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Page 19 (2006-2008)


2006_CartTrain.gif (77966 bytes) 3/15/2006: Some time ago, Scooter told me that he started doing the "skunkomotive shuffle" while rounding up shopping carts in his RL job.  That was a pretty flattering thing to hear, so I drew this pic during a late-night laundry run.



2006_SweetSmile.gif (43038 bytes) 3/25/2006: One night, while doing laundry, I decided to draw a picture based on my fond thoughts of my fair feline.  This was the result.





2006_Proposal.gif (75750 bytes) 4/18/2006: On April 2, I was finally able to fulfill my promise.  I love you so much, kitten.  May our future be as bright as the ring that now sits on your finger <3




http://www.furry.org.au/telbert/images/2006_ThinkICan.gif (55866 bytes) 4/23/2006: In a recent LiveJournal entry of Artemis', she spoke of persevering in the face of life's challenges.  She mentioned hearing a familiar phrase from a classic children's story, and I decided to illustrate the moment as a little motivational pic for my sweet kitten =0)



2006_PatchyThndcat.gif (52711 bytes) 9/10/2006: A long time ago, I promised my good friend Patch O'Black that I'd draw him a picture of him as a heroic ThunderCat.  After a busy summer, I'm glad to finally be able to deliver.




Furrlough_TC.gif (71506 bytes) 9/10/2006: Some time ago, MelSkunk wrote in her LiveJournal about how she'd bought a motor scooter.  This inspired me to draw an illustrated pangram, or sentence that contains every letter of the alphabet.  In January 2005, I submitted it to the furry comic anthology FURRLOUGH.  After 21 months and several follow-up e-mails and letters, Radio Comix never got back to me.  I don't think I ever will hear from them, so I present the pic here =0)



Wedding_TelNArtemis1.gif (80637 bytes) 2/4/2007:  After 3 years full of love, laughter, and adventure, Artemis and I finally tied the knot!  It took some time, but now that I've settled into married life, here is one of what will be a series of pictures celebrating our wedding and honeymoon!



2007_ArtemisGown.gif (38021 bytes) 2/18/2007: Inspired by one of the actual photos of the wedding, here's my sweet bride again, next to the wedding cake.  I finished the pencils on this in a motel room, since I was stranded away from my bride for Valentine's Day. At least I had this to show for my absence =0)



2008_Valentine.gif (59952 bytes) 2/15/2008: When Artemis and I were first courting, she gave me a figurine of Ariel and Prince Eric from Disney's The Little Mermaid.  I promised her that someday I would draw the same pose with the two of us.  It took longer to finish than I intended, but it made for a great Valentine's Day gift.