The Thoughts of Chairman May... on "Furry Fandom"

A collection of opinions and thoughts on furry fandom by the OzFurry fox himself.

PawprintOn fandom in general -

"Silvermane once observed that if there are supposed to be so many gay people in furry fandom, then why is 90% of the art female pinups?"

"Furry Fandom is like Vegemite - best served thinly so you don't get overwhelmed by the taste."

"Anthropomorphic animals (furry characters) are like Beatrix Potter aimed for grown-ups."

"Furry fandom in Australasia is about where the US fandom was ten years ago. The advantage is, this time we can learn from their mistakes."

"Burned Fur", "Frozen Fur"... who gives a toss!

PawprintOn 'Lifestylers' -

"I would have to respectfully disagree with the idea that any sexual attraction to furry 'morphs is due to any latent zoophile/bestiality tendencies in furfen, but more along the lines of 'morphs being "avatars", the separate-yet-integral aspect of anthropomophisation in general -

When you look at an anthropomorphic furry, you see a creation of both worlds - with animal aspects and human aspects distilled into one 'package' as it were. The furry is alien to us as human beings, but not so alien that we can't think of it as a person in its own right. If the furry was totally alien, that is, being something so different to our senses that there was no point of (for want of a better word) emotional contact, the relationship with the creature would be totally different. In that instance, relating to the creature as like 'us' would be extremely different. So there's an 'different-yet-like-us' attraction inherent between furry fans and their furry creations. We see what we want to see in the furry, appreciating the good parts, and anything we don't like we put on the other side of the 'them and us' barrier. We think, "Because <character> isn't human, but is <species>, it can behave the way it wants and it doesn't threaten any aspect of me." So there's a filtering aspect here.

As well as the filtering aspect, there's the projection of our loves, hopes, fears etc into these creation - anthopomorph or more naturalistic creatures used in totenisim. While it's not actually proven to my knowledge that RL animals etc have concepts or qualities of bravery, we do however project these qualities onto them ourselves, the qualities that we either want to have ourselves or the qualities we don't like.

Because in furry fandom we have these 'creations' that are not like us physically, yet emotionally they are the same as us, we can look upon 'morphs and such and explore concepts of sociology, sexuality etc in a safe environment - one that is sufficiently like our own for comparison, but sufficiently different so that no direct unpleasantness is experienced. Sortof like parables or illustrative concepts, if you like. In the area od sexuality, as humans we appreciate the emotions of love and companionship, and if the characters involved in the picture or story have a specific sexuality trait other than what we're used to (or like when applied to humans)... well, they're furries , not necessarily human, but with their own rules.

So, what is referred to as "furry sexuality" is really nothing of the sort - it's the projection of our human sexuality into an environment where such things as love, relationships, orientation can be safely explored and appreciated without bringing the messy actualities of human life into things. Well, until furries actually exist, that is :)"

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