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Updated April 2003

This page contains pictures that don't fall into any of the other categories. That's why is called "Miscellaneous", you see!

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[Canine call girls?]
"Can you teach an old dog to turn tricks?"

Inspired by a newpaper report about a German businessman opening a brothel for sexually-frustrated dogs in Berlin. The captions were proposed by "Sapholyte"(sp?) on

[Sexy alien invades Moonbase Alpha!]
"A lost "Space: 1999" episode?"

Searching through some old videotapes, it looks like I may have found a lost "Space: 1999" episode where Moonbase Alpha has been invaded by a quite different type of alien... or is it Maya the metamorph fooling around after playing one too many rounds of the "Tank Vixens" card game in the rec-room? :)

[Canine femme in lingerie - B&W] [Canine femme in lingerie - Colour]
"Her new outfit"

A canine lady proudly shows off her latest acquisitions!

These are the initial inked version and a later coloured version. A background may be added in the future.

[Stuck in LAX - you going my way?]
"Going My Way?"

On September 10 2001 I left England for another home leave trip to New Zealand, flying via Los Angeles. I was planning to stay overnight in L.A., then next day fly up to Portland in Oregon to see my friend John Plunkett for a few days before continuing on to New Zealand. Unknown to me as I was checking out of the hotel in Los Angeles on September 11, on the other side of the United States two airliners slammed into the World Trade Centre and a third into the Pentagon.

It was about this time I started considering alterative transport home...

[Do you want chips with that?]
"English Pub Order"

Drawn in Kev Beeley's sketchbook while visiting him in Sidcup, England, this is taking a swipe at the great sterotype of English cuisine (or lack thereof)...

[Warning! Badgers!]
"Warning! Badgers!"

Seeing a sign warning about badgers while driving across England's south coast, I was starting to wonder exactly what sort of danger badgers posed for the passing motorist!

[Merry Christmas for 1999!]
Merry Christmas 1999!

Best wishes to everyone for the New Year! As Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere is actually in summer, not winter, I thought a beach-ish scene was appropriate. 

(Yes, I finally got a Christmas picture done before Christmas :) )

[Goldfur and Malena]
Shopping for Chakats

In Bernard Doove's "Forest Tales" story series, Malena, a fox-taur, and Chakat Goldfur have recently become lifemates. However, Malena still has a lot to learn about living with hermaphorditic chakats, especially in the area of shopping! Chakat Goldfur, Malena © Bernard Doove.

[Happy Birthday Goldfur!]
Happy Birthday Goldfur!

Chakat Sundown wishes a good friend a very happy birthday! Chakat Sundown © T Knight, Chakat concept by Bernard Doove.

[Failed Furry/Anime Crossover]
Failed Furry/Anime Crossovers #2 

"Sailor Dornthant" Erma Felna © S. Gallaccii


A chance meeting between two old friends - based on a real life incident.

[The Lice Girls!]
Spice Lice Girls 

They're looking a little scratchy! Guess what THEY want, what they really REALLY... need!

[Red Shetland Street]
"Shetland Street"

A certain war-mare stars in New Zealand's favorite local soap-opera. Red Shetland © Jim Groat

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