MaryFurr's "Advanced Australian Fare" Tour Album

Being the diary entries by one fox puppet and her human :) This time, our intrepid vixen visits the land of Oz(tralia)...

September 1998

[Stefany and MaryFurr]

After Terry and I went to France, we stayed home in New Zealand for a while as Terry was assigned to some project work in New Zealand. However, Terry had collected enough Frequent Flyer points with QANTAS for him and his wife to go to Australia for free!

Soon everything was booked, and we departed in September for Melbourne, Australia. Here is me and Terry's wife Stefany on the plane flying across the Tasman Sea from Wellington. Economy Class though... ugh! I think I got spoiled in Business Class on Terry's trips.

[Terry and Bernard - and friends!] One person I was very interested in seeing in Melbourne was the famous Ambassador Ferret from the 1997 NZ National SF convention "Conspiracy". So I persuaded Terry to take me to see him, and Terry could see his friend Bernard Doove at the same time!

Terry is on the left, then me, then Ambassador Ferret, then Bernard.

[The Ferret and MaryFurr] A portrait of me and Ambassador Ferret  - he's on the left. Hmm, I wonder where Bernard is? Here's a big thank-you to Bernard for picking us up from Tullamarine airport when we arrived.
[The Ferret and Maryfurr again!] I'm not really sure what the Ambassador was doing here - I think he was saying some very nice things to me! [Come on, 'fess up MaryFurr! - Ed.] I told him I even got my own passport stamped by Australian Immigration! I bet my friend Liska hasn't had that yet...

[Me and Terry in Fitzroy Park]

This is Terry and myself posing in Fitzroy Park, not far from our hotel and the central business district of Melbourne. I did ask Terry whether we could have a photo on one of the famous Melbourne trams, but sadly... Oh well, perhaps next time. Maybe Ambassador Ferret can help me.

[Maryfurr wearing a hat]

Here I am, having 'borrowed' Terry's hat. I think it looks a lot better on me than it does on him!

The amount of Hilton Hotel points from his previous trips meant that the accommodation for the holiday was paid for as well! The people at the Hilton Hotel in Melbourne gave us a complimentary bottle of wine in our room, which was nice. They must have thought I was cute!

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