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The ultimate airline experience for adult furries!

Cabin Four - "Have you seen... this?"

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[YiffClass - Forwarned is Four-armed]

Freddy (full name Fredrik Andersson) drew the picture on the left after being introduced to the YiffClass Gallery by Simon Barber. Here, his cat-sect character Felina from the MIDNIGHT SONATA universe is helping out in YiffClass, proving that to be truly sucessful as a flight attendant it pays to be four-armed as well as forewarned... <grin>

Freddy hails from Sweden, making him our second European contributor to the theme.

[Yiffcrew - onboard supplies?]

Simon Barber from the UK strikes again :) There seems to be some confusion here with some of the supplies for aircraft catering for YiffClass...

[Yiffcrew - Even plushies get YiffClass treatment!]

Simon Barber explains: "Well, on the plushie one, I'd been looking through your website, with the section on MaryFurr's travels, and thought - "Why can't she have some fun too?". I may do another on those lines soonish <grin>."

[YiffClass - not just for airlines!]

Terry Knight - YiffClass branches out from the airline business into high-speed European rail trvel. Just the thing for businessmen getting into their weekend breaks to Paris...

[Yiffcrew - Some confusion here...]

Simon Barber - Two YiffClass hostesses compare notes on clothing!

[YiffClass - Passenger turnover...]

Terry Knight - YiffClass isn't entirely without hazards for the passengers...

If you want an idea as to what's involved in doing a piece of cartoon artwork, take a look at  The Making of a YiffClass Picture... a history of progress upon this picture. Caution - artist at work! *heheee*

[Yiffcrew - So above, as below!] Simon Barber - two lots of YiffClass hostesses meet.

[YiffClass - Distractions!]

"ILR", our first artist from the USA, shows how capable YiffClass attendants are in dealing with the unexpected!

[YiffClass - Turbulence is a bummer!]

Freddy A-son - Only in YiffClass can excessive turbulence on a transoceanic flight sometimes be a good thing!

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