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Cabin Two - "Fasten your seatbelt..."

Shortly after posting the original pictures out to Usenet, I started getting some pictures from my friend Simon Barber in Yorkshire, England, on the "YiffClass" theme. He'd been inspired by the pictures I'd sent him previously, and had started doing his own interpretations, as shown below!

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[YiffCrew - Relieving Duty]

Simon Barber - The relief crew... is there a high turnover in YiffClass?

[YiffCrew - Complimentary Extras]]

Simon Barber - Most airlines give out complimentary goodies to passengers, but some may be less desirable than others...

[YiffCrew - Shrinking Outfits]

Simon Barber - Is putting on weight an occupational hazard?

[YiffCrew - More than your usual service]

Simon Barber - Don't worry - there's male attendants to service the female YiffClass passengers...

[YiffCrew - A day in the life]

Simon Barber - Even in the rear YiffClass can be appreciated...

[YiffCrew - change to short-haul shift?]

Simon Barber - The perils of working long-haul flights in YiffClass!

[YiffCrew - How does she do it?]

Simon Barber - Conversation between the permanent staff and the relief contractors...

[YiffCrew - all passengers catered for]

Simon Barber - YiffClass aims to accomodate everyone!

The Commonwealth Strikes Back!

Of course, after seeing the prolific efforts that Simon had put into this theme, I was bound to do some more work on this idea. After all, honour is at stake here! About this time Bernard Doove decided to enter the fun as well... Not to be outdone, Simon kept up the pressure on the two of us with another picture.

(Actually, this is a good comparison between three artist's respective styles for the same theme)

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[YiffClass - some varied options!]

Terry Knight - Some tasty and tempting items are available for the evening meal for passengers (and the food isn't bad either...).

[YiffClass - Here comes a Chakat!]

Bernard Doove - A bit of a conundrum for the YiffClass attendants... who is the best to look after a Chakat?
[Yiffcrew - taking the breakfast order] Simon Barber - The order for this in-flight breakfast has some very specific requirements unique to YiffClass...

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