YiffClass Travel Club

Now that you've had the ultimate airline experience for adult furries,
you will now want to join our frequent fu****... er... flyer benefits plan.

Earn 1 point for every mile flown in YiffClass that can be redeemed
for future travel, or special services.

Special offers available only to travel club members.

Extras for members

  • FREE massage in our YiffClass lounge.
  • FREE condoms and lubricant.
  • FREE vitamin E pills before takeoff.
  • 25% off upgrade to private cabin.
  • 10% off accomodations at select hotels.
  • 10% off car rentals.
  • FREE upgrade to deluxe inflight meal.
  • Barfines waived at participating furry clubs in Cambodia, Philippines and Thailand.
  • FREE ride to and from most airports by a beautiful YiffClass attendant. :)
  • Members are put on PREFERRED HIRING LIST for attendant positions.

With YiffClass, your seat won't be the only thing in an upright position during takeoff and landing. :)

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