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Last updated: November 2000
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  1. Permission is granted for the images on my webpage to be freely distributed without modification for personal use only.
  2. You may pass these images on to your friends by electronic means without any form of alteration, but you may only do a print-out for your own collection.

  3. Please do not sell or collect these works onto another site or onto any storage medium (e.g. diskette, CD-ROM) without the express permission of the artist.  Ask prior to my artwork being included. I'm usually okay about this, I just want to know where my creations are going.
  4. Printing or redistribution of any of these images in any publication, electronic or otherwise, for profit without express permission from me is prohibited. Again, if you wish to do this, please talk to me to discuss compensation - I may even be able to send you a more suitable copy of the art.


If you'd like me to draw a picture for you, feel free to ask! Email me with your request, and we can work through what you want.

Please be advised that due to my work situation (i.e. having the potential to be called overseas anywhere, anytime), the time taken to complete a commision may vary. I will endeavour to keep you advised as to the current state of the project.


I'll give anything a go once! :) I tend to draw mostly pinup-style 'toony furry art at the moment, though I'm gradually branching out into the more complex stuff :) All my pictures are black and white inks at present, colour can be incorporated if you wish, but it'll take extra time. Same with really complex requests. Canine-based 'morphs are a kind of a speciality (foxes, dogs, wolves), but I'm trying to cover other species too, so again, feel free to ask!

Prices (effective 1 May 1998)

The actual price of a commission will vary depending upon what you want and what we negotiate. Here's a rough guide: Payment preferred in NZ$, though I will accept US$ or goods to the value of (I've had a commission paid for in back issues of YARF! before, so I'm flexible!).

Picture Swaps

If you're an artist as well, and are interested in swapping artwork, drop me a line and let's talk!



I like to be able to place scans of my work on this webpage, and also publish them in fanzines. If you would prefer that this not be done for your commission, please let me know. Also, please let me know of any other copyright/distribution etc information that will affect the production/distribution of your commission.

Please be aware that due to the nature of my job, I may be hauled off to somewhere else in the world at short notice. If this happens in the middle of anything I'm doing for you, I'll let you know, and we can work something out.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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