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Whether you want to give me feedback on my art or want to chat in general, my door's usually open.  Here are several ways that you can contact me:


E-MAIL: I'm spelling it out as a way of spoofing hucksters who harvest e-mail addresses from websites for advertising purposes.  I am tired of seeing my mailbox spammed with a steady stream of solicitations.  You can e-mail me at trainskunk(at)h-o-t-m-a-i-l.com .

CHAT CLIENTS: You can seek me out as "Telbert" on ICQ, "SkunkExpress" on AOL Instant Messenger, or use the above e-mail address in MSN Instant Messenger.

MUCKS:  I am on FurryMuck and FurToonia as "Telbert".  Please click on the corresponding links for more information about these Mucks.

IRC: I am often on the Furnet IRC network as "Telbert".  I may not attend the main chat rooms much, but I still hang around.  If you want to chat, look me up =0)

LIVEJOURNAL: I have finally gotten around to setting up a LiveJournal!  You can see it at http://www.livejournal.com/users/telbert .