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This section contains my latest artwork. After a certain period of time, pictures will be moved from here into one of the other categories.

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[Christmas picture for 2005]
[New!]"Pamela - Merry Christmas for 2005"

My Christmas picture for 2005. I was trying for the 'tricolour' (black, white and tan) patterning that can occur on Rough Collies and Shetland Sheepdogs, using my own Sheltie "Flint" as a guide. The background is of our actual Christmas tree, cartoonified to match the toon character.

[I can smell the uranium on your breath...]
"Confrontation at the United Nations"

Super Collie gets political again - this time wondering why certain nuclear-armed nations seem intent on loudly accusing other nations of nuclear weapons proliferation while simultaneously refusing to even partially dismantle their own atomic arsenals.

The background was the original concept I had for the first "World Threat?" rendition in 2003, but I was only recently able to find a decent view of the UN HQ in New York. The "smell the uranium on your breath" line is from a speech given by the late New Zealand Prime Minister David Lange in the 1980s just after New Zealand enacted legislation to ban nuclear-powered and nuclear-armed vessels from our ports - something which still ticks Uncle Sam off twenty years later!


A feline in boots and bodysuit, with patented geometric background :)

[Super Collie in a pensive pose]
"Pensive Super Collie"

Super Collie looking less than happy about something...

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