[Chakat Snowflake]

The Plunkett Collaborations - "Star Dancer"

John's first story based in Bernard Doove's Chakat universe was "Star Dancer", a tale of First Contact with a very alien space lifeform.

Warning: Here be tasteful nudity.

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[Kit and the Hugo twins]
"Kit and the Hugo twins"

An illustration for an unused scene in an early version of "Star Dancer". 

Javert reared up, put his forepaws on the arm of Kit's chair, and arched his back as if to start humping. Kit's curse was muffled by the soft fur on Javert's chest. Kit shoved hard against Javert's fore-shoulders; reaction sent Kit and his wheeled office chair spinning away to crash into the second row of consoles.
"Am I gonna have to get the fire hose?" Kit demanded as he dragged his chair back up to the console- the centermost in the first of two rows- and set the video's time index back about ten seconds. Javert giggled and tossed his head coquettishly. Kit glared and threatened silently with a clenched fist.

[Liska Sharpears]
"Liska Sharpears"

"My pleasure." Liska offered her hand and a sultry smile. She was a fox; her body, though entirely humanoid, was covered with fur: coppery red in back, creamy white in front, black on her hands, forearms, calves, feet, and the backs of her ears... The neck of the coverall was open enough to hint at the presence of a black lace bra, which contained a pair of round, firm, and spectacularly large breasts. 

[Chakat Snowflake]
"Chakat Snowflake"

An early artistic impression of Chakat Snowflake, from "Star Dancer".

[Chakat Snowflake on Sigma Seven]
"Chakat Snowflake arrives"

"And of course the lovely Chakat Snowflake, student intern, Astronautics major, and a most capable pilot," Moseivitch announced.
"I got your joystick right here, baby," Valjean commented with a self-satisfied smirk.
"Shi can fly me any day," Javert added.

[Fyodor and Chakat Darkstar]
"Fyodor and Chakat Darkstar" 

"You are a lying sack of shit, Fyodor Ivanov." Darkstar spoke with a calmness that comes from having long ago exhausted all the emotional energy in a subject. "You don't need me as a scientist, you've got a hundred people at your fingertips who are infinitely better than I ever was. My expertise is Astronautics, while extensive, is rather dated. So why do you need me, Fyodor Ivanov?" Hir voice had suddenly developed an edge as sharp as a razor, and hir eyes became as hard and merciless as cold steel.

[Kit and Liska in the control room]
"Kit and Liska" 

"Well, since you're so interested in Professor Moseivitch's alien object, how would you like to touch it?" Liska asked.
"Huh?" The change in subject was a shock, but it allowed Kit's mind to function once again. "But- how? There's no atmosphere in the work room and I thought it was too radioactive to approach."
"It is," Liska replied. "But you can still touch it. Come here." She put her hand under Kit's arm and led him over to one of the control stations. His knees quavered; her touch was intoxicating.

[Chakat Darkstar tells of Tefty]
"The Milkmaid of Marpletown" 

An illustration for a scene in an early version of "Star Dancer". The scene was later rewritten - the details have changed, but the main idea is still there.

"Plus, you have to understand- Tefty is easily one of the most, ah, robustly built Chakats I've ever seen," Darkstar replied. "And hir breasts are- well, let's just say you'd have to see them to believe. Combine that with the fact that nursing actually stimulates milk production, and there you are."

[Chakat Darkstar]
"Chakat Darkstar - Present and Past" 

An artistic impression of the present day Chakat Darkstar, former captain of the FSS Hudson, now retired. The inset picture is an impression of a younger Lt. Darkstar receiving what turns out to be a fateful order on Hadris Two.

"Rum Tum Tugger landed"

"We have arrived," Darkstar announced, bringing Tugger down to an almost perfect landing. As the cargo ramp dropped cool, night air lightly scented by fresh grass, blossoms, and trees swirled through the cabin. It was refreshing after the closed, artificial atmosphere of the space station.

