MaryFurr's "Breakfast in America" Tour

MaryFurr's "Breakfast in America" Tour Album

Being the diary entries by one fox puppet and her human :) Returning from the Bahamas, our favourite vixen calls into the City of Angels for a well-deserved holiday...

March/April 2003

[Me at the La Brea tarpits - smelly!]

On the way home from the "Sloop John B." tour in the Bahamas, Terry decided to take some time off and see some friends in Los Angeles - after all, it was a good use of time especially as it was looking increasingly likely for Terry that he might not be back that way for a while. Terry's friend John also came to Los Angeles from Eugene, Oregon, to see him, and as none of us had spent a lot of time in L.A. it promised to be a fun time!

This is me outside the LaBrea Tarpits in Los Angeles. This place is most famous for the large number of Ice-Age fossils found in these natural tar-pits, and the tar still oozes forth today. Terry said it smells like his father's garage in Fairlie on a really hot day - either that, or an asphalt plant! (Which it is, in a way. It even trickles out onto the footpath!)

[Outside the Hollywood Chinese Theatre]
[The 'cast' of Star Trek!]Of course, no trip to Los Angeles is complete without a trip to Hollywood. Here I am outside Mann's Chinese Theatre, with the famous "footprints in cement" in front. Try as I might though, I couldn't find any paw prints in cement from famous animal movie stars...

At least I found the prints from the cast of "Star Trek", complete with plaque. Nice!

[Reserving my own star!]
Now Terry, seeing as I am so famous on the Internet, when am I going to get my own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? [When you win an Oscar in the next Peter Jackson film - Ed.]

I think I'll have this one. No-one has got it yet, and to make sure I'll [Censored - Ed.] which is a traditional vulpine way of marking territory.

[Wow! What a big ship!]
[John and I, with the

John, Terry, and I took the Metro train to Long Beach from downtown Los Angeles, and went to see the famous ocean liner "Queen Mary". What a contrast to the massive floating resorts thay ply their way to Nassau! This lady looks like she is built for speed - and it was her speed that enabled her to dodge German U-boats during the war when she was ferrying troops to England. And I LOVE the "Art Deco" exterior!

Pity that a tour inside the ship was so expensive... Oh well.

[Up periscope!]
However, a companion exhibit to the "Queen Mary" was readily available: a Soviet-era "Foxtrot" class diesel-electric submarine! So humming the tune to the Soviet National Anthem (learned by watching repeats of "The Hunt For Red October") we descended into the crew spaces of a Cold War relic for a look-see. (Terry saw this as an opportunity to make up for missing a similar tour of a British submarine in Portsmouth.)

"Comrade Captain, surface contact, imperialist running dog bearing three-one-five degrees!"

[Inspecting a torpedo tube!]
Quickly, I inspect the forward torpedo tubes for obstructions... ooooh, it's DARK in there!
[A Russian torpedo]
And now it's time to inspect the torpedo. A green one this time, and strangely pleasurable to sit astride, it's [Here we go again - Ed.] but a girl shouldn't let size go to her head.

What did I say, what?

"We have a firing solution, Comrade Captain! Soon we will achieve socialistic glory! Ready to fire!" What's that Terry? We are in a harbour, and the boat still has live systems? You should have told me before I pressed this big button!

What do you mean, "shut up and keep swimming?" All I asked was how far do you think Wellington is from Los Angeles...

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