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On this page are some WWW links of general interest I've found. I've also got a list of furry-related links too!

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[Aardvark - NZ Internet News]

New Zealand links 

  • * Wizard of New Zealand * - New Zealand's very own Living Work of Art, confounder of census, painter of phone boxes and caster of spells... 
  • STUFF - New Zealand Independant Newspapers, including The Dominion and the Christchurch Press. 
  • The Kumera - a Down Under satirical news site much like the US Onion.
[Wellington City Council]
  • New Zealand SF fandom is alive and well, organising fanzines and conventions. Check out the New Zealand Science Fiction Index site for more information. 
  • One thing that I take with me on my business trips is Vegemite - that world-famous Australasian savoury spread. It therefore comes as no real surprise to discover sites devoted to Australian and New Zealand uses of Vegemite, including the proper way to spread and eat it! I thought it was self-explanatory, but it takes some discretion... :) 
  • Some interesting info I found recently was around the area in New Zealand where I grew up, in the high country of the Mackenzie Plains in South Canterbury.
  • "Let's Speak Kiwi" - or, proving that the United Kingdom, the USA and the Commonwealth are divided by a common language :)

[Canadian World Domination]

Overseas links 

  • AltaVista: Translations. A resource I found on the Net, this will carry out language translations of either directly entered text or Web pages in foreign languages. Potentially very useful! 
  • For a really good HTML editor program - the one I'm using now in fact - try AOLPress. Just like using a wordprocessor, and best of all, it's free! 
  • Canadian World Domination- Sick of the US dominance of the world? Take a peek at the new Canadian future (whatever that is). Shiver in your boots, Yankee scum, the Commonwealth is comin' for ya :) Personally though, the Canadians will have their work cut out for them when they come down here and meet Alf's Imperial Army... 
[Henson.com - home of the Muppets]
  • The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5 - Everything you ever wanted to know about this great SF series. Synopsis information, outlines, comments by the writer/director himself, and more! 
  • Another good SF show that I'd like to see more of is "Farscape". Better aliens than Star Trek, better special effects than Blakes 7, and less bizarre than Lexx :)
[Mornington Crescent]
  • The Game of Mornington Crescent. A typically... British game. Well, who else would create a game based on the London Underground map, name it after a closed Underground station, and have virtually hundreds yet no rules simultaneously? What the hell, it's fun! 
  • Asterix Web Site - If you haven't heard of the classic French comic series "Asterix The Gaul", click this link. If you have, click it as well :) And yes, this is to the English section! 
  • 164 Currency Converter by OANDA. Very handy for all those international currency conversions. 
  • Spaceflight Encyclopaedia - a truly excellent site, highly recommended! Find out about things like the Soviet secret Moon landing plans and orbiting battle stations, South African satellite launchers, and never-built variants of the American Saturn 5 moon rocket! And much more! 
  • Bearly Legal Teddy Bears An "interesting" teddy bear site for those who like such things. Teddies in teddies? Biker bears? A rather fun site - plus, you can send naughty teddy "postcards" to your friends from there! 
  • The L-Space Web - A database of items, quotes and plots from the novels of Terry Pratchett. 
  • Project Galactic Guide Homepage - Sort of a DIY "Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy" - some serious, some not! 
  • Robot Wars - A BBC show featuring duelling home-built robots that slug it out to destruction for the title of Robot Wars Champion! Compered by Craig Charles (Lister from Red Dwarf), and featuring House Robots like "Matilda" and "Sgt. Bash" who go in and mix it up with the competitors, this show is well worth watching! There's a US version called Battlebots, but they don't have flamethrowers or House Robots so it's not quite as exciting :)
  • MetroPlanet - a guide to many suburban rail systems around the world, handy if you're travelling. Includes the London Underground, the Tokyo subway, the Melbourne rail system and the Manila transit system so it's pretty comprehensive.


  • Guide to Animated STAR TREK - A blast from the past, indeed! The animated Star Trek that Paramount produced in the seventies! For more information on this forgotton Trek series you can also look at  the Star Trek: The Animated Series site. 
  • THUNDER AND LIGHTNINGS - a very good site on British post-WW2 military aircraft, including the Hadley-Page Victor bomber, the English Electric Lightning Mach-2 fighter, and the de Havilland Sea Vixen carrier-borne fighter. Especially interesting for the photos of a near-miss by an Avro Vulcan bomber at the opening of Wellington Airport in 1959! 

[Asterix Web Site]

  • Check out BBC Online for all stuff pertaining to this world-renown broadcaster. 
  • Space: 1999 - Remember this Brit SF series? I was surprised to see a number of sites devoted to this show, including the very good Space: 1999 Cyber Museum. For other Gerry Anderson productions and information, there's the TV Century 21 site. 
  • From the "Oh gods, they're serious..." wacko file, and for a view as to what happens when you take religion to an absolute extreme, take two stress pills and check out the Christian Analysis of American Culture (CAP) Reports. This is supposed to be an aid in determining which movies are safe to take your kids to, but these guys basically view any film that isn't an absolutely squeaky-clean Preach The Gospel story For The Glory Of God(tm) as being unfit for anyone's viewing. Put it this way, only two movies get the green light of approval from these guys from almost two hundred reviewed... Worth a laugh - in small doses.

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