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Welcome aboard the StripeTail Express!  This train is pulled by a powerful 4-8-4 steam locomotive that we like to call "Highball Sally".  Despite her age, she's quite dependable!




If you'd like to hear a WAV file of her departure, click HERE.  It's a 1.7 MB , 2 minute-40 second track. 

If you have an unzipping utility, you can save some time and download the 955 kB compressed version HERE.

If you have an MP3 player, you can download the 382 kB MP3 version HERE.

Per the request of several of my friends, I have finally gotten off my caboose and drawn two revised linking buttons:



If you'd like to use one of these on your site, go ahead!  Let me know via e-mail if you do, and I might be able to return the favor by adding your button to the list below!


Currently, the Express makes stops at these locations:

Amara 's Flying Armadillo Productions

                                                             afcsign.gif (8285 bytes)      

Flying Armadillo Productions is the home site of Amara Fox, a talented artist and good friend.  With sub-sites for lovers of toons, Star Wars, and Furry art, there's something for everyone here!  Check your comestibles in one of the station lockers, though, as FoxSharks will occasionally rough up and relieve tourists of cold cuts, rocky road ice cream, Trix, quiche, and other tasty treats!

Apocalyptic Tangerine

This page is the home of talented artist and good friend Ursula "Hedgy" Husted, who is currently studying in Japan.  Among her talents is the ability to manipulate others through the use of "puppy dog eyes" ;)  

The Bearadise Page

This page showcases the artwork and insights of G. Raymond Eddy (aka Angel Bear).  Unique to this site are Eddy's creative expressions of Christian faith through characters such as Angel Bear and Galen the Saintly.



Bloosheep.com is the creation of my good friend Frampton, who is a blue sheep (of course).  His site contains links to sheep information on the net, and also insightful information on the public image of the Furry world.


BlueSkunk Land

                                                    blueme.gif (3343 bytes)     

This is the new web site of MelSkunk, a blue-furred skunk who is a talented artist and a good friend.  Go there to learn more about her, hear peaceful, ethereal music, and see her artwork(some of which you'll never see anywhere else) !

Catnel's Abode                          

                                                  ctnbtn.gif (3658 bytes)

Here's a nice site filled with some great artwork from my good
friend, Catnel D. Purrcanta.  You can also listen to vocal renderings
from Catnel and her daughter Kassy!


C Eagle's Web Site

This is the website of my finest feathered friend, C Eagle.  It's loaded with lots of interesting links including tips on maintaining a proper diet.  Feathers, Fitness, and Fun all rolled into one site!


                                   cheetban.gif (5015 bytes)     

The official site of GOLD DIGGER, Fred Perry's spectactular sci-fi/
comedy comic book from Antarctic Press! 

Commander Kitty

A new title by artist Scotty Arsenault, this webcomic follows the offbeat adventures of Commander Kitty and the crew of the C.C. Pompatus (affectionately known as the Number Six).  Very toony, very irreverent, but very fun to read ;)

Digo's Back Yard


On Digo's Farm, you can see pictures of all kinds of creatures from the kingdom of Neolando.  You can also see a variety of Raccoon-related links, including 140 reasons why You Know You're a Big Raccoon Fan ;)

A Doemain of our Own

For those who think that suburban life is easy, a welcome reality check can be found in this webcomic from Susan Rankin.  Follow the tales (tails?) of artist Sue Buckland and her friends!

E.S. Productions      

                                        ESCDlink.gif (6247 bytes)                     

This is the home of long-time Furry Artist Eric W. Schwartz, who is
well known for his animations on the Commodore Amiga platform and
for his web-based comic strip,
Sabrina Online!


                                   FreeFallButton.gif (3913 bytes)  

What happens when you put an "actively irresponsible" alien, an earnest but clumsy robot, and a wolfmorph aerospace engineer together in a grounded spaceship?  You get Mark Stanley's FREEFALL, a hilarious web-based comic strip, with 3 new strips every week!


Gene Catlow's Home Page 

                                          GENEICN2.gif (10565 bytes)                                

An excellent artist and a good friend with over 500 high-quality
pictures to his name, the S.T.R.R. is only too happy to include a
stop at this cool cat's web site!  


HollyAnn's Furry Art

If you think the linking button above is pretty, wait until you see the actual site!  HollyAnn's site contains beautiful pictures, tons of furry information, and even model sheets to help you draw furries.

