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Page 18 (2005-2006)


2005_MissedTrain.gif (56315 bytes) 9/2/2005: There's a bit of a story behind this picture: Last week, my friend Blimp Wolf came online to chat.  When he greeted, I went to reply, but my computer seized up!  By the time I'd rebooted and reconnected to the 'Net, he'd already left.  Since I felt like I'd "missed the train", I thought this quick pic would be appropriate ;)



2005_OmepraWeasel.gif (73625 bytes) 9/5/2005: Several members of my family take a medication called Omeprazole to control acid reflux.  It works by restricting the ability of proton pumps to generate stomach acid.  Over time, my family jokingly referred to it as "Omepra-Weasel".  Some time ago, I was challenged to draw the an Omepra-Weasel.  Very early this morning, I put this together ;)



2005_Movie.gif (55021 bytes) 11/15/2005: This image was part of a little card I gave to Artemis, promising her a trip to the movie of her choice (popcorn and snacks included).  Since it came out well, I got her permission to post it here.   Thanks, dear!




2005_Steamtech.gif (47653 bytes) 11/24/2005: For a long time now, a steamtech dragon friend of mine named Patashu had been suggesting that I try my hand at drawing a steamtech morph.  So, I took a non-anthro skunk form, mixed in some locomotive parts, and voila!



2005_Smooch.gif (48342 bytes) 12/4/2005: I'd been meaning to draw a picture like this for some time.  I love you, sweet kitten!




2005_Snuggle.gif (36959 bytes) 12/22/2005: This is another pic I started a while ago and didn't finish until just a few days ago =0)





2006_Bored.gif (36386 bytes) 1/29/2006: This picture requires some explaining.  Earlier in the evening that I drew this picture, I was feeling bored, lonely, and had a headache.  I found myself tapping my foot and playing my belly like a bongo to some music, and thought that such a strange sight would make a funny picture.



2006_Pancakes.gif (48484 bytes) 1/30/2006: An online conversation with Blimp Wolf revealed his passion for pancakes, so I drew this for him.




2006_FourSkunkTrain.gif (86655 bytes) 2/9/2006: A long time ago. I promised Burlington Skunk a pic of him, Moonlight, Artemis, and me together.  The poem was a sudden inspiration ;)



2006_Scooter.gif (86385 bytes) 2/22/2006: Scooter (a rabbit/skunk mix) shows off his DJ gear.  Crank up the tunes and par-tay!