MaryFurr's Furry Friends Album

MaryFurr introduces you to some of her furry friends and companions!

[Two Collies!]
These are my new friends Frederika the Border Collie (left), and Esmerelda the Sheltie Collie (right). They both joined us in the UK during Terry's 2000/2001 assignment, having originally come from Hameley's Toystore in London. Both Esmerelda and Frederika are two very special doggies, and they certainly are friendly!
[Esmerelda in sunglasses]
Here is Esmerelda sunning herself on the balcony of Terry's flat in Brighton. She could just about pass for a film star, couldn't she? "Ahhh, dahlink, please to be passing the champagne..."
[Collie lounging...]
Esmerelda looking out over the Brighton Marina in England, on a rare sunny day.
[Frederika in sunglasses]
Not only Esmerelda got into the act of playing the rich and famous... so did Frederika the Border Collie.
[Frederika in a sunhat]
Frederika tries on one of Terry's hats. I don't think the baseball cap suits her terribly well.
[Esmerelda getting romantic]
I think Esmerelda is trying to get a little romantic here.
['Come to bed...']
Err, Esmerelda... I know you're trying to be helpful and all, but you do realise Terry is already married...?
['Will you be mine?']
Doesn't Esmerelda look pretty?
[Fritz looking busy!]
Fritz the fox being very industrious with Terry's laptop. It must be hard typing with such short paws!

Fritz was a present from Terry's friend Lothar from Germany - apparently Fritz started life as a mascot for a German bank before retiring overseas :)

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