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This is a selection of images inspired by John's "Super Collie Adventures" series, and where appropriate I have included the text that was the inspiration for the piece. I highly recommend visiting John's site and having a read of both his finished and in-progress works.

Super Collie Pictures

Artwork featuring Super Collie and other characters not directly related to the "Super Collie Adventures" stories..

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[Ranthe and "Super Collie"]
"Ranthe and Super Collie"

Ranthe Narbalek and Super Collie (a.k.a Esmerelda Braithwaite).

[Esmerelda on the beach!]
"Esmerelda at Bondi Beach!"

Esmerelda Braithwaite says hello from Bondi Beach, Sydney. Her swimsuit design is based on the New Zealand flag - a nice change from all those "Star and Stripes" outfits I think :)

[Frederika in the Bahamas]

[Frederika in Exuma, Bahamas]

"Frederika in the Bahamas!"

Frederika von Braun (a.k.a "Blitz Knockers") from "Super Collie Adventures: On the Lamb", posing in a photo shoot taken in the Bahamas. This island in the Exuma group never looked prettier :)

[Some friends get together in Portland]
"John, Terry, and friends"

Taken during my visit to Portland, Oregon USA in June 2002, here is (from left to right) Super Collie, John Plunkett, myself, and Frederika von Braun. It's lucky that digital cameras have a fast shutter speed, as I don't think even in the USA can one pose nude in public...

Warning: nudity.

[Vicki Fox meets Super Collie!]
"Vicki Fox meets Super Collie"

Vicki Fox, from the comic strip "The World of Vicki Fox", meets Super Collie in Orlando, Florida. Drawn to commemerate meeting my friend Mike Russell in Orlando in May 2002.

"Vicki Fox" is © and TM Mike Russell and Laura Howell. "Super Collie" is the creation of John Plunkett and Terry Knight.

[Super Collie and Vicki Fox meet at EPCOT in Orlando]
"EPCOT: Vicki Fox meets Super Collie"

Vicki Fox, from the comic strip "The World of Vicki Fox", meets Super Collie in Orlando, Florida. A photographic background of EPCOT in Disney World was added to the previous picture. (I'd also done one of Vicki and Super Collie meeting at Cape Canaveral, but Mike and I decided EPCOT was probably more suitable for this meeting.)

"Vicki Fox" is © and TM Mike Russell and Laura Howell. "Super Collie" is the creation of John Plunkett and Terry Knight.

[Not sure about this food (colour)]
"Super Collie - Fun with Food?" - Colour

A coloured version of the previous sketchbook picture. This is Super Collie's official colour scheme (at last!).

[Fun with Food?]
"Super Collie - Fun with Food?"

Drawn for my friend Ian Stradling's sketchbook, Super Collie is captured with that icon of Australasian food, Vegemite. But it seems Super Collie is less than impressed with being in a "Fun With Food"-themed sketchbook!

The original lettering was redone on the computer, otherwise is pretty much as-is. I was also using this picture to experiment with Super Collie's colour scheme to make her look more 'collie-like'.

[It's a World of Confusion]
"Super Collie - World of Confusion"

Super Collie in the middle of the post-September 11 "war on terrorism" - with bombs, crashes, plagues and wars sweeping the world, what is a super-heroine to do?

Inspired by the Genesis song "Land of Confusion", which also inspired this filk based on the same song.

[You are the weakest link, goodbye!]
"You are the Weakest Link, goodbye!"

A sketch I did for Bhavesh Patel at one of the London Furmeets I attended in 2001. This is what happens when catchphrases from a badly-translated Japanese video game meets the catchphrase from a rather acidic British game-show host! 

Super Collie does Anne Robinson? Ooo-er missus! :)

[Super Collie-taur!]
"Super Collie... 'TAUR?"

With a quick visit to the Taur Transmogrifier (© and TM Bernard Doove :) ), Super Collie is transformed into a collie-taur. She doesn't seem to like it much though...

[Who is the bigger world threat?]
"The biggest world threat?"

Super Collie gets political - when given a choice between a possibly WMD-armed regime that ignores UN resolutions, and a definitely WMD-armed regime that tears up treaties and tries to bully other countries into supporting UN resolutions while claiming it isn't bound by the UN anyway, it's VERY hard to determine who is the biggest world threat. Even for super-heroines.

[Coloured Super Collie bust portrait]
"Super Collie - Bust Pose (Colour)"

A bust pose for Super Collie, coloured from the original inked drawing.

[Super Collie Headshot]
"Super Collie - Bust Pose"

A bust pose for Super Collie.

[Model Sheet for Super Collie]
"Super Collie - Model Sheet"

This is the "official" artists model sheet for Super Collie.

[Dark Collie]
"Dark Collie"

Meet Bronwyn Morgan-Jones, a.k.a. "Dark Collie" - an upcoming adversary for Super Collie! Esmerelda soon finds that she's not the only person in the country channeling ancient Celtic spirits...

[Matilda Wollenston at Te Papa]
"Matilda at Te Papa"

Here's a picture that I'd almost forgotten about - Matilda Wollenston, Alexia deHaviland's accomplice and lover from "Super Collie Adventures: Dark Desires". She's obviously scoping out Te Papa, the New Zealand National Museum, in order to make off with the mummy of Daughter Night for their own nefarious purposes...

[Super Collie remembers the fallen]
"ANZAC Day - Remembering the fallen"

"Those heroes that shed their blood and lost their lives... You are now lying in the soil of a friendly country. Therefore rest in peace. There is no difference between the Johnnies and the Mehmets to us, where they lie side by side here in this country of ours... You, the mothers, who sent their sons from far away countries, wipe away your tears; Your sons are now lying in our bosom and are in peace. After having lost their lives on this land they have become our sons as well." - Ataturk, founder of modern Turkey, on the ANZAC troops who landed at Gallipoli, Turkey in April, 1915

[Notional comic cover for Super Collie]
"Super Collie Adventures: Through A Glass Darkly"

A notional comic book cover for a proposed Super Collie story, where Esmerelda meets up with her spiritual opposite, Bronwyn Morgan-Jones (a.k.a. "Dark Collie"). But who is the reflection, and who is the original?

[Super Collie stretching]
"Super Collie Stretching"

Even super-heroines need to get the kinks out occasionally...

(Imperfectly referenced off a panel from "Omaha the Cat Dancer" by Reed Waller.)

[Advanced Collie Super Girl!]
"Advanced Collie Super Girl"

In one of our brainstorming sessions, John proposed that shortly after the events in "On Her Majesty's Shepherd Service", the Japanese government make an android super-heroine based heavily on Super Collie. However, as in all good stories, nothing quite goes to plan - especially when the including the owner's operating manual written in the finest Engrish money can buy!

[Super Collie as a mermaid]
"Mermaid Super Collie!"

Super Collie finds herself transformed into a mermaid - and also discovers an important fact about mermaids that never quite got explained in Disney films on the subject (i.e. your clothing doesn't always take into account your new form...)

[Dark Collie, with background]
"Bronwyn's Storm"

A rendition of Bronwyn Morgan-Jones (a.k.a "Dark Collie") against a stormy landscape.

(The landscape is genuine Mackenzie country, albeit with extra rendering to make the weather more menacing :) )

"Super-Deformed Super Collie!"

Inspired by a "How To Draw Manga" book... I'm not sure what Esmerelda thinks of this style :)

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