MaryFurr's "Renards Sans Frontieres" Tour Album

Being the diary entries by one fox puppet and her human :) In this adventure, MaryFurr crosses to the other side of the world, and visits the land of France, proving she is indeed a "Fox that knows no borders"...

February - March, 1998
[Taking time out in Brisbane!] Just when I thought we'd settled down back in New Zealand, we got the news that we would be returning to Europe for a six week tour of duty, with three weeks in France and three in England. So, us "foxes that know no borders" departed on a rather convoluted route that involved going through Brisbane, Australia, on the way to Singapore. Here I am taking a break, and reading the paper.

[I like British Airways!]

Here I am on part of our British Airways business class flight to Bordeaux, France, somewhere between Brisbane and Singapore. Or was it between Singapore and London Heathrow? I can't remember! Maybe it's because of that bottle of Johnny Walker Black Label I've obviously been drinking - and where did that flower in my ear come from? Never mind, I've got music, I've got the paper...

[I like BA people too!]

... and I've got friends! Here's one of the nice ladies of British Airways that was looking after Terry and I on the way to London. Another one of the nice ladies from BA got surprised when I was sleeping in the seat next to Terry - he had to get up and go for a [Yes, thank you Maryfurr, you don't need to go into details - Ed.], when he came back the flight attendant told him that she had thought I was a real fox!
[Me and Terry] Despite the confusion, the attendants seemed to really like me, and not mind that I was a fox, so when Terry asked them to take a photo of us they were very obliging. I wonder if many other Business Class travellers carry soft toys with them? I think they should...

It was funny in Customs when we arrived at Heathrow - one child was following us because he'd seen me in Terry's backpack!

[Looking at a French menu]

Here I am in our hotel in Bordeaux - the Mercure Relias Le Lac - having a look at the daily menu. French food was interesting, and the wine - well the list was a mile long! Even the hotels had their own grape vines...

This was after we'd sent some time in England. I liked England, but when they had the Countryside Rally in London that supported foxhunting, I suddenly felt the urge to travel to France where I'd be safer! [Sorry MaryFurr, they hunt foxes there too! - Ed.]

[Bordeaux Wine!] Oooh goody! Here's me about to sample some of that famous Bordeaux red wine! As you can see, I'm really looking forward to it!

[Ooops! I'm drunk!]

Hey, whaaat? Terry, you said you weren't going to show this one! [I lied :) - Ed.] Obviously this must be a complete fabrication as foxes don't get drunk, I only had the six glasses, and there was this French tod-fox... umm... [I think you'd better stop there, he has our address you know!  See what happens when vixens hit the bottle? :) - Ed.]

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