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Page 16 (2004)


2004_Sslaxx_TC.gif (61313 bytes) 6/19/2004: On FurryMuck, Sslaxx Ss'eln likes to give strawberries to his friends.  Mixing his interest with his ice-warrior heritage, I drew him this picture =0)



2004_RoboPop.gif (63740 bytes) 6/30/2004: While watching a recent television commercial for 7UP soda pop, I was inspired to draw this.  Maybe this'll help me reduce my dependence on fizzy drinks ;)



2004_Mugwump.gif (59520 bytes)  7/4/2004: Combining my girlfriend's love of both the South Park pinball game and the Harry Potter books, this image sprang to mind.  Supreme Mugwump is one of the credentials held by Hogwarts School's Headmaster, Albus Dumbledore.



2004_ArtemisSkunkette.gif (29398 bytes) 7/12/2004: One day, after I explained to Artemis that some furs I know have multiple forms, she talked about the idea of having a mephitic alternate form.  I was only too happy to draw this for her =0)





2004_Sakanoshin.gif (64677 bytes) 7/26/2004: This was a request from Sakanoshin, who in turn was referred to me by my large leonine friend, Kahn.  Nothing like spending a day lounging on a cloud, especially when you're an angelic tiger!



2004_Kahn_ThumbsUp.gif (61680 bytes) 7/28/2004: Speaking of Kahn, here's a picture of his tiger form on FurryMuck, intended for those who are meeting him for the first time.




2004_Arms.gif (67450 bytes) 8/10/2004: In the movie Spider-Man 2, Doctor Octavius used his mechanical tentacles to commit crimes.  If I had a rig like that, I'd find ways to get more "nuzzle time" with Artemis ;) Can you blame me?



2004_Perfume.gif (57881 bytes) 8/17/2004:Artemis and I were talking recently about how female skunks might enjoy using their power of perfumery to playfully pull in polecat playmates.  This picture was a pleasure to draw.



2004_NoseUp.gif (52937 bytes) 8/20/2004: This was inspired by a response to one of my recent LiveJournal entries.  Life on the railroad is always more fun when you have someone special to share it with. 



2004_GeckoDragon.gif (51376 bytes) 8/27/2004: Some time ago, I offered to draw anthropomorphic versions of two old friends of mine.  It took a little effort to get certain details just right, but I'm glad it came out well in the end =0)