Ito got up and hurried down the ramp. Abruptly he froze, mid-stride. "Professor," he called, "Are we expecting visitors?"

"No," Fyodor replied. "Why?"

"There are a couple of Peace Force officers here."

[Baby Star Dancer] [Adult Star]

Artist impressions of Star, as newborn (top) and adult (bottom).

[Fyodor, Ito, Nova, Aurora]
"Miscellaneous cast members"


  • Prof. Fyodor Moseivitch
  • Dr. Ito Janek
  • Dr. Nova Stallis
  • Chakat Aurora (Chakat Darkstar's grand-daughter)
[Captain Keith Walker, Commander Chakat Dawnfire]
"Keith & Dawnfire"

Captain Keith Walker (left) and Chakat Commander Dawnfire (right), executive officers of the FSS Isaac Asimov.

[Various Starfleet Insignia]
"Starfleet Insignia"

Some sample insignia and crew patches from "Star Dancer", featuring:

  • Starfleet (communicator)
  • "Windstorm" interceptor crew patch
  • Sigma-217 official and unofficial insignia
  • Milvena Hyperspace Observatory
  • Security Forces insignia
[FSS Lijang, Changi-class cruiser]
FSS Lijang: "Changi"-class Heavy Cruiser

The pride of Starfleet, the Changi-class Heavy Cruisers are possibly the most powerful ships that exist today in the Stellar Federation. These magnificent vessels were built in response to a requirement for a long-range heavily armed capital ship capable of acting in a semi-autonomous role to defend the Stellar Federation's expanding borders.

Complement: 850
Length: 602.45m
Mass: 107,169 tonnes
Propulsion: 3 Hamilton Industries NA1A main warp engines, 6 Rolls-Royce/Turmanskii RT640 fusion impulse engines
Max speed: Warp 8.5
Max Cruise Range: 2.5 years

[FSS Cumberland, Balmoral-class frigate]
FSS Cumberland: "Balmoral"-class Frigate

The Balmoral-class frigate is the workhorse of today's Starfleet. Designed primarily for a policing role in Federation star systems and shipping lanes, Balmoral-class ships have a long and enviable service record as well as a reputation for toughness in battle. These ships replaced the ageing Glenrowan-class vessels and are still in production.

Complement: 375
Length: 406.98m
Mass: 98,121 tonnes
Propulsion: 2 Hamilton Industries SYD2K main warp engines, 8 Rolls-Royce/Turmanskii RT12 fusion impulse engines
Max speed: Warp 7.6
Max Cruise Range: 1.7 years

[FSS Argus, proposed Verne-class variant]
"Argus"-class Science Vessel (proposed)

After the disastrous Stariionae attack on Chakona in 2333, the subsequent inquiry into the affair found that the Stellar Federation Starfleet was severely deficient in the area of sensing capability, especially in the hyper-space realm. The Science Corps has advanced a proposal for a surveillance vessel meeting the requirements for long-range mobile sensing, which involved mounting a scaled-down retractable "Chakra" hyper-spatial array on the hull of a modified Verne class science vessel. The Verne's drive system would provide power for the array so no modifications to the power system would be required, and using the existing Verne-class hull would minimise construction time for the new class.

[FSS Sutherland, from
FSS Sutherland: "Bayern"-class Science Vessel

The Bayern-class scientific research vessel is a derivative of the Glenrowan-class frigate, the first common design Starfleet capital ship. Faced with the unexpected early retirement of the Leonov class science vessels, Starfleet decided that the best solution was a conversion of an existing class of ship with the range and capacities required. As a result, six Glenrowan-class frigates were refitted as science vessels to meet Starfleet's demands.

Complement: 145
Length: 355.06m
Mass: 72,081 tonnes
Propulsion: 2 Hamilton Industries SYD1N-E main warp engines, 6 Rolls-Royce/Turmanskii RT10 fusion impulse engines
Max speed: Warp 7.3
Max Cruise Range: 1.5 years

[Comparison of runabouts and interceptors]
"Light ships comparison"

Artistic impressions of some of the light spacecraft mentioned in "Star Dancer" et al, with a size comparison to Chakat Snowflake and Liska.

