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Page 14 (2003-2004)


DiscoBlimp.gif (56205 bytes) 10/28/2003: It's Saturday Night Furver!  Blimp Wolf burns up the disco floor while I...well, fall flat on my face ;)




LivinLarge.gif (181677 bytes) 11/5/2003: Several months ago, Shanti asked me to draw another pic.  When I asked about the subject matter, she told me that she likes the big trucks.  Inspired by my brother's interest in the large walk-in sleeper cabs built by Double Eagle Industries, I drew this picture.  If you're going to live on the road, you might as do it in style! ;)





Kahn_TC.gif (102899 bytes) 11/5/2003: This was drawn as a special request by another of my pals from FurryMuck.  Coming in at a height of 150 feet (45.72 meters), Kahn is a towering tigermorph!  Let's hear it for the muscular macro!




Together.gif (43203 bytes) 11/25/2003: A joint effort, inspired by love.  Artemis wrote the poem while I drew the picture.  We were doing these simultaneously, and while neither of us knew what exactly the other was doing, it all fit together nicely =0)





Sanitaroo_TC.gif (45209 bytes) 12/29/2003: Movie poster time once again!  Earlier this month, I was talking with my friend Danruk about Sanita'roo, his superhero alter ego.  With his trusty mop, he can stamp out stains and flush out felons.  Special thanks to Hlao Roo, Nukroo, Cirrus Kitfox, and Kagemushi for lending their names to the poster credits! 





Shred_TC.gif (129147 bytes) 1/5/2004: One weekend, I helped Artemis shred some old (but sensitive) documents to protect against identity theft.  After a while, my 'toonish imagination took hold, inspiring this picture.  When you get older, you still have fun, but the toys get bigger ;)



Valentine2004TC.gif (41809 bytes) 2/9/2004: I drew this picture as an early Valentine gift for my girlfirend, Artemis.  Thanks for making my Valentine's Day season an enjoyable one, sweet kitten.  




Decotora.gif (71256 bytes) 2/16/2004: Some time ago, I read on the net about decotora, the Japanese art of decorating trucks with colorful paint jobs, shiny chrome accessories, and dazzling light arrays.  Here, Benni Hana tries to convince me that the allure also applies to trainskunks.  You decide if he's right ;)  



Sears_Jon_TC.gif (101807 bytes) 2/28/2004: Jonatan and his wife Sears enjoy a ride on the STRR, heading across the plains.  In fact, you can click HERE for a little traveling music that Jon thought was appropriate! 



2004_Butts.gif (111189 bytes) 3/31/2004: This is the first of several pictures I'm drawing to capture certain moments of my recent weekend getaway with my sweet kitten.  Yes, this really happened.