Jenifur's Furry Pages

                         jenifurheader.jpg (4598 bytes)

Hailing from Australia, Jenifur is happy to share her spot on the web with fellow furs!  Included on her site are pictures and links, including one to a Furry Code generator/decoder!

The Light Bright Page

                                         lightlink3.gif (2600 bytes)                                 

Known for her fine talent for capturing a character's emotions,
Michele Light's past credits include KATMANDU and SHANDA

Misty The Mouse

MISTY THE MOUSE is a hilarious webcomic from the talented pen of David "Dutch" Koppenhaver.   It's an irreverent look at the challenges of everyday life.  Follow the fun with Misty, her bass-playing husband Jules, and their friends, Maggie and Lyle.


                                         Nh2.gif (12119 bytes)

Home of Thomas K. Dye's canine comic strip of the same name. 
Join Kevin, Renata, Ferris, Wolfram, Sam, Alistair, and Lorna as
they get the latest scoops for KPET news! 

Nip and Tuck

Drawn by Ralph Hayes, this webcomic follows the reckless rural adventures of the Todd Brothers and the other denizens of Malarkey County.  It's a scenic trip you won't soon forget!

Pipe Dreams



Brought to us by the ever-talented Kelly Siegfried, this site contains excellent artwork, poetry, fiction, and some nifty JavaScript effects, too!


Ralph Hayes' Website (RHJunior Productions)


In addition to three webstrips (Tales of the Questor, Under the Lemon Tree, Nip and Tuck), prolific artist and good friend Ralph Hayes works on other art as well, including commissions!  Check out his core site and see for yourself!


Robert's Bear Page

                                                                    webbear.gif (5021 bytes)                          

Looking for info on teddy bears?  This page contains photographs
of several teddy bears that Robert himself has made, along with
links to other teddy bear sites!

A Roo'd Awakening

What happens when people start spontaneously changing from humans to furrymorphs?  You get A Roo'd Awakening, drawn by Chris D. Smith!

Shanda Fantasy Arts

                                                           Shan2c.jpg (2827 bytes)

SHANDA FANTASY ARTS is the official web site of two very
well-written comic books by Mike and Carole Curtis.  SHANDA
THE PANDA is a romantic slice-of-life comic centering on a young
theater manager.  KATMANDU is an excellent piece of storytelling,
combining the present-day adventures of Leahtrah Middlesmith
and Thorin Leonius with tales of their ancestors.


Taco Barn Productions


Come see the online home of Benni Hana, artist and furry friend.  Check it out!

Tales of the Questor

The third of Ralph Hayes' triad of webcomics, this weekly story follows the life of a young raccoon who dreams of becoming an intrepid adventurer/defender.  Little does he know what the job is truly like ;)

Tea Club

This lighthearted but well-drawn webcomic follows the lives of feline college student Hana Neko and her friends as they make their way through Tallan University.  While many students prefer coffee or soda pop as their beverage of choice, Hana's feline fuel is tea


Under the Lemon Tree

What would happen if the subconscious elements of your personality suddenly gained tangible form, moved in with you, and started telling you how to live your life?  Find out by reading UNDER THE LEMON TREE, Ralph Hayes' second webcomic.


The nicely designed site is the home of Clio "Catra" Chiang.  She's a very prolific artist, and a friendly fur, too!

Virtual Vikki's Treehouse

                                              VVB2.jpg (21219 bytes)

Come here to see the site of Virtual Vikki, a friendly Digi-Voop whose
interests include Furry subjects, 3D computer art, and classic toys!
You can even order collections of her art and animation on CD ROM!

Wild Angels

G. Raymond Eddy's new webstrip follows the adventures of Angel Bear and Heaven Scent as they help others through their lives (and afterlives).  Excellent coloring and well-written dialogue make this a strip worth seeing!

The World of Vicki Fox

Celebrating foxes and skunks, this site contains fine artwork and a charming comic strip!  Follow the adventures of Vicki and her friends in the quiet town of Apopka, Georgia!  Also, check out detailed information about foxes and skunks in the real world. 


                                          yerfnow.gif (1849 bytes)

Founded by Kilo and under new management by Sully, this site is one
of the main hubs for Furry art!   Definitely one of the biggest stops
on the line!