  1. Rum Tum Tugger: Webber-class vessels are unarmed civilian runabouts, built to less exacting specifications than the more rugged  Geelong class. Often heavily modified by universities for conducting deep space experiments. On Starfleet ships that carry Webbers, these are typically a "captain's yacht" for diplomatic purposes.
  2. FSS Waitaki: The Geelong class is the Starfleet runabout of choice for exploration missions due to its capacity, manoeverability, and defensive capabilities. A jack-of-all-trades, these ships have been used for anything from passenger transport, cargo freighting, and in several cases as heavy interceptors. Most Starfleet capital ships carry at least one of these versatile craft in their shuttlebays.
  3. E-217: The "Windstorm"-class Intrasystem Patrol Craft is named after the first Chakonan Prime Minister, and is used as defensive interceptors as well as in a intrasystem policing role. These are the first indigenous design of ships from Chakona, and havel already been exported to several other Federation systems.

"Clash of the Vixens"

While John was writing "Star Dancer", one of our side discussions was how much of a resemblance John's character Liska Sharpears bore to my character Ranthe Narbalek from "Lost". Being in a somewhat whimsical frame of mind at the time I decided to pose Liska and Ranthe against each other, which provoked thoughts of what might happen if they did meet. Most likely hate each other's guts and try to prove who was the better woman...

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[Liska and Ranthe face off!]
"The face off!"

The initial encounter. Liska Sharpears and Ranthe Narbalek meet, and promptly take a dislike to each other. Opposites may attract, but it also seems similar types repel!

[Liska seduces Mayfurr!]
"Liska seduces Mayfurr"

Having had her femininity questioned, Liska decides to prove her feminine charms by seducing a helpless male and bending him to her sexual whims. And what better candidate than Ranthe's partner Mayfurr - not only is he somewhat clueless in the company of women, but it rubs salt into the wound with Ranthe as well...

[Ranthe seduces the Hugo twins!]
"Ranthe seduces the Hugo twins"

Not to be outdone by Liska, Ranthe in the heat of the moment invites the foxtaur twins Valijean and Javert to a sexual tryst, prclaming to Liska that she can handle twice as many men as Liska!
Now from here, the story gets... interesting. From John's more detailed synposis:

Far from helping, though, Ranthe's tryst with the twins leaves her feeling worse. On top of everything else she's embarrassed that she resorted to such an infantile prank. Late in the evening, after tossing and turning for some time, she decides to confront Liska and have it out once and for all, never mind that it's the middle of the night. In her altogether- she doesn't bother to dress after her encounter with Valjean and Javert- Ranthe bursts into Liska's cabin. May is there and he's (ahem) tied up. Liska and Ranthe yell at each other for a while. Ranthe loudly declares that anything Liska can do she can do better.
By now Liska's fed up with babying Mayfurr. [...] While playing with him she's thinking about Ranthe. In time the notion of Ranthe and sex have become closely associated. When Ranthe issues her challenge Liska points at the bed and says "Oh yeah? What about there?"
Ranthe has been undergoing a similar experience. All day she's been thinking about May and Liska having sex. For much of the night she's been doing it with Valjean and Javert, while still thinking about May and Liska. The notions of Liska and sex have become closely associated. In the middle of the night, flush with anger, Liska's suggestion makes
just enough sense. They leap into bed for what's about half passionate lovemaking and half dirty wrestling. May can only watch.

[Liska and Ranthe showering!]
"After-match shower"

Next morning, Ranthe and Liska are somewhat embarrassed with how they find themselves next morning, and by mutual consent pretend that it never happened. Forced to share a communal shower, it's soon apparent that neither of them like each other any more than before...

Why does Ranthe liken Liska to the "town bike"? Because "everyone takes a ride", of course...

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