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Cabin Five - "Join the Club!"

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[YiffClass Mechanic]

Rommel K. C. Ignacio drew this pencil sketch of his character Tamara Fox working for YiffClass at the time I was visiting him in Manila, Philippines. An interesting point to this picture was that Tamara's pose was influenced by the sheet of paper Rommel was doing the sketch from. He'd already done some mini sketches that I'd cut out from the paper, and he decided that he'd use the resulting 'S' shaped paper for this picture - hence Tamara's high-kicking pose!

[YiffClass Security]

John Shughart contributed this interpretation of the new airline security rules for dealing with misbehaving passengers - with a special twist for YiffClass!

Yiffclass babes modelling

Michael Thompson, from Canada, gives us a picture of some YiffClass attendants, obviously modelling for the upcoming advertising campaign. Now that Virgin Shaglantic is in competition with YiffClass, the public needs to be informed who really interested in giving their passengers the best ride possible...

NEW! YiffClass lounge in Las Vegas!

Lionel Armstrong brings us this impression of the latest YiffClass Lounge in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. With all the high-rollers in the casinos, it's only natural that YiffClass has entered the local hospitality market, especially as only YiffClass can offer YiffClass Travel Club points on your casino drinks as well as your travel!

[YiffClass Bus Tours]

"Dell" from the USA introduces us to the voluptuous Terri from the other new YiffClass venture in North America. What better way than a leisurely road trip to take in all the sights that YiffClass has to offer our valued customers... <wink>

[Everyone wants to fly...]

Lionel Armstrong shows us that everyone, even up to heads of state, want to travel YiffClass! But who is this "Monica" person that keeps wanting to apply for positions?

[One hump or two?]

In our new advertisement for YiffClass, Lionel Armstrong shows that the benefits of flying YiffClass aren't limited to just your frequent flyer miles...

[Build it and they will come]

"Build it and they will come!" Lionel Armstrong gives us his impression of the new dedicated YiffClass aircraft fleet. Airbus had better watch out I think!

[Emergency equipment...]

[New!] "Yiffclass - something naughty in the air!" Kate Mason points out that the safety features, as well as the service in YiffClass, is second to none!

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