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Welcome to the new and improved StarShadow's Lair version 3.0!
As you may have guessed, this is the third such revision of the web site's design and layout, and this site now boasts a simpler, no-frames interface for your convenience.

This site showcases the work I have done in anthropomorphic writing, commonly known as furries. This site contains:

For those that are interested, this is my furry code:
FChw3frsw A-- C D H- M P R++ T+ W+ Z Sm RLU a- cdnw++ d+ e f h* iwf+++ j+ p sm#


Sunday 8 December 2002 - StarShadow's Lair Version 3.0 now online

Sunday 8 December 2002 - Two new poems added to poetry section

Tuesday 24 September 2002 - Part 2 of Shades of Grey now online

Saturday 14 September 2002 - The Test is online: a little story about a guy, a dragon and bunch of really scary spirits

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Proud to be furry!
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