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Page 15 (2004)


2004_C5flyby.gif (68173 bytes) 4/1/2004: During my recent trip to Massachusetts, I heard a familiar sound from my childhood: The unique whirr-whine of the turbofan engines of a C-5 transport plane.  These planes are on the same order of size as a Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet, so they appear to lumber very slowly through the sky.  You can hear a sound sample HERE.



2004_Laundry.gif (85541 bytes) 4/9/2004: I drew this as a spontaneous "get well" gift for Artemis, who wrenched her back earlier this week on the job.  To ensure that she gave her back some much-needed rest , I went over to her apartment, took care of her laundry, and kept her company =0) 



2004_HeatRay.gif (90964 bytes) 4/15/2004: This picture is loosely based on one event from last month's weekend getaway with Artemis.  I honestly didn't realize that hotels sometimes equip their bathrooms with tanning lamps ;)



2004_CandleStore.gif (65523 bytes) 5/10/2004: Artemis told me during our weekend getaway that she couldn't help but laugh at the idea of a skunk being in a scented candle store.  This one's for you, honey =0)



2004_Yardwork.gif (66886 bytes) 5/21/2004: Inspired by the exoframes in movies like The Matrix Revolutions and television shows like ExoSquad, I drew this picture.  It took me a long time to get certain details just right ;)



2004_BlimpSuccess.gif (58755 bytes) 5/23/2004: Recently, My friend Blimp Wolf got a promotion in his job at an office supply store.  I couldn't resist drawing him having a little fun as he hauls his newly acquired perks to his new office.  Congratulations, buddy!



2004_SueSounds.gif (81276 bytes) 5/27/2004: Susandeer put out a call some time ago for filler art to give her webcomic audience something to look at while she recovers from surgery.  Inspired by her creatively written sound effects, I sent her this entry.



2004_Haystack_TC.gif (32292 bytes) 5/27/2004: Haystack the rafox (raccoon/fox hybrid) shows off his new T-shirt!  I'm pretty pleased with the way this turned out =0)  See you on FurryMuck, pal!




2004_KahnQuarry.gif (98437 bytes) 6/6/2004: Kahn returns in a new form!  Who needs a dragline shovel to load heavy rock when you can get a 150-foot (45.72 meter) tall macro white lion to help?  The truck is modeled after the famous Terex Titan.  Check out this link for more info!



2004_MakingTheGrade.gif (68629 bytes) 6/9/2004: My friend Jon asked me recently to draw a picture of us together.  Since he has drawn several pictures for me, I was happy to oblige.  Nice workin' on the rails with you, pal!