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Cabin Three - "Is that in the upright position?"

As you can probably tell by now, the concept of "YiffClass" was a rich mine of material for artwork of a risque and double-entendre nature, especially for the other contributors. Bernard's contributions centred around his race of hermaphroditic felitaurs (Chakats), and Simon introduced a couple of sub-plots involving stowaways and a platoon of fox-taurs... great fun!

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[Yiffclass - Two for one]

Bernard Doove - Chakats make very good YiffClass attendants!

[Yiffclass - Dealing with trouble]

Terry Knight - There's methods of keeping the passengers behaved if they start getting frisky. There's always some though who view it as something else...

[Yiffclass - Like the overhead lockers!]

Terry Knight - Even putting bags into the overhead lockers can be interesting!

[Yiffcrew - what happens to stowaways?]

Simon Barber - If you decide to stow away on a YiffClass flight and you're discovered, you might get more than you bargained for!

[Yiffcrew - Who gets the nice ones?]

Simon Barber - Just because you might have to work your passage in YiffClass, don't expect it to be all fun and games...

[Yiffcrew - A satisfied customer!]

Simon Barber - The reputation of YiffClass goes far and wide!

[Yiffclass - preparation for landing]

Terry Knight - It's not only CD players that need to be switched off before landing...

Note: People who follow the newsgroup may notice the above right-hand picture contains a reference to the theoretical "MaKitty" errr... heavy-duty feminine pleasuring device that was discussed at some length. Yes, I know you can't see the actual MaKitty itself, but think of the battery pack you need to power it! <grin>

[YiffClass - best headrests!]

Bernard Doove - With comfort like this, wouldn't you fly YiffClass?

[Yiffcrew - stretched wide-bodied...]

Simon Barber - YiffClass expands its fleet to cater for the larger demand. What do the staff think?

[Yiffcrew - Inflight refreshments]

Simon Barber - Even in YiffClass, some things about air travel just don't seem to change...

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