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Page 17 (2004-2005)


2004_BlimpChurn.gif (57232 bytes) 9/6/2004: Inspired by a joke that Blimp Wolf laid on me during a recent telephone conversation, I drew this picture.  Not only did Blimp and his friends like it, but an employee at the place where I eat lunch most days thought it was neat, too =0)



2004_wrff.gif (61476 bytes) 9/12/2004: Several weeks ago, I saw a rap music video in a movie theater advertising strange stunt tricycles called WRFFs.  Further research on the 'Net showed that these trikes weigh between 45 and 60 pounds (20.5 to 27.3 kg) and can cost $180 to $200!  Between the excessive cost, the overblown advertising, and the positively silly name, such a contraption was begging to be spoofed ;)



2004_Lobomotive.gif (68062 bytes) 11/5/2004:  Some time ago, Blimp decided to try his paw at working on the railroad.  Employing a creative use of puns and a twist on an old children's story, I came up with this ad for Blimp's new enterprise.  May you carry many passengers, friend wolf.



2004_Crunchatiel.gif (69711 bytes) 11/7/2004: This picture was inspired by a story my brother once told me about his former pet cockatiel who liked to crunch crackers on the couch over people's heads.  Not everyone enjoys sharing a meal in quite this manner, though ;)



2004_Defender.gif (56672 bytes) 12/18/2004: Last month, my Jellicle friend Patchy posted a meme to his LiveJournal which cast him as a superhero and me as the pesky reporter who always bothers him!  Though it took some time, I just had to draw this.  Happy Holidays, Patchy!



2005_BrokenTail.gif (82115 bytes) 1/13/2005: A few weeks ago, Artemis slipped on an icy sidewalk outside her apartment in RL and seriously injured her tailbone.  With her permission, I took a little creative license with the situation.  Get better soon, love!



2005_Valentine.gif (62065 bytes) 2/6/2005: Inspired by Blimp Wolf's inflationary antics, I thought I'd experiment with a larger tail and put it to good use for my second Valentine's Day with Artemis.  *hugs da sweet kitten*



2005_Patch2Future.gif (56027 bytes) 6/18/2005: Some time ago, Patchy had mentioned in his LiveJournal that he wanted to be drawn in a movie context.  I decided to throw his enthusiasm for Macs into the mix ;)




2005_KevinGift.gif (63752 bytes) 6/18/2005: I'd meant to draw this for some time, but recently, I tapped my cyclic summer insomnia and got to it.  Here's to you, old friend!



2005_BlimpBDay.gif (57001 bytes) 6/20/2005: A bit of a rush job, but I managed to get this finished the night of Blimp Wolf's birthday.  Happy Birthday, Canine Compadre'!