhisker(or, should I say, "SkunkWhisker?") gave this reply.


Melissa Drake Smith(MelSkunk)

SleeperCar.gif (13695 bytes) During the aforementioned AAC97 party, Melissa was kind enough to draw me this picture.  Thanks, Mel! 




mel-telb.gif (15628 bytes) Whoops!  I'm late, and I gotta highball if I'm gonna get to the station on time!



SteamPoweredArtist.gif (116689 bytes) I had the pleasure of meeting MelSkunk at Anthrocon 2000! She was kind enough to draw this picture for me as we snacked on pretzels and chatted in "The Zoo", an area set aside for the furs.  In return, I drew a picture for her.  Click HERE to see it.


BlueSkunkInn_Train.gif (77644 bytes) As one of MelSkunk's dreams is to own a bed & breakfast inn, I commissioned from her a picture of me providing railroad service for her guests.  As busy as my job is, I always wave to friends as I chug along =0)


TelbertGrey_melskunk.gif (23274 bytes) As a nice bonus to the above pic, Mel commented on how I color myself a charcoal grey instead of the earlier jet black.  I'm much easier to color this way.  Thanks again, friend!



railtycoon.gif (74507 bytes) This picture was inspired by a conversation I had with Mel several months earlier.  She had been playing a railroad-building simulation, and I joked about her dressing for the part.  This picture was a joint effort: Mel came up with the idea and drew the characters, while I filled in the desk and computer =0)



Thomas K. Dye(Kevin J. Dog)

telbertd.gif (71009 bytes) Thomas K. Dye is the artist behind a hilarious we-based comic strip called NEWSHOUNDS(www.newshounds.com).   I'm a-chugging through the countryside!


skunkexp.gif (68634 bytes) Kevin J. Dog and I go on a ride.  I love the fonts in this pic ;)





Colleen Phillips(Catnel)

telbrtcd.gif (33263 bytes) Catnel(friendly tigress that she is) drew this picture for me in return for the ones I drew for her.  She's a nice fur, and a devoted parent =0)





Diosden Rodriguez(Digo Raccoon)

telbdigo.jpg (74692 bytes) In this picture, Digo Raccoon and his pet lion Rudy help me shovel coal.  I later returned the favor to Rudy with a big pot of my bouillabaise ;)


Telbert_Michelle.jpg (59030 bytes)Digo was kind enough to draw a nice evening with Michelle(a friend of mine) and Azriel(a friend of his).





Kattrina_telbert.jpg (33240 bytes) The skunk goes manga!  I was especially impressed with the smooth color job here.  Thanks, Kattrina!




Loran(J. Thomas)

j_tel99.jpg (66991 bytes) ...and kudos to you too, Loran!   The green marble background was a nice touch!





TelbertExactly.jpg (51548 bytes) Exactly, a friend of mine on FurToonia, drew this for me.  Keep up the good work!




Ursula Husted(Hedgy)

uh9.gif (20093 bytes) An object lesson for Hedgy and me: No matter how many cereal box tops you send away, the toy that comes in the mail will not be as big or as exciting as advertised ;)



hedgytel.jpg (30531 bytes) One night, Hedgy needed some serious cheering up!  I listened to her problems and gave her a hug, not minding her hedgehog spines one bit.  I'm always glad to help a friend in need =0)





Clio Chiang(Catra)

telly.jpg (88043 bytes) Inspired by the movie "Wild Wild West", a suth'n belle by the name of Catra O'Hara had this to say: "Oh, Mr. Coaltender!! Won't you let little ol' me ride on your fahn train?"


Joe Rosales

AC2000_ConBadge.jpg (87747 bytes) One of the fine artists that I met at Anthrocon 2000 was Joe Rosales (of WILDLIFERS and ROMANICS fame).  We spent a long time chatting, and he was kind enough to draw a picture of me  on my con badge.  Thanks again, Joe!



tlbrt_Cecil.jpg (46095 bytes)Cecil (introduced to me by Danruk) drew this picture for me as part of an art exchange at Anthrocon 2000.  If you'd like to see what I drew for him in return, click HERE.



Kelly Siegfried (Mousie)

jeepsknk.jpg (75062 bytes) At Anthrocon 2000, I had the pleasure of having lunch with Kelly "Mousie" Siegfried.  We rode over to a local sandwich shop in my Jeep.  Thank You, Kelly, for a wonderful picture and an enjoyable lunch!


Lisa Cotton  (HollyAnn)

Telbert_LM.jpg (122267 bytes) After a brief chat on FurToonia, HollyAnn was kind enough to draw this picture for me.  I like the toony expression on my face here =0)  Thanks!



Holly_93.png (183196 bytes) 9/28/2003: Holly drew this picture on an oekaki site, in which artists use a web-based drawing too to create sketches and post them online.  Great work, Holly! To see more oekaki, check out http://forrestdreams.xepher.net/oekaki/ .




Dutch (David Koppenhaver)

telbert_dutch.jpg (29243 bytes) In this commissioned piece, I asked Dutch how Maggie Noirveaux would react to a toon skunk like me.  Here is his answer ;)



TelbertMistyNCrew.gif (56460 bytes) After the above piece was done, I later asked what would happen if Maggie's friends, Jules and and Misty joined in.  Here was his response.




Ralph Hayes

telqoot.jpg (109489 bytes) Egad!  I've been superpukeyqootified!  Thanks, Ralph, for the cute (I mean "qoot")  pic!





Telbert_in_luv.gif (58811 bytes) 11/13/2003: Ralph drew this picture for me after I told him about my RL sweetheart, Artemis.  This picture accurately describes the moment of our first kiss ;)



pinup14.png (175452 bytes) 11/21/2003: Another funny, romantic moment.  This was a piece I commissioned from Ralph some time ago.  Tuck and Thelma, riding the love train, with li'l ol' me as the engineer ED=0)





rxrc-Telbert.jpg (88469 bytes) For the holidays, I got this wonderful picture from a fellow IRCer named Rubbertex.  Thanks, pal!




skunkomotiverefill.jpg (91725 bytes) Yeek!  Such are the dangers of filling up too fast at a water stop.  I may have to roll down the tracks for the rest of the trip here ;)




Lone Fox

Telbert_LoneFox.gif (20935 bytes) This well-drawn picture showed up in my mailbox early one Friday morning before I even met the artist!  Very nicely done, friend!





Wallaroo Blacke

racam0001.jpg (85025 bytes) In return for a picture I drew for him, Wallaroo thanked me with a cameo in his webstrip, A Roo'd Awakening.  Thanks, pal!


chuffer.jpg (125822 bytes) Taking a cue from my own mecha mischief, Wallaroo drew this steam-powered stomper of steel ;)





telblkout.jpg (50759 bytes) A picture of me, lighting up the night with my lantern =0)






ra0081.jpg (137716 bytes) 10/11/2003: Another strip cameo!  Ah, there's nothing like enjoying a tall, frosty root beer and the company of friends.



Tel&Art2.jpg (69310 bytes) 1/2/2004: After describing the thick snow in my corner of the world, Wallaroo decided to draw this picture of Artemis helping me plow the rails.  Thanks, pal!





Benni Hana

KF-Telbert.png (134443 bytes) The engineer skunk goes anime again!  Benni Hana was kind enough to draw this pic for me.  Even the gradient-colored background looks a little like railroad tracks ;)  Thanks again, friend!





TBP_Telbert - A Pocket.JPG (19839 bytes) 1/4/2004: On a spur of the moment, Benni drew this picture of me showing off a new accessory to my wardrobe ;)








G. Raymond Eddy (Angel Bear)

Telbert_Eddy.jpg (76725 bytes) This carefully colored picture was G. Raymond Eddy's take on what I might be doing in the afterlife.  I particularly like the creative use of my halo =0)


Telbert_Eddy2.jpg (80502 bytes) Since Angel Bear did such a great job on the first pic, I commissioned him to do another for me.  Thank you for your time and  fine work!



C Eagle

traintravelersco02.jpg (89243 bytes) It's always more fun to take a train trip with a friend! C Eagle helps me out by acting as a "firebird" for Highball Sally.  I like the smiles and the firebox's glow =0)  Thanks, Avian Amigo!




Coaltender.jpg (21823 bytes)  4/2/2003: A very good friend of mine was kind enough to draw this for me, but did not wish to be identified.  I still think it deserves to be in the gallery, so here it is.  Fine job! =0)




Jonatan Gronoset

Telbert_Jonatan.jpg (41261 bytes) 4/6/2003: This picture was rendered entirely on computer and e-mailed to me by someone who happened across my website.  Glad to have you aboard, Jonatan!


HighballSally.gif (36205 bytes) 5/19/2003: Jonatan's rendition of my locomotive, Highball Sally.  Excellent work!


Jon_Telbert.jpg (59097 bytes) 11/21/2003: Jon and I pose for the camera in a cloud of steam next to my locomotive one morning before work.  Fine work once again, friend!